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Nokia 7310 classic spotted along with E66 and E71, Nokia N78 hits the shelves

Nokia 7310 classic spotted along with E66 and E71, Nokia N78 hits the shelves - read the full textImages of the Nokia 7310 classic appeared online about a month ago and now we witness its second appearance. Nokia E66 and E71 are obviously getting closer to official announcement too, since numerous images leaked online again. For the time being there is only scarce info on the future Nokia...


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dude, the above link sucks -- the review isn't detailed at all.

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  • 2008-06-20 20:20
  • b7n4

For E71 and E66 fans: According to Mobile Review, Nokia will make official announcement of E66 and E71 on 16 June 2008 at two simultaneously held events in Singapore and London.

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  • 2008-06-10 12:16
  • PAt8

I think Nokia will start shipping E71 immediately after its official announcement. But we have been waiting for too long now. Come on Nokia! Don't make us disappointed this time. You got to fight back at other producers such as HTC, SE, iPhone, BB, etc.

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  • 2008-06-06 05:39
  • PAt8

Hi! If anyone's interested in a fully detailed N78 review, then go check ou

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  • 2008-06-02 12:09
  • nCGY

N78 for like US$600? I better not. I can find it at around US$500 at my country. So maybe the price estimate was wrong.

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  • 2008-05-29 18:25
  • TIEh

> In reply to coolworld @ 2008-05-28 08:42 from n{kk - click to readIm not talking about th best ever, its suits what i want, and I would not touch anyhting shokia has bought out or is looking to bring out, I want them to wow ppl like they used to. Im not talking Euro, im Ozzie dollar, so $50 for 2GB card is ok. 16m colours, not needed unless you have a 14" screen, 3 days battery power, if you want that, get away from shokia, I get 2 (could get 3 if I wanted to risk it) days out of my K810. If you want all this extra stuff in your phones, your being unrealistic. It is getting to a redicula point. I think us consumers want and expect too much. I hope the players dont go broke trying to match you such delicate needs cause I dont wana use a sagem!! altough I would probably use one before I go back to na N series phone!!

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  • 2008-05-28 15:55
  • vCxJ

> In reply to CDOG @ 2008-05-28 00:44 from vCxJ - click to read@vCxJ:
if you really hate Nokia, why bother read this article and make some comments here?
the only logical explanation is that you are a secretly Nokia fans.

btw, i hope GSM-arena will review those new E-series ASAP.
i need to know are they worth waiting for, or should i stuck with my N-series?

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  • 2008-05-28 13:32
  • wr0M

> In reply to CDOG @ 2008-05-28 00:44 from vCxJ - click to readNo no dear friend,my 8gb microSDcard cost me 50 euros,so,don't even go Nokia isn't shock nor water proof,point is,wouldn't it be great ? instead of saying your phone is the best ever,i'm telling you to DEMAND that phone makers make us better phones,like shock proof why not,crystal saphire screen that are impossible to scratch,you try and ask on a watch that has that you'll be amazed,a real 3 days heavy duty battery that powers a 640x480 16m colours,speaker sound as good as your headphones ones.You got a 3.15 mp camerafone.IN Europe we're stuck with 5mp camfones and fight over it has led or xenon flash,who cares when in Korea,6.5 years ago Samsung made first 7mp plus 3xoptical zoom !! Now they got 10mp plus 3xoptical proper coming out of body lens phones. You're happy about your phone ? the best ever ?Don't go to Korea,you'll be rolled in shit and dipped in bread crumbs.That's humour,sorry.Let's not all go oh and ah on any phones they through at us,5 new models per company announced every week with so little difference is a proof phone makers are not taking us seriously.And really,50 euros for 2gb M2 card ? nothing to chant proudly about,i insist,8gb,whitch is too big for your phone,at 50 euros. look it up,now it's even cheaper. have a nice day.And be demanding !!!

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  • 2008-05-28 08:42
  • n{kk

> In reply to Dan T @ 2008-05-27 01:40 from pqxR - click to readYou re probably right about the resolution. Nokia should offer a bit higher resolutions od the 2,8 in and above screens. But the size of the screen is also important. I own a E61 and it has a great 2,8 in screen and the users like me would not accept a smaller screen which will pay much more money. Obviously the E71 is made for people who want a smaller phone, and for the other (users of E61 and E61i) nokia probably prepares another phone (something with a qwerty, 5mp, 2,8 or 3 inch screen etc.) if not, i will definately stay on my e61 ana use my sony w35 for digital photography

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  • 2008-05-28 00:44
  • pcn{

@ Coolworld - WOW defensive arent we LITTLE fella. Why are you looking on GSM? Another one of your nokia phones crashed and looking for your 4th handset in 6months!! No software problems on my handset, im just laughing at the same hones shokia release.

