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Galaxy Note II goes for pre-order in US and India

20 September, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Galaxy Note II goes for pre-order in US and India - read the full textThe Samsung Galaxy Note II has hit the pre-order stage in US and India. Those living in the US will now be able to pre-order the phone from US Cellular for $299.99 on a two-year contract for the 16GB model. Meanwhile, those of you who are reading this in India can now go on Samsung India's...


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In india,samsung estore shows it for pre order

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  • 2012-09-20 08:49
  • vGVI

Samsung did same thing when they launched galaxy s3, kept price too high around 42k with some accessories free while other online website flipkart gave it around 38 k.. So will hope so with time passing by we can it at lesser cost than pre-ordering it..

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  • 2012-09-20 08:46
  • s8Yf

> In reply to JACE @ 2012-09-20 08:38 from wHrT - click to readHow about iPhOnEy

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  • 2012-09-20 08:44
  • u7pP

All Samsung designs are just the same.. Please make a new and better design... This phone is just like Samsung Galaxy S III.. They all look like trash..

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  • 2012-09-20 08:38
  • wHrT

Checked out at the Samsung India website. Can't even find a trace of it. Any url?

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  • 2012-09-20 08:30
  • j012

> In reply to lyly @ 2012-09-20 08:20 from KxwU - click to readCan't find it on the Indian website. Any link?

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  • 2012-09-20 08:24
  • KAwa

The Galaxy note 2 looks very promising. The Galaxy s3 and IPhone 5 are a great choice if you're on At&t, but honestly I think The New Note will be an instant hit!
I'm currently using an HTC One X and I love it! But of course I'm always open to change ;)

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  • 2012-09-20 08:23
  • siGF

Nice laptop

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  • 2012-09-20 08:21
  • vbMi

when will it be singapore's turn?

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  • 2012-09-20 08:20
  • KxwU

After Samsung paid so much money on Appel case, Motorola the protector is giving a big punch on almost all Apple products.

According to Moto, there are seven patents that most of Apple’s hardware product lineup are infringing. Devices that could end up on the butcher’s block are the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and all models of the iPad. The iPhone 5 would have also made the dispute had it been announced earlier when the filing took place.

If a case like this was won, it would mean a huge loss for Apple and we're guessing there would be some serious payout and software revisions needing to be made that would make Samsung’s loss to Apple peanuts in comparison.

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  • 2012-09-20 08:16
  • rwFs

> In reply to SunnyM @ 2012-09-20 08:11 from P@$x - click to readPay $800 , they will surely switch :)

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  • 2012-09-20 08:13
  • 2T7j


I recently bought S3 (2Months Back), however Samsung India should also give the trade in for S3 Users who want to switch to Note-2.

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  • 2012-09-20 08:11
  • P@$x

Lagdroid phone r cheap and better

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  • 2012-09-20 08:09
  • vbMY

wow india is to fast now but in case of iphone india is always late

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  • 2012-09-20 08:08
  • 9Dn9

gogo samsung

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  • 2012-09-20 08:07
  • tVni

now that's a smartphone

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  • 2012-09-20 08:06
  • N9@T

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