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Nexus S and Motorola Xoom to remain on Android 4.1.2

14 November, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nexus S and Motorola Xoom to remain on Android 4.1.2 - read the full textWhile announcing the availability of Android 4.2 on AOSP, lead Android developer at Google Jean-Baptiste Quéru confirmed that the Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom will not be updated to Android 4.2 and will remain on Android 4.1.2. We honestly can't say we didn't see this coming. Both devices,...


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do not just bash! while ios updates as gsmarena agrred are nothing compared to major upgrades of wp and android! the far less capable nexus s and the xoom got android 4.1.2 which is freaking awesome with best capabilities ever and smoothness and 4.1 will keep you supported with apps for more than 2 years! secondly those devices especially nexus s is already outdated and you should really thank google for upgrading the whole major upgrades! If apple will be realeasing a new os version with android capabilties it will never upgrade an older product at all as microsoft did now ( even though wp8 is still lagging behind android in everything needed by a true power user or at least a user that needs everything in a cheaper mobile with true multitasking and best resolutions and freedom and gpus) ( microsoft did a very big mess when only launching the far far less capable wp7.8 with only new ui and browser ) however also miund that cyanogen mod is an awesome safe one with everything you may need and smoothly! thanks google for the freedom! thanks for your jewel android!!!

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  • 2012-11-14 15:13
  • MDVw

Latest android update: photosphere - taking a photo in 360

Latest iPhone update: Increased screen size to house an extra row of icons, despite Jobs saying that the screen size was optimized at 3.5".

Well hopefully iPhone users can get "everything they didn't get" last update in first quarter of 2013 when they release the new iPhone 5s ha ha

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  • 2012-11-14 15:05
  • xFXS

to Anonymus user about 3GS. even thought is getting updates, the real features are not there. iOS 6 brought some features that are only exclusive to A5 devices and new ipad models, not even iphone 4 got them and it is perfectly capable. when android releases mayor updates, the official devices that get them, actually get all the features.

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  • 2012-11-14 15:04
  • LGta

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 13:38 from fkVx - click to readFrom Android perspective, yes it is.

1.Widgets on the lock screen
2.Quick settings! The icon in the notification pulldown that used to take you to the main system settings
3.Feature called Daydream that lets you set up stuff to be shown when your device is idle or docked, wallpapers, photos, news headlines
4. Multi user support (user ful in tablets, think of user login in PC)
5. Photo sphere, can take Interactive panoramic pictures from your mobile like google street view
6. Miracast adapter, a new wireless sharing protocol ,you can stream audio and/or video directly from your device to any TV
7. Stock keyboard gets Swype
8. Gmail app automatically formats messages to fit horizontally within your screen
9. Pinch to zoom in Gmail
10. Music Explorer -in playstore
11. Google now can pull the cards from your email (available for 4.1 as well)
12. Google now integrates with Photosphere
13. Playstore verifies the Apps for harmful behaviour(malware check)
14. A feature in 4.2 that alerts when ever an app attempts to send a text
15. Polished UI - Lock screen font / alignments changed.

Well, if this was for Apple, we could have had a whole new event with launching a brand new phone

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  • 2012-11-14 14:45
  • 9xRf

Maps, passbook, Facebook integration, shared photo streams, new sharing menus, do not disturb, find my iPhone, exposure lock, and many others. That's at least 9 more updates than any Android from 2009.

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  • 2012-11-14 14:44
  • StUA

> In reply to bluelgue @ 2012-11-14 14:23 from 9xRf - click to readStill I ask, how are the updates coming along for the SGS1? The 3GS is still getting them, and maybe a few features are not available but there are a number of new ones which work very well like

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  • 2012-11-14 14:35
  • StUA

THX for waisting my Time and much Money!!!for old HARDWARE!!!

Thank you Google---this was the last Produkt i bought from you! A Nexus S for over 400 Euro and no Updates---unbelievable!!!

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  • 2012-11-14 14:25
  • dNe0

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 13:59 from m77L - click to readYou should consider more points while making such comparisions. In my view, one should not compare mobiles to Laptops, i feel no relevance just because you are paying similar price.

When you are speaking about updates to O/S, H/w improvements make a huge difference , for example How well does Siri run on iPhone 3gs despite Apple is supporting 3gs with ios5.1? You know the answer.

No, SGS3 is still a better phone down the lane for next 2 years (considering JB4.2 and assuming no further updates). but it will certainly feel outdated when Samsung (or other competitors) release a device with higher h/w specs.

That said, SGS3 + most of previous flagship androids serve the purpose and are able to keep up with latest o/s.

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  • 2012-11-14 14:23
  • 9xRf

No worries custom JB roms would be available just like I updated my HTC Pico to 4.0.4 (Cynogenmod 9) it is working perfectly fine

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  • 2012-11-14 14:23
  • 6P{Z

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 13:56 from Jxhh - click to readPMSL, you don't even know what updates the 3GS gets on iOS 6 so you can't even back up your argument.

Putting it in simple terms. My 3GS is still being supported by the manufacturer. What updates do your Galaxy S 1 get?