My handset might not be shock or water proof. Is yours? No?? even the 5500 my gf's bro has is S#!@. I dont use mine on speaker that often, but it is more then ample for what i need. I also usemy stereo headset which they give us.

Micro SD?? You will pay a ridiculas amount for a phone but go cheap on your memory card? My 2GB M2 card cost me $50. More then happy with that, considering I have now seen them as low as $30 now, so WHATEVER!!!

Please, go on if you wish.

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  • 2008-05-28 00:44
  • vCxJ

the point I was making, is that SE and Samsung are at least thiking outside the box. THe design of phones are MUCH better then the shokia phones. Same stuff, black, brick.

Shokia just make the most of their narrow minded supporters and hit them with boring yet overpriced items which suckers still pay for.

The reason for my hatred of shokia phones? I like everyone else had one. THey are nothing but lag with the symbian #### that should be stuck on computers.

T9 is the best thing about msging, and the predictive text if you are writting the same sentances to ppl :-)

Best thing on the K810, the buttons. So easy to use, and it is a very nice feeling phone in your hands.

nuf said

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  • 2008-05-28 00:37
  • vCxJ

ah yeah last one,i'd love to compete with any K810 user against any nokia on messaging speed.Really,the T9 by Sony is A Laugh . phoning and texting first,then all the rest better be good. Ah yeah,like bluetooth,dear Apple people,and decent accessories that don't break all the time and don't cost a mortgage.Have you seen the price of an Iphone cans ? and OH do they break !!!

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  • 2008-05-27 19:32
  • n{kk

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-05-27 00:32 from vCxJ - click to readsince you have the best phone ever,your k810,what are you browsing gsm arena for ? stay with Sony and enjoy,nothing wrong there. but let us Nokia fans look for the best Nokia ever.Is your K810 shockproof ? Waterproof ? Can you theme it exactly to your liking ? Is the speaker sound loud and clear enough or ridiculous ? is the microSD not faster to write on AND much cheaper than your M2 card ? Shall i go on ? Be constructive next time please

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  • 2008-05-27 19:24
  • n{kk

goodness me, I don't know what everyone is so negative abt with the news of E71 in particular. Its the best business device from Nokia, bar none. Communicator series are huge, other pdaphones are fragile. The E61i is and has been arguably the most value-for-$ business phone even today. So, E71... c'mon! Make an appearance soon!

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  • 2008-05-27 19:13
  • ijsL

yeah, come on gsmarena, give us ur take on the N78! for god's sake, mobile-review already reviewed the new Navigator

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  • 2008-05-27 16:43
  • ib4Y

i really hate those people whose saying that the smallish screen is the major downside of the e71. sure, the e61 and e61i both sport a 2.8" screen and thats a huge plus, but what nokia did with the e71 is that they gave up the screen to minimize the width. also, if you want big screens to "play video" or "browse the web" then go get yourself an nseries (n95 8gb or n96) that will fit the bill. or if you want the business add-ons then get urself the e90. eseries devices primary concern is messaging and connectivity and you've got that in the e71. so stop whining over the e71 and get urself a proper mobile best for ur needs.

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  • 2008-05-27 15:32
  • whAv

So the n78 is already released in the market. Then why is it that gsmarena hasn't released any review (even just a preview), of this new Nseries phone?

I believe in what gsmarena says in its reviews, they really tell the truth about phones and really gives readers the pros and cons of each mobile phone (except in some minor cases, in which I kinda like don't agree with such description).

Anyway, gsmarena the fanse are waiting. :)

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  • 2008-05-27 15:19
  • R5vM

> In reply to Macedonia @ 2008-05-26 23:13 from pcn{ - click to readThe future is 800 x 400 pixel 3" screens, a la SE's Xperia

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  • 2008-05-27 14:52
  • pwet

you know for now i think these are enough for the Eseries, i mean come on we teenagers won't really pick up a E66 right? its more like our fathers and they don't really takes pics at their office with colleges trying to prove they really do have friends or play some rap song at the lunch table showing off sound quality or loudness, so its pretty much a ok upgrade for the bussiness people, but i will agree that the screen will probly suck on the E71, come on the E61 screen is amazing that truely is probly the biggest downside

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  • 2008-05-27 14:25
  • nTSG

i dont know what to say its alot nomber of phnes in a short period

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  • 2008-05-27 10:18
  • SsNa

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