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Android platform getting closer to launch, runs Pacman too

Android platform getting closer to launch, runs Pacman too - read the full textThe Google Android OS team held a demo event showcasing the latest developments in the Android platform. Last time we saw the Android OS in February at the MWC Barcelona where it was running on top of some rather quirky devices. Getting closer to launch date the devices and the OS itself has...


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> In reply to Seby @ 2008-06-04 11:15 from M@Ti - click to readHahahahaha, android is better

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  • 2012-08-22 02:15
  • vfxa

no doubt symbian wont die overnight, but Android isn't even done yet! I guess it really depends on how effectively they can get manufacturers to use this platform, because it does have a ton of potential. Lets not forget, google was just a search engine, but look in a dictionary, its a word now!! Most impressive :)

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  • 2008-06-04 20:56
  • 02JA

Android is went from linux. . . . . And symbian with wm will be more good. . . .

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  • 2008-06-04 11:15
  • M@Ti

I can see a huge potential in this, just like Firefox, another open source platform (not the browser itself, but all the plugins that are available). I think, like Firefox, it will gain a fair share in the smartphone market. The open source nature makes the boundaries of the platform limitless and I think just like firefox, all these applications developed by these "home developers" will enhance the platform greatly. I think together with a good software distribution system, I can see this, in the long run, beating Symbian.

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  • 2008-05-31 15:12
  • mX}V

> In reply to vozhd @ 2008-05-30 18:01 from Mkpt - click to read:D Thank you friend.I think GSMArena is the best.Just one click on a particular brand name from the list on the left and you see all the images of the phones manufactured by that brand,next when you click on one of the images and you will have all the specifications of the phone and user reviews on it.How neat and clean it is! I wish there was a site on laptops(laptoparena) just like this site.

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  • 2008-05-31 10:59
  • M@T2

> In reply to razec @ 2008-05-30 06:44 from P%3u - click to readAndroid is meant for PDAs & smartphones.
Of course there will be better devices than those Nokia models.
Android has the support of several powerful companies, such as Samsung, LG & HTC.
Besides... Symbian has lots of bugs and most professionals will choose Android when buying a new device. (unless Android will prove to be buggy too)

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  • 2008-05-30 18:32
  • nDCd

The Android OS does look impressive, and its functionality appears to be there, but unless the features attached to the phones that it's installed on can outshine those of Nokia's N-series, expect Symbian to be around for a while.

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  • 2008-05-30 18:20
  • 4uj3

> In reply to Kiran @ 2008-05-30 13:45 from M@T2 - click to readThe best site for mobile review is

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  • 2008-05-30 18:01
  • Mkpt

GSM Arena is the best site for mobile phone news and reviews I have ever seen.Keep up the excellent work friends.

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  • 2008-05-30 13:45
  • M@T2

oo it hazz pacmanss :P
what's with the massive oohs and aahs when the compass feature was shown? i'm quite sure nokia has something in the works along the lines of the iphone os and android

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  • 2008-05-30 07:07
  • ibbQ


unless there will be a phone based on this platform that will outshine the Symbian's best like N82, N96, N95s, E90 and SE "Paris", G900, P1, G700 etc - android will never make it to kill Symbian easily - especially when we all know how big is Symbian compared to the completely new and small Android :)

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  • 2008-05-30 06:44
  • P%3u
  • Open Sourcing Symbia
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MMM the market heats ups, Nokia should open Symbian, or...
or abandon it for Android

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  • 2008-05-30 04:58
  • L5cW

i smell the DEATH 0f symbian... L0L!

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  • 2008-05-30 03:29
  • M@T2

looking good! i hope the devices with this OS will not be as expensive as iphone...

try to imagine this... if these devices are as good as / better than iphones and also cheaper than iphones apple should be forced to lower their price too. dont they?

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  • 2008-05-30 00:35
  • mXUv

Android just gets better but I don't see why everyone was getting excited about that compass, Enkin was already doing that. Can't wait for a decent finger-based touch screen phone for those of us who don't want to be in Steve Jobs' silk-lined pocket.

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  • 2008-05-29 23:40
  • mpmb

> In reply to Jim @ 2008-05-29 22:23 from p4cG - click to read"Will it play crysis"

of course you can play crysis from it:P
Grow up dude....

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  • 2008-05-29 22:57
  • w9JT

Will it play Crysis? :P

Seriously though this looks like a major contender to iPhone and I can easily envision myself getting a handset that runs this OS. Is this an open-source OS since it's based on Linux?

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  • 2008-05-29 22:23
  • p4cG

Yummy, it's going to be really awesome by the looks of it, and with some competition, consumers are going to benefit from it. Around when will the first device with Android be on sale?

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  • 2008-05-29 20:14
  • TC%d


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  • 2008-05-29 19:25
  • jnNZ

Am afraid I can't disagree with you guys this OS and its devices will give the Iphone a hard time. I mean the OS is just so amazing
I really wish that brands with nice design like Benq-siemens and Philips would start designing devices that run this software now that would be awesome. And as for you Iphone fans look at the bright side apple is gonna(have to) improve it's devices even more wich will bring maybe an even better device.
Either way this OS makes the future of mobile devices very interesting both for the experience itself and for all it's competitors in the industry^^

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  • 2008-05-29 19:25
  • mS4B

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