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  • 2012-11-14 14:21
  • StUA

> In reply to PHANDROID @ 2012-11-14 13:06 from XuMe - click to readYes, but Windows lasts many more years than Android, on the same hardware.

If I buy a laptop, I don't expect to get no more updates after a couple of years. If Smartphones are truly computers these days, why aren't they updated like them?

The top of the range Android smartphones are all singing all dancing multitasking kings, yet the equivalent laptops (for the same price) get updates far more often and for longer. If I paid the price of a premium smartphone, I would want premium support. Not a year and half of updates, maybe one or two hurried new versions and then nothing.

This is why Android sucks so much. At least Apple give more than 2 years worth of updates to their devices. It justifies their prices. An SGS3 will devalue and be obsolete within the next year and a half.

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  • 2012-11-14 13:59
  • m77L

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 12:38 from StUA - click to readlol, Apple fanboys are so full of themselves^^

The new iPhone got 1gb ram, just like any other new Droid out there! Does it need it? It needs it just as much as iOS does. If the iphone would run perfect with just 512mb, why does the new one have 1gb? The exact same reason why the high end droids have 1. There are just a few devices, which pack 2gb just for fun, nothing more. You got Jelly Bean on Nexus S, that only has 512mb ram and work very good. Funny thing here is, they compare their iPhone 3GS OS and act like it is the same like iPhone 5 OS, at least if Android gets updated on your device, you get the full package. I wonder what changed in the 3GS other than the maps, which are worse, so not much of an improvement. You know, there are a lot of mid range droids which do not pack 1gb of ram and the OS works very well.

But for sure, some iSheep had to come around and tell lies about Android needing 2gb of ram to work^^ This is pretty much prove, that you dont know what you are talking about, even if it comes to your beloved iPhone.

If iPhone runs soooooo good on mid range hardware, why doesnt Apple release a so well working mid range phone, that will work as flawlessy as the iPhone 5 does, because Hardware doesnt matter, it is only optimizatins, like in the car business, optimize a 1.4L engine and it will definetly run better than a 2,4L engine, just because of optimazations of the original engine parts. Really now, iPhone fans have to stop this nonsense, holding on to things that were like that years ago. Android is better in almost every aspect, but go buy it, so it runs without lag (like it doenst^^ ) and right, Jelly Bean devices lag as hell^^ You have no idea, you never used official jelly bean on a device or you would know, it is freakin awesome.

Every Android S update something cool changes, iOS updates seem to keep the bore every time. Android is a real computer, iOS is a mere toy.

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  • 2012-11-14 13:56
  • Jxhh

Isn't 4.2 a minor update ?

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  • 2012-11-14 13:38
  • fkVx

i think that at this cost it a good idea to replace the phone

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  • 2012-11-14 13:20
  • S0Cm

> In reply to Haniii @ 2012-11-14 12:12 from dMDW - click to readit maybe true but xperia j have the same spec as 2011 line up...which gonna receive jellybean...hmm,i think 4 krait core running on nexus4 will be not met spec when the time past by...maybe less then 2years...

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  • 2012-11-14 13:08
  • IVMw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 12:38 from StUA - click to readOk.lets begin with windows 98 .98 needs 128 MB ram, Windows 2000-256 ram,Windows XP 256-512 MB ram ,Vista-Windows 8 -1 GB ram ,at last Ram has been standardized to minimum 1 GB.
Every body know W7/8 will lag terribly on a 512. MB ram hence,does it mean the OS is not optimized.LOL

A well OS always demands standard RAM.Thats how android also goes .here is nothing related so called optimization or BulLshi...
Do yo see a llighting bulb now :P

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  • 2012-11-14 13:06
  • XuMe

Not Fair

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  • 2012-11-14 13:03
  • MmiD

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-14 12:11 from IVWX - click to readIt unfair to compare iOS with Android (just the software, not hardware). These are two different platforms and what each update holds is totally different as well. iOS brings out an update to the software and makes it available across all iDevices while omitting features that may not be supported by the hardware (for instance, Siri and 3D maps is only available on their dual core devices). As result they can omit a device from an update only when they feel the device is too old to be worked upon. On the other hand Android is about just providing more features and bug fixes to the core software. individual features to be made available are decided by device manufacturer's. Hence, blame the manufacturer if they don't provide timely updates

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  • 2012-11-14 12:58
  • XNtq

> In reply to Haniii @ 2012-11-14 12:12 from dMDW - click to readNexus S still get Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Sony stucked my Xperia Neo V on 4.0.4 despite their custom UI is usually much uglier and boxier than vanilla Android.

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  • 2012-11-14 12:42
  • P5pQ

> In reply to AndroidFan @ 2012-11-14 12:02 from QJqc - click to readMy ipad 1 update also stop at iOS 5.01 and its does lag on certain graphic intensive apps. Its come with iOS 3.2 -> 4 -> 5.

My favorite is still Xoom 1 especially after the jelly bean 4.1.2 update.

Apple fanboy are snob in denial.

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  • 2012-11-14 12:40
  • 2@S1

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