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Nokia N810 gets WiMAX edition

Nokia N810 gets WiMAX edition - read the full textAnother N-series device is on the way to grabbing the hearts of fans. The Nokia N810 WiMAX edition is the upgraded version of the original Nokia N810 internet tablet. Yes, we know it's not a mobile phone, but it's sleek, it's fast, and it comes in black - just the right ingredients to make a geek...


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definately not for us poor people, we stick to pc' @home

n luck if my nokia 3110 dont crack up,

good luck enjoy


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  • 2008-04-19 11:49
  • M3s@

Actually I also thought this should've had a sim slot in it until I got it (Nokia N800) and now I think its a good idea that it doesn't have a sim slot in it b/c its not meant to be a phone. I use it as a substitute for my laptop. Since I got this my laptop has been resting a lot, also it can be taken everywhere, just keep it in my pocket. Actually I'm using the N800 right now. Great device and Xperia and iPhone CANNOT do the things that the tablets do, and its OS is Linux. You can use Skype or Gizmo on it for calling. The N810 wimax is even better b/c it can be connected anywhere without the need of a wifi connection.

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  • 2008-04-13 05:12
  • yt}E

@ uHP1


what features exactly do you boast of Nokia about? the touch screen, the handwriting?

maybe you ar ignorant, but the ericsson guys had this TV tuner thing and the camera thing since quite a long time in bravia series. which currently nokia brags about. Nokia is and for next couple of years bound to be technically inferior to Ericsson.

Yeah do temme about the features you were talking about.

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  • 2008-04-12 17:01
  • vGht


and i suppose N99 n100 n101 and n102 would be doing just the same thing... prolly unsuccessfully

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  • 2008-04-12 16:57
  • vGht

apple dont make good sound systems. they make popular sound systems, there's a difference. sound quality from an iPod or iPhone (any variants) is laughable compared to sound quality even from Archos media devices, which also seem to leave a lot to the imagination.
This wouldn't function as a iPhone killer as it's too big, all there is to it.

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  • 2008-04-10 12:34
  • SibP

possible to keep it in pocket? I cant carry a kilo load of anything in my hand just because its overloaded with features and has a screen as large as plasma panel

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  • 2008-04-07 19:24
  • vGgS

Iphone??? the iphone its a great piece of cra... if you want a real phone go to E90,N95 8G or N96...for god sake apple makes good sound sistems, good computers but not good its the brand that make the ultimate smart phones...congratulations to SE the Xperia its the only phone in the market that can match a nokia smart phone...sorry HTC but youre to slow, but nice phones too...

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  • 2008-04-04 21:42
  • ixbP

This is how Nokia should beat iPhone, inserting phone capabilities inside this device. what is Nokia waiting to do so? Let's see, Nokia N98 is supposed to scare iPhone followers.

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  • 2008-04-03 18:13
  • Pbvq

the best upgrade of the original n810 is NOT WIMAX!!!!!

the best upgrade of n810 is a phone inside it....

i'll rather have a n810 with a phone, than a n810 with wimax.!!!

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  • 2008-04-03 13:27
  • whBq

hmmmm... SE Xperia????

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  • 2008-04-03 13:19
  • whAX

I think a phone option would have pretty much deemed this a series 90 device much like the 7700 and 7710 devices. Were this the case of it being a phone it would certainly have wiped the competition bar none, but still lacks touchscreen. If the HTC shift was also phone compatible with this, they would have been the ultra premium mobile devices ableit being a little too large.

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  • 2008-04-03 12:43
  • miAM

to D

Ask sony ericsson? you must be joking. look at their 5megapixel why so lousy? a camera maker loose to a handphone maker in terms of sharpness? so should sony ask nokia how to make their cybershoot really does the cyber shooting thingy?

and and walkmans phones? wow sounds nice in music but when there is n81 and n91 users around. walkman is just a joke when you comparing it using earpiece.

YES i do agree nokia are afraid to ask sony as they WILL make Nokia produce more lousier phones in the market just like sony!

SONY = So So Only thats why Like No Others. HAHA

and what can nokia copy from sony?
Cybershoot when the pictures are so bad compare to nokia?
Videos are 4 times lousier compare to nokia?

and X1 better then n810? are you comparing a cat with a dog?
omg, please think before posting out your comment!

N95 was announce in 2006 and right now is 2008 may i know any all in device from sony can win all the specs of n95?
Answer : NO
maybe YES is 2years time when nokia come out even better stuffs?


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  • 2008-04-03 12:33
  • uHP1

this should have been a phone I truely stand behind that opinion

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  • 2008-04-03 09:48
  • NaAw

Who need to have this junk any way? Why can't Nokia built in a phone with it! I guess they need to ask Sonyericsson how! but they to afraid to ask, hahaha

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  • 2008-04-03 08:08
  • uMJB

Should have integrated phone into this device. Don't want to go back to the old day of having to carry a phone and a pocket pc or palm.

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  • 2008-04-03 06:04
  • 2xDJ

pliss dont compare this fon to xperia bcos the N810 is a inter net tablet and the xperia is a pocket pc type phone..peace

nokia and sony e. rules!!

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  • 2008-04-03 01:48
  • ib7p

This phone has been made way before any SE phones! But they should put a phone inside this tablet!

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  • 2008-04-03 00:10
  • 4Bbn

its not copying SE at all. the nokia n810 was out before the xperia

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  • 2008-04-02 23:38
  • 0RXT

se xperia is better of course!

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  • 2008-04-02 23:02
  • M}K4

OMG that is soo copying SE!!

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  • 2008-04-02 21:13
  • pJFH

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