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5 megapixel Motorola ZN5 nears

5 megapixel Motorola ZN5 nears - read the full text5 megapixel, Motorola and Kodak ring a bell? Well, a 5MP co-branded shooter is obviously just around the corner. What's even better, some leaked pictures shed more light on specs. Motorola Kodak is going to be named ZN5 and is to feature a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with Xenon flash. There...


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can i download facebook chat for this mobile plzz help me

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  • 2011-11-14 15:15
  • vI9$

how can i use internet ?

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  • 2011-07-05 12:13
  • S0u7
  • theumsamrach2007@yah
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in motorola zn5 coudl i install sofware?
IF i can install which sofware?
Can u sent to me sofware? Sofware for charting , like skype, massenger

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  • 2010-03-12 04:22
  • 9xH1

i have the cybershot k800i and k850i.. but i like the zn5's camera because its far better than those and n82.. best 5mp phone shooter.. everything has its flaws,, but i still love it.. just tweak and tweak charan,, you make the best out of it..

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  • 2009-09-22 15:55
  • t7Bv

I wanted to go for an N82.The pics taken by ZN5 proved to be better in most of the situations.I liked the N82 design,pic quality etc.At last ended up in buying a ZN5!I was afraid whether i'll regret for buying this!n frens,,Iam very happy about my decision.coz most of my frens own K850i and a few N82s..i never got a problem in the last 7 months.But thats not the case th my frens!!Even they ended up saying ZN5 is better..Remember i loved N82 like anything at first...still i love it for its taken by ZN5 r stunning..and the design is respectable.I think I made a wise decision choosing ZN5.

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  • 2009-03-17 11:15
  • P$Y7

I bought this phone two months ago and I was pleasently surprised. Kodak tech. 5mpx camera is the greatest I've ever had on my phone. Phone looks sophisticated and I generally like its design. It doesn't have 3G but everything else is top notch. After all, it is Motorola.

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  • 2009-02-18 20:08
  • 390q

if this is built-to-shoot, and if those sample images are true, the only thing i can make out is sluggish, blurred out images, lacking natural color tones.

It's just 5 mega pixel, minus quality. Not worth it.

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  • 2008-09-30 13:49
  • 2@kg

> In reply to Nokia soldier @ 2008-06-11 15:32 from vx6} - click to readYou, my friend, are the perfect example of a destructive fanboy. You bash Motorola just because its phone features are nowhere near Nokia or Sony Ericsson. Dude, not everyone needs those features! And besides, you easily judge the phone too quickly. You badmouth every other phone just because it's not branded NOKIA. Hello? Does Nokia do everything right and Motorola does everything wrong? You are the one who does not support your claims with hard facts. You destroy the essence of product variety and open competition. You are just sick.

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  • 2008-09-04 12:55
  • R5v$

i'll buy this if the price is a sure bargain! not worth my money if it would cost near the price of k850i, n82. hell no!
i guess this should be like a little over than $200!

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  • 2008-07-15 16:12
  • vx6E

got wifi and a 5megapixcel camera as sure buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 2008-06-30 12:57
  • ibeK

> In reply to hi @ 2008-06-10 16:14 from 6ChF - click to readu must really be something... the phone hasn't been released n uve already bought AND resold it...

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  • 2008-06-20 17:28
  • 2@xW

yah i mean that nokia has copy the design of the motorola phones like L7 the thin phone the nokia imitate it with 5310 express music phone but i found out that is motorola unit is useless and crapy it has no (Digital zoom) you cant zoom it while taking photos. Second it has no 3G only a 2.5G. the third is the resolution video has of this phone is only runs 176 X 144 its so small. so the video wont turns a larger size..and it has no GPS WIFI this phone is no match for the N82 i advise all of you people pls. dont buy this..this phone desered to smash by a Hummer..this phone is useless the thing
that boast this phone is the name of the kodak they are always buy a brand to get some popularity

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  • 2008-06-11 15:32
  • vx6}

> In reply to hi @ 2008-06-10 16:14 from 6ChF - click to readhow the hell do u have this phone if it's not released yet it's stilled rumord f**** u talking about

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  • 2008-06-10 20:48
  • Pcx3

i have this phone its not good at all and the key pad is not good when u put it in ur pocket it calls perople. i sold this phone for 100 euros i lost lots of money cause of this phone

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  • 2008-06-10 16:14
  • 6ChF

dose this phone have a vedo calling came too

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  • 2008-05-21 16:46
  • fvCx

this phone rocks... the morphing keypad and 5Mp camera...WOW!!! when will this phone be released in the Philippines? I hope it will be soon. Does someone out here knows the selling price for this unit. tnx

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  • 2008-05-17 06:03
  • P@Yt

Yes this is just the tip of the ICEBERG...

Its said Nokia TUbe is an answer to iphone...releasing in Q1 2009..

You can certainly expect Moto to be better and sooner...

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  • 2008-05-16 15:10
  • PUZe

increadibla mobile

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  • 2008-05-14 12:03
  • iAjJ

Aala... this s gud to c bt weill make any opinion only after using it.

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  • 2008-05-13 10:44
  • Rxfk

Will never buy this ugly device but the specs are not bad!

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  • 2008-05-12 15:43
  • 4Bbn

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