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Nokia to release a 38MP WP EOS phone this year

23 January, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nokia to release a 38MP WP EOS phone this year - read the full textThe Nokia 808 PureView was the company’s first PureView smartphone and it still holds the throne as the best cameraphone out there, despite the Lumia 920 challenge. It seems that this is about to change though as the company's Windows Phone camp is going to get its own PureView...


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> In reply to nokia @ 2013-01-23 20:36 from vutT - click to readstop telling your lies.Why would anyone own that many phones.Ive owned a lumia 800,900,820,920 and all of them were laggy and boring to.After a week or so of owning they all went wrong with software and battery issues.The build quality was cheap and plasticky and the buttons fell off the 920.kept my iphone and note too as i dont like the laggy software on the winpoo garbage.

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  • 2013-01-23 21:02
  • 39ye

> In reply to RaviSS @ 2013-01-23 19:37 from 7qF7 - click to readAre those the rumored specs of upcomin Lumia phone or you're jus assuming that it might sport those specs...???

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  • 2013-01-23 20:56
  • H4u1

DSLR is all about LENSES what if that 38MP nokia has bigger lenses too. and it is renewable.

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  • 2013-01-23 20:55
  • 7C2X

any news on WP 8.5 or WP 9

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  • 2013-01-23 20:55
  • gC74

Well putting the EOS name with a crappy sensor will never buy serious people, including me.

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  • 2013-01-23 20:43
  • utec

whats so good about android? I currently own and use a note 2 now. Before that was Lumia 920, nokia 808, Samsung Omni w, galaxy s 3, nokia n8,n900, n9.
And I own a Nikon d600 full frama camera. only thing the note 2 has going for it is screen size. Its boring, ugly ui and has shocking call quality. I

You talk about customizable??? NOTHING BEAT THE NOKIA N900. it was and always will be the ultimate phone for geeks.
Lumia 920 is an amazing phone. And when you consider what nokia put on top, its rock solid and built to last. I laugh ever time I see a cracked iphone screen

Lastly you take the 808,printed image quality is second to one. Print out your ipad, iphone or galaxy photos above 6x4. records 192kbps audio, offline free world navigation, official office suite. Sorry guys but you place that camera module in a windows phone

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  • 2013-01-23 20:36
  • vutT

> In reply to nekko @ 2013-01-23 20:29 from K1G8 - click to readLol :) but for real you can't compare Mp with Processor. With time we will alway need more power because the software will demand more proces. That's not the case with Camera.

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  • 2013-01-23 20:32
  • QGtq

Clarification : this is a lumia 1020 (pureview).. While cat walk is a lumia 920 aluminium version. Also the picture given here is fake.. Because lumia 1020 is a little squarish and has coloured aluminium body.

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  • 2013-01-23 20:30
  • uvyx

> In reply to Killer Droid @ 2013-01-23 20:08 from QGtq - click to readI still going to by me a new i7 Quad Core PC that going to process 100 time faster than phones. Quad cores really. My 808 already processing my messages,calls,facebooks and maps for my use and it only have 1.3Ghz Single Core. Anybody that have knowledge about cam know that Cores mean sh*t without optimization. The fanboys will be like look i have a quad cores/octa cores all over again lmao. This is what i call gimmicks! Single core is enough for a smartphone. You want process like the professional, buy yourself a darn PC. Nokia 808, N9, Asha and all the other single core all have good processing. Go buy PC if you want the best processing power. LMAO LOL LOL

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  • 2013-01-23 20:29
  • K1G8

I still going to by me a new 15 mp dslr from Nikon that going to take 10 time better picture than this. 38Mp really. My S3 already take good quality photo for my use and it only 8mp. Anybody that have knowledge about cam know that MP mean sh*t. The nokia fanboy will be like look i have a 38mp camera all over again(808) lmao. This is what i call gimmiks! 5 to 13 mp is enough for a smartphone. You want photo like the professionnal, buy yourself a dslr. S3, iphone5, Lumia 920, Htc one and all the xperia (with 8mp to 13mp) all have good cam. It's not even a true 38mp in the end result. DSLR if you want the best picture.

