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Nokia 6300i brings Wi-Fi home

Nokia 6300i brings Wi-Fi home - read the full textThe highly popular Nokia 6300 has received a worthy successor in the face of the Nokia 6300i. Topped with Wi-Fi and VoIP support, the Nokia 6300i retains the original looks and functionality of the previous device. Surely an exciting upgrade, the Nokia 6300i is in fact identical to the Nokia...


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how can i install wi-fi in my 6300i?

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  • 2013-07-25 18:32
  • NuTm

Can you help me.
How to open my Wifi?.
How to use it?
i have 6300i.Teach me how.
Thanx a lotz

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  • 2011-04-30 11:39
  • PSk}

hmm i have 6300 but ilike to buy 6300i because it haves wlan...but i use application like opera mini handler free..

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  • 2010-10-04 03:24
  • v0XH

wow it's great and beautiful i wish i have 1 too i like that cellphone

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  • 2009-03-31 10:22
  • UD}u

if this kind of new unit triband / wifi
is it also dual sim ? dual function ?

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  • 2008-09-29 17:42
  • w0QV

I am using SE but now i will change to nokia 6300i cos it has got wifi,I like SE cos it has long batt life,the music equallizer,very cristal clear sound music plays,i like all the applications but i want the wifi?the SE wifi phones i know are xpensive n are very few here GH.but i can buy nokia 6300i cost$300

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  • 2008-08-06 17:43
  • jLBr

The Nokia phones are always the best and always will be!

I have Nokia 6300 and I love it! Verry easy to use and very frendly design etc.

I can recomend you if you are Nokia user, do not change your devise for all the phones others out there, you will be disapointed.

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  • 2008-06-30 16:18
  • p7{$

Seems to be in the shops in Finland already, Anyone have any hands on experiences from it yet ?

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  • 2008-06-03 21:22
  • pWFr

16 million colors is so perfect , wonderful .
Nokia you'r the best

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  • 2008-05-17 04:44
  • kH@G

Keep up the good work !

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  • 2008-05-17 04:15
  • kH@G

I think it's very good idea cause nokia 6300
is very perfect phone . But , it more perfect if 3g and 3,2 mpx and 640 x 480 @ 30
fps !!
You may launc 6302 with that spec !

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  • 2008-05-16 14:06
  • kH@G

Nokia are far ahead of the fold with the tech side of things well to a certain aspect anyway but as a nokia fan i have recently found myself looking elsewhere for handsets because the designs are becoming boring, but there isnt nothing new what so ever!

i need a phone that takes a good stand of photo for printing, good recording (vga 30fps), wifi, email, hsdpa ect

i phone is an excellent peice of kit but lacks on a few points

i have never got on with samsungs

se dissapointed me with the k850i and there interfaces are boring

blackberry again lacks too many qualitys however i do like the curve to some extent
but it does lack in other areas

the htc devices are all same old same old however i gotta say i am quiet fond of the touch duel some of the onscreen options are a little small

lg are too slow responsive wise

the nokia n82 and n95 8gb have all the apps that i want and more but the designs are rubbish


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  • 2008-03-29 12:42
  • iIR0

6301 has UMA and the Wi-Fi is only used for UMA. According to 6300i specs, the Wi-Fi can be used for VoIP and other features such as browsing. The VoIP in 6300i seems to be SIP based, thus one could use all the SIP VoIP providers out there to make FREE calls over Wi-Fi.

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  • 2008-03-29 08:50
  • MY4$

Like I said elsewhere on the site; finally, a simple, well-made, attractive phone with wifi.

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  • 2008-03-28 22:08
  • m2hD

thank you for overviewing 6300i. i want to buy it. but i don't know where can i buy it. please be a guide to me

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  • 2008-03-28 16:23
  • 3bef

got wifi is already great of having some internet at starbuck.does those non-smartphone got wifi??using 3G is cheap ???i don't think so...Krusell annouce Feb sells of the box and Nokia get 7 of top sell and sx just got 3 only hahahaha and 6300 is top,why a s40 phone will get a top ??i heard someoine say will TAKEOVER U

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  • 2008-03-28 06:28
  • ibqy

Wifi, it is one thing i really need. Hey, Nokia y dont u enlarge the screen with long life battery?

Name of Model not really is an important thing!!!

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  • 2008-03-28 05:31
  • P@TY

I haven't seen a company as DIS-ORGANISED as NOKIA. No planning, poor naming of their models, launching anything without prior investigation of what consumers need. Nokia never considers Battery as an important aspect in a mobile phone. Learn something from SONY ERICSSON... they last thrice as Nokia in one charge. Putting 16 million colors doesnt make a phone nice... they only reduce the battery life. SE display are more crisp than Nokia even with 262K colors. The quality of the LCD is what that matters, and not colors.

The time has gone of ur monopoly on the market Nokia. Other players like SE, Samsung, are bout to takeover U.

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  • 2008-03-27 18:57
  • 2@jR

nokia three ,like one 6300 and 6301 and 6300i no difference nor camera nor 3g undoubtedly this late 2008

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  • 2008-03-27 15:45
  • mJU{

this phone has been a hell of a seller
its simplistic and atracts buisness users
with wi-fi added it will sell even more and the price is excellent too

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  • 2008-03-27 13:26
  • iIR0

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