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Philips X800 and X-Connect are all-touch

Philips X800 and X-Connect are all-touch - read the full textPhilips are obviously making a go at the high-end market, something they've been keeping away for quite some time. Today they've officially stepped up with two new handsets - the Philips X800 and the Philips Xenium X-Connect. The Philips X800 is a full touch-screen device with a large display,...


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Price on Ebay is $279.00 new in box for X800. Looks cool, disappointed with the lack of wifi. thats probably how they are saving on wifi. when my wifi is switched on the battery gets sucked down real quick. gonna pick one up next week to test it out.

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  • 2009-07-22 16:04
  • 0dEC

Do anybody know when the Phillips x-connect will be released. The last info posted on the web regarding this phone was in May 2008

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  • 2009-05-05 10:53
  • N7$L

i am thinking of buying one my self in europe!!!

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  • 2008-12-21 14:31
  • 4@wd

Hey! The real price in Russia is USD 300.
Considering to grab one.

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  • 2008-12-02 13:42
  • n7MF

For S$599, there are actually a lot of better phones out there. For that price, the minimum requirements should at least be:
1. 3G phone
2. WiFi access
3. Bluetooth
4. Memory slot
5. LCD display of reasonable size and color capability
6. Multimedia functions
7. Good camera output
8. Basic SMS and MMS

This phone seems to be good enough, but since it has satisfied only some, and not all, of my requirements for that price range, i think the price should be brought down a little.

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  • 2008-11-24 03:45
  • PU4x

Where can I buy the telephone in Europe?

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  • 2008-11-15 18:11
  • neam

yeah!!!philips x800 phone is available...incredible battery life and nice out look.price is $599

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  • 2008-11-02 17:35
  • PFM2

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-08-15 04:36 from R5dT - click to readI am from HongKong, I got the phone few days ago for $1850hkd = £127uk , it is an amazing phone. On this price, the quality is above standard, it comes with high quality headphones,screen protecter, micro sd card. Forgot to mention that the phone have a 2.8' touch screen. Even with such a nice screen, battery life is very good, i used the phone for 4 days and the battery is now 56%. I highly recommand this phone to you all.

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  • 2008-09-03 08:47
  • UGrx

Philips X800 is available now!

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  • 2008-08-15 04:36
  • R5dT

Wooooooo guys cool down no fights here,man i have Philips Plasma TV and their energy saver blubs in my house(they are the best)most of all i like the deck,you have seen me in Nokia side but i say that Philips is good in home things and this beauty is beautiful and i loved the menu just awsome,i think its a good phone with great features and WAITTTTTT thats tooooooooo much battery man(i could share it other guys)GREAT JOB PHILIPS.ROCK ON!!!!!!!

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  • 2008-07-01 21:05
  • 258I

Perfekt! I dreems about it.i whant x800

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  • 2008-05-23 19:37
  • jLBr
  • Mohamed El Askalany
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One last thing, I'm pro Wi-Fi because it's much more secure than Bluetooth. It's also becoming more and more reliable everyday. Wireless N and wireless N+ along with new authentication protocols and the compatibility of Windows Mobile with Microsoft Windows operating systems Security, User Rights policies and Active Directory make it more secure and reliable to depend on to use in either home or office networks. Being able to run Virtual PC on your desktop, and start multiple instances of several Windows platforms as if you're piloting a network, enables you from testing several settings and policies that you can enforce on mobile users. Using your phone to help you with your testing, your studying, or even learning new tricks and tips is a cool thing! But again that's just me and the geeky techies so never mind! :) I was trying to be sarcastic actually. I donít know why you thought I was either trying to take the phone down or show off. I thought itís always good to make fun of yourself and what you do for a living; helps decrease the stress they say. Probably they were wrong. Anyway, Iím hundred percent convinced that my cat, actually my brotherís, is evil. Iím going to kill it while he surfs facebook; that will probably get him off the freaking PC and solve the problem for good...

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  • 2008-05-22 22:49
  • fvKh
  • Mohamed El Askalany
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I understand your point and I totally agree with you. I wasn't trying to take the product down; I was merely trying to point out that different scenarios exist where Wi-Fi can be useful as well as the fact that this phone is probably competing against the iPhone and other Windows Mobile high-end devices, which are Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. Taking a product down before even it starts selling is something that no one should do, or would do if they think logically. Everyone tried to take down the iPhone when it was first released saying that it's obsolete. When the device actually hit the markets, people fell in love with it. All what I said in the post that started all this that Wi-Fi can be useful, and not having it makes the device lose points, or at least a check mark, when compared to other phones that have it. Taking into consideration the whole High-End phone concept, in my opinion the price tag wouldn't be much of a problem. As you said, not literally though, people get what they want, what they need, for the price they can afford. Iím not an iPhone pro, nor do I have anything against Windows Mobile or mobile internet access; Iím just someone who thinks Wi-Fi can be useful in various ways.


