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Samsung Galaxy Note II gets Android 4.1.2 update

11 December, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung Galaxy Note II gets Android 4.1.2 update - read the full textThe Note II has been selling very well for the Korean tech giant, so it's understandable that Samsung has been hard at work at getting all of the kinks out of the 4.1 Jelly Bean release. This latest update is being pushed out now to both the international Galaxy Note II and international...


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> In reply to hqlden72 @ 2012-12-19 00:42 from PPDZ - click to readUpdate now available in India OTA 262 MBs. Ill update in the eve through WiFi.

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  • 2012-12-21 08:16
  • fCLy

Any idea when 4.1.2 software will arive in Australia?

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  • 2012-12-19 00:42
  • PPDZ

hey guys plz tell me..when this update will available in india???

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  • 2012-12-18 18:00
  • utyQ

When can we expect 4.1.2 to hit SGN2 in India

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  • 2012-12-18 17:18
  • utaS

is the update of 4.1.2 available in india if not when can we expect it to come.

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  • 2012-12-18 12:55
  • PSLa

any idea when this update is coming to Pakistan

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  • 2012-12-14 19:26
  • ITVI

When can we get it in Bahrain

Thanks Samsung.......

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  • 2012-12-13 12:44
  • p7As

Available in svh e250 samsung galaxy note 2 korean version

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  • 2012-12-13 09:46
  • tR9q

> In reply to gme @ 2012-12-12 07:25 from t7XH - click to readYa atleast v guarding a manufacturer whoz giving us better phones with excellent specs and features unlike u. Also what Samsung gives, Nokia will take another 20years to reach there and if Apple gives thoz specs it will cost around what 200$ more than what Samsung charges. So better get ur facts right or do a lill home work or else teachers gonna beat u.

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  • 2012-12-13 06:57
  • fC8w

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-12-12 16:25 from Kg}w - click to readI agree.. SGN2 is perfect. I have been using Note2 for over a month now and it's fantastic.

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  • 2012-12-13 03:19
  • utbv

I'm in the UK and I've tried updating ota but still no luck

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  • 2012-12-13 01:11
  • 3ae3

Hi I'm in the UK. Tried updating ota but no luck as yet

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  • 2012-12-13 01:06
  • 3ae3

> In reply to mf23pl @ 2012-12-12 16:16 from pmmH - click to readI have seen the Update zip file for poland
Search for it in XDA and you may flash it with kies or ODIN

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  • 2012-12-12 19:09
  • qDVn

still haven't got the update............ :(
the release must be on few select carriers!!!
mine is bought off contract..
Sammy we are waiting for the latest android pls......
Really itching to test the ink effects on lock screen.... :)

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  • 2012-12-12 17:05
  • vL5y

a lack of interest from samsung and google in have ready the update of androide 4.1.2 jelly bean for the buyers (millions) of the galaxy note 10.1

a lot of time to get ready. thats why people prefer to be married with serios and loyal companies like nokia or apple.

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  • 2012-12-12 17:00
  • 8x{u

> In reply to mf23pl @ 2012-12-12 16:16 from pmmH - click to readIt depends on the carrier. Only one carrier in Poland got the update. Phones bought off contact didn't get it yet. Check the source of this article.

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  • 2012-12-12 16:28
  • Kg}w

> In reply to gme @ 2012-12-12 07:29 from t7XH - click to readAt least it's faster and much smoother than iphone. No lag in note 2, you would know if you read a few reviews. But you only want to talk and not care about facts o it's a waste of time to say anything.

Dropped by a store with iphone 4s demo units today. With some friends. The note 2 and 4s side by side. No doubt the Note 2 is the smoothest in the ui. Took my friends 2 seconds to notice it also. 4s is not that smooth when flipping between screens. With this update the smoothes get smoother, this is great. Love the note 2 more and more. And only 2 months ago I thought I would never buy a Samsung smartphone. Note 2 is perfect.

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  • 2012-12-12 16:25
  • Kg}w

there is no 4.1.2 update for galaxy note ii in poland
(local time 4:16 pm)

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  • 2012-12-12 16:16
  • pmmH

You all are lucky. I'm sure the U.S. will get this update to 4.1.2 when Android 5.0 comes out. Our carriers are so backwards compared to the rest of the world.

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  • 2012-12-12 14:05
  • C%3x

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