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iOS on the rise in the US, Android continues European conquest

31 October, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
iOS on the rise in the US, Android continues European conquest - read the full textNo one doubted that the iPhone 5 launch will be big, but it turned out so big that it slowed the growth of Android in the US and the UK, according to Kantar World Panel. The rest of the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) saw just the opposite - Android's share went up, iOS went down. It...


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i switched to i5 from gnexus. i will never going back to lagdroid.

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  • 2012-10-31 18:07
  • YbM6

Not surprised. there is an equivalent of 120 android phones to every 1 iphone model. But apple is far from gone. Sorry fandroids. I feel more sorry for windows phone. Windows plattform >>>>> android

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  • 2012-10-31 17:58
  • Rn6R

i think nexus 4 and nexus 10 will change that figure..i never like tabs but nexus 10 is the only tabs that got my attention.

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  • 2012-10-31 17:58
  • 3I8k

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-10-31 16:57 from 0Us{ - click to readIt just boggles my mind that people here don't know what Windows Phone is, and how it differs from Windows Mobile, but comment with such confidence!

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  • 2012-10-31 17:45
  • nuXm

> In reply to Zzzzz @ 2012-10-31 16:54 from uviI - click to readCouldn't agree more. It seems more personal.

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  • 2012-10-31 17:44
  • kxIs

> In reply to vYUS @ 2012-10-31 15:32 from 0Uge - click to readOH, I agree with you 100% and I am an American Citizen.

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  • 2012-10-31 17:42
  • kxIs

I agree with someone here that people in usa are addicted to apple products, without even knowing what to do with them (most of the people). even here in my country they see it like a toy :))). that sold out Iphone4 and updated to 4S, just to tell the other that they have 4S, that's all, :) it is just ridiculous!

If you go deeper you see the limitless opportunities of android. It is fantactic to have such a device in your hands. even 4" device is much better that iphone 5. but there is no way to compare 4.3" devices and above to Iphones. Just another category

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  • 2012-10-31 17:23
  • 0TFK

no wonder they saw increase in US market... people there are so fond of apple even though they don't know what it actually does... while in other countries, people know what a smartphone should be like and hence no major increase in the market share... US.. LOL... this proves something about americans... well, don't want to comment here to start a war!!!

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  • 2012-10-31 17:04
  • PxaK

> In reply to MeeGo Takeover @ 2012-10-31 16:27 from jxxN - click to readMeeGo? Already had one MeeGo phone, the N9, it was noting compared to Maemo5 (N900). Nokias mistake was not to kill MeeGo, but to kill Maemo5 in favor of MeeGo. I believe MeeGo was born dead.

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  • 2012-10-31 16:58
  • vaNH

As a general feeling, I believe that a smartphone can run only Android or iOS, because WP is simply no good on a device that small. It isn't organized like on your pc or laptop, because it lacks the space to do so, and that's why when I see a WP UI I don't know where to start from. That's why Android and iOS devices are rivals, and WP can't simply enter this rivalry.

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  • 2012-10-31 16:57
  • 0Us{

using an android feels like using a pc.... all u need is good spec phone...

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  • 2012-10-31 16:54
  • uviI

> In reply to chuck @ 2012-10-31 15:48 from sprs - click to readActually I think BB, Bada, and Symbian is gonna die. BB may be rise up for a while after BB10 released... But not for long.

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  • 2012-10-31 16:52
  • wrs6

MeeGo will come in and dominate. I can't wait

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  • 2012-10-31 16:27
  • jxxN

Hmmn. . .interesting revelation

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  • 2012-10-31 16:03
  • ftKb

I think iphone5 doesn't make a big interest, if we see the hits on this page, now iphone only got 36,346 hits a day (only just passed a month). We will see in 4th quarter a slowdown in global market. (sorry for my english)

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  • 2012-10-31 16:01
  • 8}pN

maybe the loss of Android in US is the patent they have won against samsung. How I wonder if apple lost on that, they might might not have that figure.

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  • 2012-10-31 15:57
  • S6mM

r.i.p. rim

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  • 2012-10-31 15:48
  • sprs

Android rules!

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  • 2012-10-31 15:44
  • d%{X

poor RIM

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  • 2012-10-31 15:33
  • nUwt

European people are not stupid like americans, we pay for performence and freedom not for iShits.

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  • 2012-10-31 15:32
  • 0Uge

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