PS: nokia the mass don't buy smartphone for the camera anyway!!!!!!

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  • 2013-01-23 20:08
  • QGtq

Nokia please merge OIS with phase 1. Build a body around 150 grams, put in a 3000mah battery and flexible or unbreakable screen and I'm off the 808 and into the WP8 camp

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  • 2013-01-23 20:06
  • fndn

> In reply to dgs @ 2013-01-23 18:14 from JK@2 - click to readAfter reading your comment (makes sense none) it struck me that you are still using Motorola Razor flip phone

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  • 2013-01-23 19:56
  • YHNr

> In reply to [deleted post]you again? stop hating and go somewhere else

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  • 2013-01-23 19:55
  • 05Jh

> In reply to cfm69 @ 2013-01-23 18:09 from PG$m - click to readI suggest you read what you write before clicking submit

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  • 2013-01-23 19:49
  • YHNr

> In reply to mr plop @ 2013-01-23 19:22 from La@% - click to readActually its seems like you care about WP and Nokia. Otherwise you would be posting on other sites, not on WP or Nokia news.
Thankfully there is something called freedom, so if you have the money, you can get whichever device you want. Not everyone wants Android or iOS.

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  • 2013-01-23 19:48
  • LuNg

WP is still playing catching up with symbian.
there are many things to do until WP can be considered equal to Symbian:
1. true multi tasking.
2. external storage
3. USB drive support
4. 3G video call
5. bluetooth file transfer
6. and many more!

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  • 2013-01-23 19:47
  • tA$k

Win 8 ph are getting better and better.

They are upgrading in there selves.

Pureview technology will surely help nokia and windows to more market share.

It is rightly anticipated that nokia will be again get its top spot in smartphone market very soon.

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  • 2013-01-23 19:46
  • 7tEk

guys go away if you not interested in Nokia or WP or wathever. get a life (girlfriend) and stop spaming with your pretty stupid comments!
btw. im really bored with my Lumia 920! no crashes no hungs up it just works (im not sure if i should update 'her' with portico). and it is a bit heavier coz its a phone for a man no kids!!!

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  • 2013-01-23 19:39
  • Bwcn

> In reply to [deleted post]Just replace "pixel camera on a ugly boring nokia" by "RAM/ microprocessor on an ugly boring [pick any mobile brand and/or OS] so called smartphone", and you will be right lol.

What really counts is not the full specs of the device, even if it helps a lot, but how the device uses the specs the mobile manufacturer provided it in order to satisfy the potential customers and/or users.
Remember the N900, someone? It has a microprocessor like what?... 600Mhz on one one core processor and 256Mo of RAM, with Maemo? And it was pretty fast.
What do we have in 2013? 1.2 or 1.4Ghz on quad cores with 512Mo or 1Go of RAM, and sometimes it lags in Android, according to several people who came here to write?
Why? Just because they have a JVM eating a lot of juice from procs, RAM and battery. By the way, ALL VMs eat a lot, even from a computer/laptop.
End of the out of topic comments.

Coming back to the topic, if the device is not only a shooter, but something capable, it should be a pretty good flagship, maybe a bestseller flagship, signing Nokia's comeback to top mobile brands. Still, using EOS name means going to court for Nokia if Canon did not authorised them to use the name or, worse, its technologies.

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  • 2013-01-23 19:38
  • MV4n

> In reply to Thephonegeek @ 2013-01-23 18:35 from uNVK - click to readThe recently announced Qualcomm 800 series processors support upto 55MP.

So if 41MP camera does happen, then it has to use that chipset and the specs of the phone would probably look like:

5.0" 1080p Promotion HD+ Screen
2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor
41MP Pureview Camera
4K Video recording @ 30 fps or 1080p @ 30/60/120 fps


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  • 2013-01-23 19:37
  • 7qF7

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