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Jelly Bean update for HTC One X boosts performance

29 October, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Jelly Bean update for HTC One X boosts performance - read the full textThe Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X recently started rolling out and it brings a good performance boost with it. One of our readers (thanks, Safal) sent in screenshots of some benchmarks he ran on a JB-running One X. SunSpider Quadrant * AnTuTu The web browser saw...


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S3 Rocks! Top Scores AnTuTu 16000++

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  • 2012-10-29 16:00
  • KxYQ

> In reply to Saad @ 2012-10-29 15:45 from u1t{ - click to read"In the end the higher number of processors and greater processing power would always win? it's Computer Arch' & Design 101."

May I say No? Many other factors, like the size of the chipset in which the SoC is based as well as the technologies/materials implemented in the build are quite important too. Kudos to HTC for optimizing their software so efficiently, but Tegra chips have been far from stellar even with their 5th core.
Let's hope that changes with Nvidia's A15 chipsets. They had it close this time.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:59
  • N9xA

Benchmark?? I dont care about this. I test SGSIII One X & Optimus 4X. Whatever benchmark says, in real performance Exynos 4 Quad >> Tegra 3. Hard to believe & Accept because i'm not sammy fans because AMOLED panel dont fit with me. So, Benchmark is bullshit

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  • 2012-10-29 15:56
  • wrbF

> In reply to Saad @ 2012-10-29 15:45 from u1t{ - click to readLOL for u
U are funny
Htc one.x used ddr3
And it s first devices to used such a great hardware
For my one x, i dont have any problem till now,
Or.maybe u just newbie for android phone
Htc have a long story then samsung in smartphone

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  • 2012-10-29 15:53
  • vfxa

One X was very good.
Now it is the best.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:53
  • HIfW

Battery life still sucks. That's all that matters.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:49
  • 2Am2

Well One X, but AnTuTu Benchmark Scores still JayS3 kernel no. 1 with Android 4.0.4 yawn.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:48
  • KxYQ

SG2 vs One X?? & the SG2 wins?
What's next : Nokia 6600 vs One X?? - You'd go for 6600!!

I repeat, the initial problem with One X was with the HTC Sense. It was crowding the processor. Samsung deliberately released the S3 months after the HTC One X so that it can tweek it's cell phone to be better than One X: Why tweek? Because you cannot overhaul a phone design in a few months.... so it was tweeking it to be better in these "dummy" tests??

HTC had the advantage of being the first Quadcore, Samsung had the advantage of 'showing' the world that it's flagship is better?

Now comes the new update and it was HTC's turn to fight back. In the end the higher number of processors and greater processing power would always win? it's Computer Arch' & Design 101.

HTC One X: 4-1.5GHz Core + Another MultiTasking Core
SG3: 4-1.4GHz Core

In the end, the phone that will surpass them all if Optimus G? Why, you ask? Because it 2G Ram?? 101 Kids?

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  • 2012-10-29 15:45
  • u1t{

any1 still waiting for the s3 uk update??? or just me

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  • 2012-10-29 15:43
  • Lh}2

if it improves battery life too, I'd regret getting the S3 BIG TIME, I was actually more inclined towards the One X, and only went for the S3 because of the battery life

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  • 2012-10-29 15:42
  • iD6b

> In reply to Swan @ 2012-10-29 15:32 from fq6u - click to readGood for you for having all three phones to compare their performance with each other. Awesome!

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  • 2012-10-29 15:38
  • v0q8

> In reply to Tsepz @ 2012-10-29 15:05 from f4ws - click to readWhat do you need credibility for? GSMArena just posts lies? I have a Note 2 and the One X. Both running beautiful custom JellyBean roms. One X blew away my Note 2 on Antutu and Quadrant as much as I hate to admit it.. The theory is quite simple. HTC has made proper use of JB to utilize the nVidia chipset whereas Samsung on the S3 has not. Because it is clear that Samsung can do a little better on JB. Because the update from ICS just made Samsung's quadrant scores a little weaker. So Samsung has to do something on its next update for JB for S3 and Note 2 if it needs to catch up with One X. And the One X+, well that has a newer chipset at 1.7 GHz. Am sure this is a direct Optimus G competition. And better as well.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:38
  • n5ym

> In reply to Common_636 @ 2012-10-29 14:48 from RcFM - click to readNah, its not that perfect. Truth is every phone in this class is a good buy. People cant get it wrong nowadays. :-) its a great time to be a consumer.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:34
  • v0q8

How funny HTC fans are!
Because we all know how crappy Tegra is in real life these tests mostly a joke because i already checked these tests sites and HTC One X is in no where near these results, I hope Nvidia to have some self respect and stop cheating by skipping frame-rates and tweaking for these tests while its so horrible in real life.
What I'm trying to say S2 beat One X in real life experience in many games without any lag while Tegra fans continue to make a joke from themselves by saying these games are not optimized to Tegra! LOL S2 and S3 run all these games even most of them are not optimized to them without a sweat.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:32
  • fq6u

Love my HTC OneX and it gets better even with the last update it boosted performance massively, and this this update it boosts it again. I'll have to get RRU and try it.

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  • 2012-10-29 15:30
  • 0pc3

LOL..maybe we should call Sun-Spider benchmarks as a iSun-Spider

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  • 2012-10-29 15:06
  • uC0$

OMG!!! HTC ONE X is better than S3 in every thing??

well done HTC ;D

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  • 2012-10-29 15:05
  • fkex

Could GSMArena please do their own benchmarks of both phones side-by-side to make this more credible? Thanks!

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  • 2012-10-29 15:05
  • f4ws

People often talk about Apples' s/w optimization and compare it with others. Its highly possible with Apple's business model, only 1 device/hardware to test!! so they can easily do that when compared to other manufactures. They believe in marking their brand as premium with high price to make people believe it as premium..

But all other manufactures business model is different. If we take an example of Sammmy has 'n' Galaxy models running with '2n' hardware configurations!(Basically targeting all category of users with different needs and price range).

So you have a variety of fruits of your choice, than an Apple.. Good or bad you just say its an Apple :)

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  • 2012-10-29 14:56
  • bC9p

> In reply to Jitsu @ 2012-10-29 13:27 from Tmi6 - click to readthey are comparing with sg3, not note2.

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  • 2012-10-29 14:55
  • GMvx

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