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  • 2008-05-22 22:35
  • fvKh

To Mohamed. There is no contest, so there shouldn't be any winners. We're just exchanging views. People will buy what they think is best for them. I just don't think it's fair to pull any good product down just because it does not have something that is not quite essential (yet). I say "yet" because when the time comes that wifi is totally free and available anywhere, then it would be essential to have it on phones.

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  • 2008-05-22 21:10
  • RtK9
  • Mohamed El Askalany
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No it's not. You win! Thanks for the conversation and the exchange of views.

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  • 2008-05-21 13:53
  • fvK4


If you're in a household with only 1 computer w/ multiple users, the answer would not be a wifi cellphone. You can block time for each user, or buy another PC or laptop. Buying a cellphone w/ wifi just seems to be an illogical solution to fix that problem.

I never said that wifi technology is insignificant or important. It's how people demands wifi on a device that it may not be that necessary, yet they make it a must for reasons that are quite unpractical, that makes me wonder if I'm missing something.

I understand that there are people who needs wifi for whatever reasons other than internet, but let's face it, they are the minorities. Why would MOST consumers pay extra for features that they might not even use? This phone is obviously for people who could care less for wifi, but at the same time it does have internet capabilities for those who want internet connection on-the-go like myself. I understand the need for phones with every possible feature or specs for some people, but let's face it, most people don't really need those tech features. That's why there are different versions or models for phones, and it's annoying to see those comments from people pulling down a product and calling it useless just because it does not have the specs that they desire. Why do you think the iphone became so popular? Because it has basic functionalities, in a neat & awesome package with top of the line touch UI. Yet Apple does see the demand for better technology, so they are coming up with a feature packed iphone very soon, but I'm sure it's going to be way more expensive. See the logic?

Realistically, who knows about algorithms and all that technical specs? Maybe you, but for most of us, it's just a phone. As for your problem at home, wifi is advisable, but you need another PC or laptop, not a phone. If I have your problem, I do have internet subscription, so I can still use my phone to go online at my house, or even at my neighbor's house. I could even tether my phone to my laptop and use it as a modem if there is no wifi.

You said "some museums" not all. So what are you going to do if you happen to be in a museum with no wifi? And again, most of those wifi connections are secured. That is very inconvenient.

Me, like most people, use wifi mainly for internet. I use my USB port to synch or transfer files from or to my PC. I could also transfer pictures or files wirelessly through my Bluetooth feature. So even w/out wifi connectivity, there are much less complicated features that are also wireless, like Bluetooth, and that is also on your phone.

The more features, the more expensive the device becomes. Tell me, is it wise to spend so much money on a jampacked phone when you don't even need those features?

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  • 2008-05-20 21:14
  • RtK9

If youíre living in a household with 1 computer and many users, you can make use of you always online connection and your wireless enabled gateway to perform the most important tasks such as checking your mail until the computer is free. Different scenarios, different solutions.

I agree on what youíre saying and I apologize for what I said and withdraw it. I have many foreign friends living in Egypt who came to study for 1 semester, and most of them use the hotspots daily to finish their work. This is the point Iím trying to communicate with you which is different scenarios exist and you never know when Wi-Fi can become handy.

The device comes loaded with windows mobile 6.1 professional, an operating system that provides multiple features and solutions for all business sizes. Some companies donít even buy phones for their employees. Some businesses might have less than 10 employees in total each with own cell phone. Small businesses are growing world wide, and these are people who buy everything using their own money or bank loans. If they can be regarded as general public as you said, and also business owners, they would like to buy one device that has both the looks and the functionality. And large scale businesses (cooperate level) can still use saving on budget for phones they buy for their executives and employees. I agree with you techís get special versions.

4G networks will be IP based networks. Wi-Fi utilizes TCP/IP protocol. 4G networks can be considered similar to Wi-Max networks. I donít want to dive in technical details but Wi-Fi will not only used then to access the internet, it will also be used to carry voice signals (i.e. your calls). Wi-Max and 4G are going in two parallel lines competing against one another. Whoever reaches the finish line first, will win the whole cake. If for some reasons phones become dependent on Wi-Max networks, which might happen in the near future at least experimentally as in Japan, you will only need to update your wireless driver, not your chipset, to handle your calls. Handovers between antennas or cellular towers depend on code, algorithms, and equipment installed at them, not in your phone. Got the picture? Right now, HSDPA is the fastest means to browse the internet on your mobile phone. But what about the future?

Well unfortunately, thatís we got! The issue is not connecting more than one PC; it is owning more than one. If your sibling does want to get off, or your dad is working, you can still at least check your mail using your phone wirelessly over the same internet connection. Again different scenarios and different solutions exist.

