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HTC to hold pre-MWC 2013 press conferences on February 19

29 January, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC to hold pre-MWC 2013 press conferences on February 19 - read the full textHTC is holding a press conference on February 19, a whole week prior to the MWC 2013's kick off. The event will take place in London and will start at 10:00AM local time. Unlike Nokia, which has already confirmed its pre-MWC press event for February 25. HTC's press conference will take place...


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bring back the ability of getting the battery out and fast processor with 2gb of ram, htc should do the updates to other phones fast enough or else they are going to start losing costumers and ill be one on them soon(currently own a sensation xe).

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  • 2013-02-19 04:33
  • pr9A

HTC make some good phones but they are so slow to release them to market the potential customers have moved on

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  • 2013-01-31 11:21
  • fjju

I agree, currently using the one s and ver happy with it. And if it were up to me phones wouldnt get bigger then 4,5 inch. Whats with people and extra larg phones.
Really 4.7 would be the max for me

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  • 2013-01-31 10:38
  • L7Ea

Make HTC One S+
not battery hungry fablet 4.3" best size pocket friendly and battery friendly also

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  • 2013-01-30 17:26
  • Hs8D

Rise HTC Rise.. I wish you all the best... HTC for life no matter..

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  • 2013-01-30 15:37
  • Nmp8

> In reply to Wulican @ 2013-01-29 18:00 from S6Fb - click to read^ This !

Best wish list. 4.7" @ 1080p, high end 2500+ Battery and make the phone as thin as possible. Nice design, please come up with something original, clean, minimal ie Experia Z. Release on ALL carriers. The techy in me would love to see the latest SnapDragon 800 class, honestly i don't see the point of releasing another S4 pro phone considering the market is already saturated.

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  • 2013-01-30 14:20
  • kCNM

hey its nice cell fantastic job u htc has done

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  • 2013-01-30 08:39
  • 9C9G

I'm always wondering why those invitations never abbreviate "Save The Date" RSVP style. Having HTC STD in huge fat lettering on a flyer would be so hilarious!

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  • 2013-01-30 08:36
  • mN{$

With the M7 and the Droid DNA/Butterfly, the One series phones will end up sharing the same fate as the Sensation and its variants and be SOL when it comes to software updates.
Good job, HTC!

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  • 2013-01-30 08:14
  • ipVU

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-01-30 03:13 from PGXj - click to readwell said :)

-HOX user

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  • 2013-01-30 03:27
  • t7Xi

> In reply to Tyrone @ 2013-01-30 02:16 from 01jc - click to readAt least your getting a phone that works. Not a over gimmicky android phones that takes away your life.. as you tweak it endlessly just to make it thru a day. haha

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  • 2013-01-30 03:13
  • PGXj

> In reply to Lozboi2 @ 2013-01-29 23:30 from Ja5r - click to readIf you buy the iphone your basically gonna be wasting your money on a phone that hasnt seen change since it first debuted.

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  • 2013-01-30 02:16
  • 01jc

The will be an total fail because of the battery life. Why does HTC do this themselves.

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  • 2013-01-30 02:09
  • 01jc

yes release m7 first and so early ,by April Sammy beats it,July iPhone tries to rival it.and by the end of the yr every reviewer has learned to loath it.HTC when will u learn,same story with one x .wait and release the "kraken" in October but I guess its all business strategy.Apple manages to keep their customers in suspense till July then they hit with the sales ,ppl buy till the following yr,Samsung is getting better at it ,so HTC should learn,they make the sleekest phones and are unbeaten in that respect.

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  • 2013-01-30 01:39
  • fsWq

Hope HTC will make it right this year but I think they won't make my mind switch to getting their M7 device. In less than a year I couldn't find the best phone not until I saw the Xperia Z. Last June '12 I bought my GS3 but I realized that its too ugly!!! I got the white one and for me it looked like a huge soap when its back faces me! haha! So when HTC released One X+, I didn't think twice, I sold my S3 for it last November then, here comes Sony with their Xperia Z! It has all the things I want for now on a phone, plus the build quality and the design!!! Its just so lovely and unique! It killed Butterfly/DNA in design though both are the same in processing power but Sony's camera is just the best among the rest! Not even Apple can hold a candle to it. HTC should just stick to making and focusing on high end devices and should think about making a flagship only once a year! If they're gonna make budget phones, they should do Sammy's strategy, make it as cheap as possible like the Galaxy Y! Sony is on a different path though, since they're only gonna make high end phones and focus on it, but maybe they will think too much about their upcoming devices before they release them so that its consumers won't hesitate to support their upcoming high end devices like Apple who only releases phones once a year. Though Apple doesn't think about making their devices but instead, they focus on how they can do better marketing to fool people to believe they've done a lot of revisions of their iPhones. Haha! Goodluck HTC! I am going to miss your UI! One X+ has been good so far, hope M7 will do good, or the Butterfly! ;)

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  • 2013-01-30 00:43
  • t7RQ

> In reply to Wulican @ 2013-01-29 18:00 from S6Fb - click to readThe best comment in years LOL!!!!

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  • 2013-01-29 23:52
  • LxaR

Got a one x and its not even their best handset by a mile anymore. I have a bit of money spare do I get a new htc even though I regret buying a one x or buy an iPhone 5!!

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  • 2013-01-29 23:30
  • Ja5r

Yea, sure, HTC will announce a new high-end device with good construction, nice design and extremely poor battery, something like 5 display vs 2000 mAh battery.


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  • 2013-01-29 21:41
  • Laxy

The M7 will have a 13MP camera

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  • 2013-01-29 21:02
  • 85VQ

No phone is gonna come close to the Huawei Ascend P2!

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  • 2013-01-29 20:18
  • 313@

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