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Symbian is officially dead, 808 PureView is the last of its kind

24 January, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Symbian is officially dead, 808 PureView is the last of its kind - read the full textWe all knew this was eventually coming, but it's now official. Symbian on Nokia is dead. Nokia managed to send off the once might platform in style. The 808 PureView will go down in history as the last Symbian device by the Finnish manufacturer. Nokia announced the news alongside its great...


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nokia 701 is best smartphone

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  • 2013-01-24 15:39
  • utqb

GSMA, please, stop spreading disinformation.
Symbian works fine on my phone today. And I bet I will work like a charm longer than any cheap samsungs toys.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:38
  • 0xys

> In reply to TheMan @ 2013-01-24 15:33 from fq60 - click to readNot Samsung but Nokia itself committed suicide. Discontinuing Symbian OS was the biggest mistake done by them. RIP Nokia. Now nobody can save Nokia, not even Windows.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:37
  • YMk4

r.i.p symbian

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  • 2013-01-24 15:36
  • U3xT

It's a sad day for Symbian Lovers. IOS and Android can be the king of the chain but neither of the two is a simple to use as Symbian was. RIP...

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  • 2013-01-24 15:34
  • wdLQ

I think this news applied to Nokia as well...
Samsung you did it you killed Nokia finally.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:33
  • fq60

But 3310 is not Symbian, and Nokia is not yet dead. No need to say goodbye to Nokia.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:33
  • KcVB

I have nokia 5233, nokia 701 and sony neo v.
Symbian is very easy to use. Great thing about it was its battery life, i watch 2 to 3 hd movies in single charge on nokia 701.
watching one movie on sony neo v drains whole fully charged battery.

I cant believe its dead now, lack of developers, no bigger inch phones, screen resolution always 360*640.
no good video players for it, which can play all video format.
mx player on sony neo v play almost any video files.

R.I.P symbian.

I hope lumia will replace symbian for what it was in our heart.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:32
  • t}Xp

Thank you very much Symbian for being part of the smartphone world. I'm really happy to have experienced Symbian and I think that it is the most simple and easy to use OS ever. From Nokia 7650 to my last Nokia N8.. It was a great run.. R.I.P...

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  • 2013-01-24 15:32
  • Hw$g

So all the companies (not apple) have a lot of OS's support

You Nokia will be Wp or ashas's S40 only

shame on you :(

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  • 2013-01-24 15:32
  • fk6N

It would be a pity to see Nokia disappear totally.
They would have been a lot better off with joining the Android crowd, than with Microsoft.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:31
  • M}ZR

symbian -> most user-friendly OS. I'll miss you.

Neo Symbian (NeOS) ...?

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  • 2013-01-24 15:31
  • tDDb

I'll be always loving U symbian and NOKIA.thank U symbian and NOKIA.We'll miss U.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:30
  • 6%JY

RIP Symbian. I'm sure you have made a difference in ppl lives at some point.

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  • 2013-01-24 15:29
  • YHNr

I hope I can find one more 808 to buy this legendary(from now on) device!

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  • 2013-01-24 15:29
  • p$uE

Nokia N8-00 forever :)

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  • 2013-01-24 15:27
  • sr31

Rest in peace..loved my n70 and n85 until I purchased galaxy s and nexus 10 now

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  • 2013-01-24 15:27
  • PAYs

R.I.P symbian! The first OS I've used!

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  • 2013-01-24 15:27
  • YR}f

R.I.P Symbian... I was, am and will always be your huge fan.. What an OS.. What an OS... The grand-dad of every smart OS out there... Wish you cud have stayed on for a longer period...

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  • 2013-01-24 15:27
  • kKx4

please pay a great respect to our friend symbian..

for sure once in our life we hold one nokia phone..

nokia-a user friendly phone
i remember my first 3310 which cost 13,000(philippine peso) $300 on its peak year.

9500 communicator

you'll always be in my heart NOKIA..

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  • 2013-01-24 15:25
  • i5x7

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