Some museums has their OWN network; an internal LAN that is not connected to the internet. When you stand in front of an artifact with your Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop, cell phone, even a G0d d@mn3d Nintendo DS) which detects this network can connect to it to display information about that artifact. It is a service provided by some museums not all. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the internet! Other museums provide an internet connection. Again, different scenarios and different solutions exist.

As far as I can see, you were only considering Wi-Fi a means to connect to the internet. All your argument was based on that you donít need Wi-Fi because you have full internet access. How about syncing your phone wirelessly at your home, workplace, or even accessing your LAN shared folder wirelessly to copy files? All these scenarios have nothing to do with the internet and this is mainly what Iím talking about. And general public, as you described them, probably would be interested in those features and can benefit from them. But no, for you everything has to do with the internet, which is completely wrong! Read your posts and count how many times you wrote down ďfull internet accessĒ to understand what Iím trying to say. And probably if 90% of the world population have been techies or engineers we wouldnít have had a hard time trying to make them understand that infinite scenarios exist where Wi-Fi can prove to be useful. The more connectivity solution the device have, the more out-of-the-box and tailor made solutions can be presented to suit the needs of many; thus, increasing the demand on the device. The more solutions you can provide, the more flexible you are. And the more flexible you are, the more people like you.

Itís true that weíre educating the readers, as long as you consider yourself one of them!

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  • 2008-05-20 15:44
  • fvK4

To Mohamed. A laptop or desktop PC is what everyone uses in their homes. Regardless if you pay per data unit or a monthly flat rate for your internet access, it has nothing much to do with your cellphone.

Not all people who deliberately go to cafes w/ their laptops to access internet are cheap. I could be away from home, so a hotspot cafe would be a convenient place for me to do my projects on my laptop. What is cheap about that? And if it's something easy as checking an email, I could just check it on my phone since I have internet access on my phone, and I don't have to go to a hotspot to do that.

Arguing on IT phone requirements of a company is irrelevant since this phone is not intended for a company's IT needs. This phone is for the general public, not for IT personnels. Companies provide their IT staff company phones to be used for their business. If there is a business version of this phone specifically for IT personnels, then I'm sure that version would have wifi capabilities, and would probably be a little more expensive, for other custom features may be added to accomodate IT needs. Companies will not have you use your personal phone for their business just like they will not send memos to your personal yahoo email but to your company email account.

Regardless whether you have 3G, 4G or EDGE, if you only depend on wifi to access the web, those technology will be useless if you are outside wifi zones. The higher the technology you use, the more you should subscribe internet access so you can make use of that technology to the fullest.

Wifi is indeed useful at homes where there are multiple users. That way you can have multiple PC's and don't have to fight over 1 PC. But what has that got to do with your cellphone?

As for any museums, I don't have to remember getting any wifi access from anyone because I have my own internet access. I'm sorry that you have to inconvenient yourself all the time asking people wifi access wherever you go and not even sure if they have wifi.

I never said that wifi is only used for internet, but as far as the GENERAL PUBLIC is concerned, it is mainly used to access the internet. As a non-engineer, and as a part of the general public, there was NEVER an instance that I had to use wifi on something else other than internet. If 90% of the population are engineers or techies, then it would make sense for all phones to have wifi, but that is not the case. Most don't even know what wifi is.

I don't see any abuse here. If anything, we're educating the readers on when and where wifi matters, and when & where it doesn't.

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  • 2008-05-19 22:46
  • RtK9
  • Mohamed El Askalany
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@ Rtk9

First of all, I would like to stress on the fact that we're not having some sort of a competition here. I believe this can be a good conversation to exchange points of view, not to make fun of each other. Therefore, I will have to say that both your tone, and your "LOLs" are very rude and misplaced. But since you started it, you leave me with no other choice!

Secondly, I already mentioned that there exist scenarios where you pay per data units, thus you will be cutting down the costs when using your home Wi-Fi enabled gateway.

Thirdly: I said research a topic that we're talking about. Maybe we would be sitting there discussing a certain topic and reach a point where we need to verify a piece of information before going on. Maybe where you come from it doesn't go that way. And maybe we just enjoy looking pathetic. Thanks!

Fourthly: people who go deliberately to cafes to use the internet are cheap. I didn't say anything about Laptop replacement. You leave your laptop in your car all of the time, others don't. And this is exactly what I am trying to point out; different persons, different scenarios.

Will take your advice and save to buy a new laptop.

