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Sony Ericsson T303 goes live

Sony Ericsson T303 goes live - read the full textSony Ericsson today revealed T303, a new mid-end compact slider phone targeted to the mass market with its good looks and price. The Sony Ericsson T303 has been rumored throughout the past week and now it finally meets the bright light of day. Sony Ericsson T303 official photos Sony...


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8 MB and no slot? Why does it have the mp3 support then? Worthless, I sold it for a beer and kept the old nokia 1112 instead, I can see the clock on the screen without pressing any button and has a flashlight and it's more resistant. This Ericsson is 100% worthless and may offend buyers.

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  • 2009-06-26 12:18
  • 0U3x

I bought the Same , Its cool , small in size But with oNLY 8 MB of memory.. well dats ok but there shud b an external Slot of Memory card.
Phone looks nice but hav no Special Features..!!

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  • 2009-04-27 08:45
  • t@Gc
  • Nomee (03008282118)
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it's nice one. good loking phone samllest phone of SE.

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  • 2009-04-11 20:28
  • U3x5

why did you attempt to put an mp3 playlist on that phone if its memory is only 8MB. its ridiculous. i dont like it. & the pictures are not clear. i hope you guys could improve this phone. sorry for any offensive words.

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  • 2009-03-20 12:45
  • uSVx

I've got one and it's not that bad at all. Mainly 'cause it IS very cheap in Brazil and I don't care about having musics on it. I also have the possibility to take nice photos with a great quality and, for me, that's what matters, cause I love taking photos. For those who love music, this cellphone is not recomended.

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  • 2009-02-25 15:55
  • P0FQ

> In reply to Toni @ 2008-10-26 04:40 from wr1} - click to readyour phone is faulty .. as all phones have an internal back up battery to keep time. :)

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  • 2008-10-31 02:41
  • PMTH

This phone is ridiculous. It isn't THAT cheap, and why on earth would you bother including an MP3 player with playlist capabilities on a phone that only has 8MB of memory without an expandable slot?! Oh yeah, I'm going to make a playlist out of my ringtones... I don't think so. Come on, Sony were the ones that invented the Walkman. If Nokia can provide half decent media capabilities on their phones, why can't SE?
The keypad is horribly cramped, and the screen is tiny. All that mirrored space, and a miniscule screen! A definite waste of space.

All in all, I would only recommend this phone as a pretty mirrored paperweight. Because that's all it's good for.

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  • 2008-10-29 06:55
  • wvWt

I agree this phone is excellent. But why it doesn't have memory card slot,
So, we can cut off MP3 player and Video camera from this phone. No point in having those without memory card slot.
So, this is just a beauty with FM radio.

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  • 2008-10-28 15:38
  • uHNq

I just bought this phone yesterday. It's a very nice design n doesn't harm ur pocket (USD 99). It's my first time to use SE though. However I found strange thing as my clock was reset everytime I remove the battery. Does this happen to all SE phones??? My Nokia phones clock are all set even though I remove the battery.


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  • 2008-10-26 04:40
  • wr1}

Great design. The hiding of the camera lense, the keys (as in all slide phones) and the brush metal surface means the phone does not require casing. You can keep the phone in the pocket without problems. The small size and light weight makes it even easier.

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  • 2008-08-20 13:12
  • u{Ea

Memory is sooooooo cheap nowadays!
Why dun they provide a slot for the memory?

It's a poor decision not to have a memory expansion slot!

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  • 2008-08-14 08:44
  • yJXA

Looks like Sony Ericsson have finally figured out that there's a huge sector of the market going untapped - those who don't need high-tech features but still want the build quality of a high-end phone.

You can argue that it needs more memory, blah blah blah, but the fact is that some people (myself included) just don't want any of that stuff. It just bloats the phone's menus and slows things down. Call me old-fashioned but I have a digital camera and MP3 player and flash-drive that do their own thing better than any phone could, and don't eat the battery that I need for my phone calls.

As a side note, it reminds me of the tiny T600 they did a few years back (even though that was a candybar design).

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  • 2008-08-07 18:30
  • BdEx

my bad! i think this would really be released as a LOW-END phone from the very beginning

decent phone for a LOW-END phone
nice looks. wont mind having this as a 2nd only text/call phone

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  • 2008-03-09 10:56
  • w0QM

it would be released as a MID-RANGED phone, but in reality, after a few months it would be categorized as a LOW-ranged phone

dont expect too much from this phone.

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  • 2008-03-09 10:51
  • w0QM

The article refers to this phone as mid-range - that must be a mistake on the writer's part. It's got to be low-end according to the specs. That being said, it's a good low-end phone that I wouldn't mind owning; if I was looking for such.

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  • 2008-03-06 15:11
  • i2Gv

Sony Ericsson company will have to provide a very good reason why produce handset @ this present time without a memeory slot.
Big Shame on them!

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  • 2008-03-06 14:38
  • ixrR

There's quite a big gap between the bottom half of the screen and the edge of the function key area...couldn't they have filled that space with a bigger screen? the screen looks way too small..

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  • 2008-03-06 14:11
  • mc3t

G wiz ppl, at least SE are bringing out PHONES to cater for a whole market range, not just high end ppl that think they need 4m GIG in their phone.

Low end, great for my son when I want to get him a phone for school. I dont want him having all that stuff on a memory card.

Well done SE, great thinking ;-) YOU HAVE MY VOTE

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  • 2008-03-06 13:19
  • 2CZu

if it has a memory around 60mb to 80mb
so it could COMPETE the current market

basically its not a camera or music fone
its just as MOTO RAZR stylish fone for stylish PEOPLE

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  • 2008-03-05 20:16
  • Uq4T

it's a buget phone and that's all
it will probably cost half of the Nokia 1200 so ....

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  • 2008-03-05 18:39
  • 4kA$

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