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Huawei Chairman shows off 6.1" Ascend Mate ahead of CES

23 December, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Huawei Chairman shows off 6.1At a Huawei store in Guangzhou, China, Richard Yu Huawei Chairman of devices showed off the Ascend Mate - a 6.1" quad-core Android smartphone with a 1080p resolution. The device is said to be powered by a quad-core K3V3 chip clocked at 1.8 GHz, and offer a 4000 mAh battery, 9.9 mm frame and a...


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nice tab

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  • 2012-12-23 21:01
  • 95%S

lame & ugly

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  • 2012-12-23 20:50
  • prk4

For me its not the size that's the greatest issue. It is more about the functionality. Samsung have done wonders with the new Note software (much better multifunction support etc...) The other thing that Samsung have done so well is making use of the Stylus, which has improved so much from NOTE 1 to NOTE 2.

I still have Note 1 and love all that it can do. Unless another manufacturer can do something really serious with a stylus I will stick with Samsung and wait for the NOTE 3. In my opinion I think somewhere around 5.8 inches with minimal Baezel would be perfect.

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  • 2012-12-23 20:17
  • mXtj

> In reply to Jack Package @ 2012-12-23 19:34 from Rx90 - click to readNow there is where i agree. Software-wize, there's nothing there that makes me want to buy it over Note II. Even though i buy Huawei stuff because i don't have the money for a Samsung.

They need to enhance their software to adapt better to their phones.

Sorry for my bad English

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  • 2012-12-23 19:42
  • Lc68

I find it funny how the asian manufactures are going for big is better :D seems as though they are making up for something else

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  • 2012-12-23 19:42
  • PQi1

Overdoing. It doesnt even have an S-pen nor any of the software enhancement to be actually useful.

It would be almost as pointless as its brand name; Huawei

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  • 2012-12-23 19:34
  • Rx90

They gonna cheat the benchmark again

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  • 2012-12-23 19:32
  • w0QD

> In reply to desijack @ 2012-12-23 15:34 from utpK - click to readDell invented the phablet, not Samsung. Remember the Dell Streak 5?

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  • 2012-12-23 18:53
  • YhqI

Before, putting a phone as big as Note 1 in the ears is awkward at first. Some users get used to it but sometimes they feel that something's not right. But this one? Besides not being pocketable is really going beyond what is normal when placed on the ears when making a call. They should provide a free bluetooth headset for this. 5 inch is the maximum for me. I want my phone to still be pocketable first of all and not hold it all of the time.

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  • 2012-12-23 18:43
  • K5gv

The best part of this tablet is battery :-)

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  • 2012-12-23 18:40
  • t}Fu

guys, dont you think a phablet will look good wihout the bezel? 6.1 without a bezel will be just as big as galaxy note with its bezel.... or maybe a little smaller.... maybe a little space for the front cam and sensors...

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  • 2012-12-23 18:30
  • P@1G

Nice specs but a bit large to hold. Anyway, I will buy it as long as the quality is good. I don't mind using chinese made phone if it's good

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  • 2012-12-23 18:26
  • UiBx

I accepted the Galaxy note 2 even though 5.5" was pushing it, but I found out I could easily do a one hand operation, but 6.1" is just going friggin overboard who the hell is gonna buy that, can you imagine holding something that big against your ears in public :()

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  • 2012-12-23 17:57
  • Q$N3

please huawei we need jelly bean .

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  • 2012-12-23 17:43
  • Hxfa

Phablet phone is getting bigger nowadays. Next year standard will be 5"inch. sooner and later will become 6.1", 7" and then 10" inch. sounds like back to 80's carrying a big and heavy phone walking on the street. crazy..!!!!

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  • 2012-12-23 17:39
  • PFMx

> In reply to desijack @ 2012-12-23 15:34 from utpK - click to readactualy not samsung who 1st made a phablet... its dell.... could remember those days people were laughing at my phone coz it was too big... but now everyone has their own version of their phablet... but 6.1 is too much... i guess...

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  • 2012-12-23 17:32
  • P@1G

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-12-23 15:26 from 39x{ - click to readYep! 7.1 in the making

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  • 2012-12-23 17:09
  • ajTy

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-12-23 16:48 from vaNH - click to readWtf your comparing modems to smartphones lol

I was rigth, you never used a Huawei smartphone. I'll tell you where Huawei really sucks, SOFTWARE! Not hardware. In Huawei G300 the programming really sucks, they even have repeated lines for the same things.

That's where they loose. That's why i use CyanogenMod Rom's

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  • 2012-12-23 17:09
  • Lc1x

big bezels... its a tablet, not a smartphone...

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  • 2012-12-23 17:07
  • U{7}

4000 mAh battery? OMG :O

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  • 2012-12-23 17:01
  • sF%g

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