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HTC and Apple end their patent feud with a "global settlement"

10 November, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC and Apple end their patent feud with a In a rather surprising fashion, Apple and HTC have settled their patent disputes. The two companies have reached a “global settlement” with confidential terms, which dismisses all their current lawsuits. The agreement includes all current and future patents held by the two giants and will extend...


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You see - a good decision by Apple, now they don't want to make enemies everywhere... but unfortunately its too late!

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  • 2012-11-11 08:24
  • Hxey

statement by APPLE “we will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation.”


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  • 2012-11-11 08:15
  • YTE3

Looking at their relative sizes, it is safe to assume that HTC has been screwed, & badly too

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  • 2012-11-11 08:13
  • tVv3

settlement of what? with confidential terms lol. is crapple trying to steal ideas patents and innovations again and using HTC this time?

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  • 2012-11-11 08:12
  • 6w6H

Thank Jesus

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  • 2012-11-11 08:04
  • 2CKi

The question now id Why? Apple is about sue and countersue.

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  • 2012-11-11 08:04
  • v}7t
  • Riza Guntur Prakoso
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HTC Sense was once cooler than what exist now but after Apple sued so much it then degrade to what exist now. Just look at their Music Player app in Sense 2.1 wow it is kick ass. But Sense 3 and up's Music Player is just so generic and not beautiful.

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  • 2012-11-11 08:02
  • 61X$

Everything seems to be all right.Only onething is left that is no price is offered.To a reality price should be given.
It is an unique version no doubt.

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  • 2012-11-11 07:58
  • Mfx6

Great News!!

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  • 2012-11-11 07:55
  • nx2B

Is there a lesson here for the followers of CopyCatDung, who believe that shitty product is the best thing to happen to humankind after the discovery of fire, wheel and agriculture?

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  • 2012-11-11 07:55
  • vGNn

get ready to pay up htc

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  • 2012-11-11 07:53
  • YbM6

Boring. There's nothing to agree about, they should rather step it up. More lawsuits pls.

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  • 2012-11-11 07:48
  • vaNH

innovation innovation innovation, when will that happen from these 2 companies???

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  • 2012-11-11 07:46
  • sG%x

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