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Huawei now in top 3 smartphone makers as Samsung extends lead

25 January, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Huawei now in top 3 smartphone makers as Samsung extends lead - read the full textSamsung and Apple have posted strong Q4 numbers with smartphone shipments reaching tens of millions of units, but as IDC points out in its latest report they were the only winners in 2012. Two Chinese companies have now made it to the top 5 of the smartphone manufacturers, overtaking makers like...


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Dear GSMArena, I hate to say this (as I was a die-hard fan of Nokia Symbian), but when are you going to put Samsung's name above the name of Nokia on the left side where the producers' names are located? I will always hate Nokia for ditching Symbian and I want them to see go down in every aspects of life. GO TO HELL NOKIA.

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  • 2013-01-26 07:31
  • uWje

> In reply to [deleted post]Android 4 year? That says it all anyone with knowledge will know to ignore you the next time. You don't even know how old the Os you are using is but hey its always good to move with the crowd, that way you don't need to think yourself. Android fanboys are hypocrites, they talk about how easy it is to customize android and then go back and say Android is only buggy cos of the likes of htc's sense or samsung's touchwize. What now, i thought you guys said the strong point of android is that the oems can stand out from others, so why the hell do i have to install a launcher from the play-store to avoid lags even though i like the launcher the oem put there. You guys should at least not only talk about the advantages and also talk about the disadvantaged, its as simple as that.
I always say this and i will never stop saying it, no OS is perfect, each as it flaws, if you disagree then you are avoiding reality!

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  • 2013-01-26 07:24
  • nb%d

> In reply to GoFurther @ 2013-01-25 22:31 from Sve} - click to readThen go buy your ' live tiles' the look? I don care im using my phone for me not to show off. S4 is gonna bury all the looks you like.. You know why? Cuz people don't care about the look they only care about the specs and functionalities and sammy got em all... Wait and see s3 sold 9mil on pre orders iphone 5 did it 5mil pre orders. Waiting for s4

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  • 2013-01-26 07:21
  • fuZU

> In reply to - SiTdOwN - @ 2013-01-25 22:07 from Mfxa - click to readAsk your self if android was really how you srongly described why would it be the top dog ?? The problem with guys like you u is to tell a tale instead of realty I even doubt you use android at all.......well go use your WF with 'live tiles' if windows was a big deal remember it came and failed long time android is only 4 years old and already killing em

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  • 2013-01-26 07:13
  • fuZU

> In reply to [deleted post]Yes b ut selling thier cheap asha and s30 series ....they even are not smartphones............which os are they running.....

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  • 2013-01-26 07:00
  • fuZU

I believe Sony and Motorola will come back this year....

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  • 2013-01-26 05:17
  • U@g7

make believe. say hello to samsung and apple. i will kick your a$$ later. hehe

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  • 2013-01-26 05:05
  • PSk8

> In reply to qibu @ 2013-01-25 23:53 from Lixm - click to read.
Not unless they also start making android phones
Samsung can make both types for customer needs I feel Nokia has lost it's way
thinking Windows phones will take over but we know they won't (I still have my 2 Nokia's)

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  • 2013-01-26 04:44
  • sG}K

How good it is to take such high position for apple with just 4 iPhone models in the market? Samsung has like 50000 models from 1$

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  • 2013-01-26 03:55
  • tesA

> In reply to Rah1986 @ 2013-01-25 17:25 from n5DB - click to readYes because their battery life suxxxx

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  • 2013-01-26 03:19
  • utuw

LG god job atleast @ #4 spot with 55.9 millions sold...

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  • 2013-01-26 03:06
  • P@YL

> In reply to qibu @ 2013-01-25 23:53 from Lixm - click to readWell, if they decide to invest in android/iOS perhaps.

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  • 2013-01-26 02:57
  • XMJN

rip nokiding and samsuck... Apple rocks big time!

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  • 2013-01-26 02:32
  • t7Xk

If Nokia fail to revive with Lumia series in this year, I believe it will be out in the top chart for year 2013. That is pitty!

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  • 2013-01-26 02:23
  • vjrM

nokia is the best

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  • 2013-01-26 01:48
  • v0Xt

Samsung reigns supreme. The rest of the old rivals are dead in the water. Huawei are going to be the nearest challengers for the Crown now.

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  • 2013-01-26 01:21
  • SgvH

> In reply to Jb9643 @ 2013-01-25 23:13 from 39D@ - click to readcheap? like the material of phone in ur pocket..

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  • 2013-01-26 00:36
  • vaPe

> In reply to GoFurther @ 2013-01-25 22:31 from Sve} - click to readLesson in design...Function always before form. Any professional designer will tell you that.

As for samsung being the big dog in the smartphone/mobile market, I say good for them, makes me even more proud to hold my note up to macboys. Where when the s4 comes out I'll make sure and take it up on preorder.

I hear rumors samsung is gonna score big with their tizen OS. Imo, what better way to introduce the OS than on their flagship phone....the galasy S4(or how I would call it, 'SIV'). Which means Tizen has to have something android doesnt...which, for starters, would be better hardware utilization. Now just imagine software like that running on the SIV ALONG with the power efficient OCTA core, ALONG with the good battery samsung phones are know to have.


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  • 2013-01-26 00:05
  • 8yU%

Hope nokia climbs back up again.....dis year...

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  • 2013-01-25 23:53
  • Lixm

And... where is NOKIA???
hahahahahahahah :)))

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  • 2013-01-25 23:32
  • 0V{J

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