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Samsung gets expedited Galaxy Nexus injunction hearing

14 July, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung gets expedited Galaxy Nexus injunction hearing - read the full textThe US Court of Appeals has granted Samsung's request to expedite its appeal of the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus. The company must file its court brief to start the process before July 16 and Apple has until July 30 to respond. The final comments on the case are due on...


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this is not about coping or takeing the same technology or programs ( as ALL companies are making new things by USING SOME OTHERS PROGRAMs etc )

google copied the ios application approach methods and apple NEVER complained

apple copied google's notification system and google NEVER complained

why? because they ASKED them FIRST and BOUGHT the patent FIRST!!

that's why few companies are named as PIRATES.....
they never ASKED or BOUGHT something they just use it as their own

i may ask you all , dont you get angry when someone use your staff without your PERMISSION ???????!!!1

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  • 2012-07-15 08:53
  • HFdC

come on Apple, please comeout of crying baby thing...

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  • 2012-07-15 08:35
  • 3Yc0

My entire family will keep using both Samsung Android Smartphones and feature qhones..

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  • 2012-07-15 08:32
  • N9@S

(Apple has also sent letters to some retailers instructing them to stop selling the Samsung)
wow , how arrogant is that !!

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  • 2012-07-15 08:23
  • n2Jx

every good comments are going to samsung. apple sucks1! what happen them? poor flash,no radio,so great powerfull sensors like s3.same display. non replaceble battery,limited

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  • 2012-07-15 08:14
  • terW

This is precisely what made me buy Android this time around. It is clear that Apple have noting to offer the consumer and their products are dated. Most friends have followed suit now that they see and enjoy the pleasures of my Galaxy S3.

Us girlies can even use our Bluetooth now HA! HA!

Just amazing how many converts there are in the past months; and they all remark how much more open, free and varied the Android market is. So many handsets to be enjoyed, and by all classes of people to. Apple certainly don't offer this, despite making a massive cut on their Chinese made devices.
Shameful classicism that typifies what they stand for!

I refuse to finance companies who hold back development and hide behind their walls of money and try to exploit the judicial system.

Obviously Apple are running scared and intimidating retailers now is a new development that will not be looked on to favorably by the courts. I expect retailers will lash back, they are there to make money, not be lectured to by some 'has been' that is going the way of Nokia and its M$ partner.

May the best man win.......they already have!

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  • 2012-07-15 08:03
  • m4NR

I know our world is fkd up but if Apple Inc were allowed to rule they would take the fkd up part to a whole new level. That much messed up they actually are.

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  • 2012-07-15 07:50
  • vG1x

apple is now scared coz samsung rules

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  • 2012-07-15 07:39
  • K7fJ

Android copied everything from apple! In fact every smartphone in the market were copying apple! Android will go DOWN!

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  • 2012-07-15 07:35
  • IVRg

Apple products are nice, however, the people behind it makes it Evil...they are making it more complicated...

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  • 2012-07-15 07:32
  • thHK

Apple are the ones that have stolen and pirated and counterfeit and is infringing products, and all their iPhones and iPads should/must be banned from sales all over the world!
Apple stole the "pull down notifications" from Android, and Apple stole "slide to unlock" from Swedish Neonode, and computers with Microsoft Windows and Linux have been able to do local searches for many years so Apples "patent" for "local search" is irrelevant today!
Apple are missusing the worlds courtsystems and should/must be punished for wasting the worlds taxpayers money!

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  • 2012-07-15 07:19
  • gJ6n

Wow look at all the comments against Apple! I'm amazed! Go Samsung Android all the way. Apple will go down the line of Nokia & RIM eventually. The big & proud can never stand for too long. A shame for Nokia & RIM though as I liked their products in the past.

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  • 2012-07-15 06:55
  • RNVa

apple only manufactures useless devices....
no external microsd, no large display, no battery replaceble capabality, useless bluetooth, brittle screen.....and software totally dependant on itunes...!!!
the company needs to change its policy or must quit imposing such charges on world's leading smartfone company.

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  • 2012-07-15 05:39
  • uvku

I must say, Samsung and Google have handled this issue pretty well. The nexus only really gets taken off of the shelf for two weeks for all the units to get Jelly Bean put in them (which would have probably happened in some sort of way anyway). Well done for apple winning against the 10.1.......a device that was being taken off of the shelves anyway.

I still don't get how the unlocking patent affected the Nexus. First of all there are multiple ways of unlocking the device. And second, the device and software was released before Apple were granted the patent.

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  • 2012-07-15 05:38
  • tR9p

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-15 04:36 from qiGI - click to readMost of their stuff are Chinese brands anyway.

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  • 2012-07-15 05:22
  • sydZ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-15 01:46 from IWPq - click to readchina has a bigger market than you.

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  • 2012-07-15 04:36
  • qiGI

let justice prevail..

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  • 2012-07-15 04:34
  • PSw4

Tim Cock looks really stupid in this photo :) Typical iCEO

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  • 2012-07-15 04:30
  • sff4

Spot on Apple couldn't said it any better Samsung = Pirate
Infact the precise word should be Korean = Nation of Pirates, it is in their nation history that the copy anything from language, clothing, food, culture, was copied from Chinese & Japanese then claimed as their own, Nation of Shamelessness Pirate that what they are.

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  • 2012-07-15 04:27
  • vV5G

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