You either don't understand me, or don't want to! Executives and IT personnel can use the Wi-Fi to access their LOCAL network wirelessly, and perform tasks over their LAN. And some companies don't even grant internet access to all of its computers. Syncing your mail and contacts doesn't require you to connect to the internet to do! Unless you're a super genius who would actually allow traffic from you network to go on the internet only to go back to your network! Excuse me but I don't thank that's smart. Executives can use the Wi-Fi for the Wireless Active Sync. Active Directory? Outlook? Outlook mobile? Rings any bells?

In case you've heard anything about 4G, which is going to be a completely IP-based mobile solution, Wi-Fi is a means to require an IP address. The only problem will be the proper equipment and algorithms to manage the hand-over between antennas, not the Wi-Fi chipset. As for the museums, itís not my problem that you forgot to ask for the password.

Wi-Fi at home is very convenient. When your friends come over to work on a project, or if your sibling wonít get off the only PC, you can use your laptop or your phone at least to do the important things such as checking your mail. And guess what? We have real computers too! But I'm sure you know that because anyone who would end their sentence with a "LOL" probably knows everything and notices everything.

It's amazing how you persevere on regarding Wi-Fi only useful for internet access. Wi-Fi is a technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to IP based NETWORKS, not just the internet. Revise the definition or have someone explain it for you. Being an Engineer, if I'm in a place with no Wi-Fi I would use my mobile data carrier to retrieve my email. I thought that was quite obvious and guessed you're not that stupid to ask such a question; maybe I was wrong! Comparing Internet Access to Wi-Fi is like comparing broadband internet connections to dialup modems; dial up modems are NOT only used to access the internet, and so is Wi-Fi.

One last thing, weíre abusing the comment section. Iím leaving my email along with this post. If you want to continue this debate please send me a private message. People donít deserve to suffer reading your long posts that revolve around the same point.

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  • 2008-05-17 02:35
  • fvK4

To Mohamed. You are double paying for also double reasons. Internet access for your home, and another one for your phone when you are on-the-go. Since I want to access the internet when I'm away from home, I have to subscribe internet for my phone. Get it now?

Wouldn't you find it annoying to go to a cafe SUPPOSEDLY to meet with a friend, & instead of your friend talking to you, he can't even look at you coz he's busy browsing online because this is the only time he can use his phone to access internet through wifi? Since wifi is NOT your primary reason why you go to a cafe, then why is it so important to have it on your phone? For laptops, wifi could be the primary reason why you would go to a cafe, but not for phones. Research a topic? Yes, me and my friends do that too, but with a laptop, not a puny phone, LOL. This phone is worth almost as much as a laptop. I say get a laptop with wifi and buy a low end phone if you cannot afford to buy both, so at least you & your friends would not look pathetic in a cafe doing research through your phone, lol.

There is nothing cheap with taking your laptop to a cafe to do web browsing. I always have my laptop in my car just in case I need to kill time, or need to do personal research online on my lunch break. Though I do have internet access on my phone, but I can browse the web way much faster on my laptop. Browsing that would take me an hour through my phone, would only take me 20 mins through my laptop. Laptops also have WAY bigger memory for downloading files, and if I need to transfer files onto a disk, I can with my laptop. So you see I cannot replace my laptop with my phone. You said that there's nothing more convenient & more reliable than browsing the web at home, then why did you also say that you do research with your friends through your phone at a cafe? LOL. If that is your attitude, then you would not even need wifi, period, LOL.

If internet rates in your country sucks, then a laptop indeed would be more beneficial for you, not wifi on your phone.

Again, as for executives, regardless if the phone has wifi or not, they will still subscribe internet so they can get connected anytime & anywhere, because communication is very important to them. Executives will not walk around the city looking for hotspots if they need to check emails, and they will not waste their time going to a cafe & wait in line to order drinks just to get that wifi access code from the cashier. That's ridiculous. Especially when the company would be paying for that internet access anyway, so why bother with free but inconvenient wifi. Not all museums have wifi, if they do, you might need to get that access code from the concierge on the first floor, but you're already at the 4th floor, so I guess you have to run down the 1st floor again. When that time comes that wifi is definitely available at every street corner, then that is the time that wifi should be demanded on all phones and would be a dealbreaker if they don't have it.

And for me, it's nice to know that I can have wifi at home even when I don't use it for my PC. I have internet access on my phone that I can use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE without having to go to a hotspot. As for work, we have real computers that we use, not phones, lol. And as for our company phones, our company subscribed internet access for our phones so we don't have to depend on wifi when we're out of the building, and we cannot make any excuses such as "there was no wifi where I was at, so I was not able to check my email". Being an Engineer, what would you do if you're offsite to a place with no wifi & your boss emailed you important info that he would like to discuss with you over the phone? I guess your work stops there =) If the solution is connectivity, then between internet access and wifi, I think internet access gets you connected anywhere, anytime versus wifi. Think.

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  • 2008-05-16 20:34
  • RtK9

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