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AT&T to sell off-contract Nokia Lumia 920 for $450, 820 for $400

07 November, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
AT&T to sell off-contract Nokia Lumia 920 for $450, 820 for $400 - read the full textYesterday, AT&T announced the on-contract pricing of three of its incoming Windows Phone 8 handsets, including the Nokia Lumia 920 (they have exclusivity on this one in the US) and the Lumia 820. Today they put those two up for pre-order and revealed the off-contract prices of these phones....


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> In reply to dudin @ 2012-11-07 18:43 from 85@2 - click to readthat's not true, Lumia 920 has optical image stabilization which no other phone has it.. the camera has much better performance in Nokia phones

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  • 2012-11-07 21:10
  • xTLH

this is great cause you can buy this phone and get a post piad sim from att for $50 a mouth you get unlimited date talk & text

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  • 2012-11-07 19:37
  • Yg5h

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 17:38 from 3VRZ - click to readLocked means "sim restrictions"

So if you have bought it from at&t, it will only work with their sim card. But when they release the unlock code, you're eligible to get it unlocked and use it with other carriers.

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  • 2012-11-07 19:34
  • NUwE

> In reply to dudin @ 2012-11-07 18:43 from 85@2 - click to readIphone5: "one thumb user friendly screen"- Tim Cook

Reality is that it's "one dumb user friendly phone".

Enjoy your next big thing which is history by now.

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  • 2012-11-07 19:30
  • NUwE

yay! Waited so long for the Lumia 920! Ordered mine today in yellow, added 2 wireless chargers and a monster purity headset too :) can't wait for it to all arrive!

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  • 2012-11-07 19:04
  • j}71

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 16:53 from vaNH - click to readAs long as you buy from the Play Store, Google wants people to own unlocked handsets. They were trying to disrupt the industry (but not succeeding so far as much as Apple did).

Prices in Europe do not seem to be too far off:

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  • 2012-11-07 18:49
  • 7yZX

iphone5 is worth $200 more than 920, no more arguing, i always new iohone5 camera is the best ever.

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  • 2012-11-07 18:43
  • 85@2

Great phone phone very competitive prices. Nokia going to rock it again.

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  • 2012-11-07 18:25
  • PWDw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 16:41 from vaNH - click to readdude, you need to get out more.. there's HUNDREDS of cell phone stores that unlock phones. I'm in canada and i can get any phone unlocked for less than $40. I've had 5 nokias, all unlocked for $25-$30. Even if it costs you 100$ to get it unlocked, its worth it.

its not that difficult, look it up online in your city and you'll find cell stores that unlock phones for you. Most of the time, the cell store has to purchase an unlock code from the cell carrier... each code is usually $25 and the cell store charges extra to do the unlocking.

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  • 2012-11-07 18:19
  • Mfxa

Off contract phones in US are locked on the net of the seller; the phone is functional either on post paid or pre paid plans. ATT after 3 months of using an off contract phone on their network on pre paid plan will privide the unlock code thus to work on any network that has the radio frequency compatible, for any phone model and brand. TMOBILE also after 3 months. Both ATT and TMOBILE load the phone with software which usually people do no want and hard to be erased even after unlocking the phone but not imposible. Sprint and Verizon do not unlock, you are stuck on their net and makes sense only to buy on contract.

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  • 2012-11-07 17:53
  • 4$Ff

what does locked mean

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  • 2012-11-07 17:38
  • 3VRZ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 16:41 from vaNH - click to readSo I was comparing prices now, was I? No sir, you are mistaken. You assumed too much. I was just giving my support as Nokia finally releases the phone. Excited for its arrival here.

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  • 2012-11-07 17:22
  • t7Xr

> In reply to nexus4 4christmas4me @ 2012-11-07 16:44 from pKcT - click to readOk go ahead and buy one then. The european unlocked prices are way higher, and i didnt know we need any junk to fill up 8GB (of which how much is user available?)

Could the reason for the higher european prices be that they are unlocked and the US ones are not? Lets see, we would not be told if it was, because in US its like the most natural thing in the world to have a locked phone.

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  • 2012-11-07 16:53
  • vaNH

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 16:21 from HKL3 - click to readWhich part of LOCKED and EXCLUSIVE TO AT&T is it you dont get? The price is low in the US because theres a special deal between Nokia and AT&T, and because its a lock (Of course the S3 and the others in this list are alo locked to AT&T at the off contract price, but more expensive than the Lumias since theres no exclusivity to AT&T on those. They are still "cheap" though, if you like locked phone.)

The point being that theres no chance to get those prices in other countries unless its locked and on a exclusive deal. It could happen, this is after all Elop's way of doing business, he want everything the american way. Elop has already tried this in some european countries, for example with the N9, not so successful i believe but at least N9 had some temporary carrier exclusivity in for example Norway.

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  • 2012-11-07 16:47
  • vaNH
  • nexus4 4christmas4me
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-07 12:16 from vaNH - click to readactually you are missinformed and missinforming. the 8gb is 299 usd nad 16 gb is 239usd from google directly. thats sim fee unlocked. get it ? also the 8gb are plenty for loads of people..not everybody fills theyr memory with junk. also it hs the usb on the go aka usb otg so i cna easely get oen of those tiny eyring card readers and have access to any microsd, os the ''no microsd'' argument flyes out the window.

Also this is 4 cores of marvelous s4 pro ..that's krait cores. and adreno 320...thats just sweet. for that price you have to be one seriously crazy fanboy not to buy it.

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  • 2012-11-07 16:44
  • pKcT

> In reply to deed @ 2012-11-07 14:44 from t7Xi - click to readAnd where will you get it unlocked? I doubt it.

USA is the land of the locked phones, thats why we think they have so cheap phones there, but at the end of the day they pay a lot more than we do. And, having the same smartphone for 2 years will make you badly outdated. Dont compare those prices.

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  • 2012-11-07 16:41
  • vaNH

now we are seeing some sense in Nokia, they have learnt to price right. lets hope the UK price will be competitive too

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  • 2012-11-07 16:21
  • HKL3

> In reply to fiebor @ 2012-11-07 15:15 from fuN1 - click to readThink harder. Lumia920 is EXCLUSIVE to AT&T in the US, do you honestly think AT&T would sponsor a phone that you can use on another network? Its like they would give away money and say "hey we already paid Nokia so you can buy this phone from us at a big discount, now go and enjoy your subscription with another network, its not like we need your money, we just wanted to have a $700 phone for $450"

Do you still think its unlocked? That AT&T made this exclusive deal with Nokia to NOT have the 920 exclusive to their own network?

exclusive = not exclusive -> Does not compute

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  • 2012-11-07 16:15
  • vaNH

> In reply to Thephonegeek @ 2012-11-07 15:38 from uNVL - click to readHow old are you? You act like my 8 yr old son

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  • 2012-11-07 15:51
  • xii%

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