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Analyst: Samsung to manufacture 100 million Galaxy S IV phones

14 February, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Analyst: Samsung to manufacture 100 million Galaxy S IV phones - read the full textThe Samsung Galaxy S IV is guaranteed to be one of the hottest sellers and after crushing the numbers, analysts have predicted that the next Samsung flagship might cause headaches to Apple. Peter Misek from Jefferies & Company wrote a note to clients of the analytics firm saying that Samsung...


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In answer to the question "Isn't 4.7" big enough", it depends on your eyesight, the conditions under which you use your fone, and what you use it for.
Convergence means having one device that will do everything, preferably well.
So I want a fone that has a big and good enough display so that it can be my computer and TV.

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  • 2013-02-21 16:58
  • myGV

Just ONE WISH to Samsung GALAXY S4 is to have METALLIC or TOUGHENED GLASS in its BODY or CASING.

I'll move away from galaxy devices if Samsung FAILS to deliver.

And I'd rather choose Nexus 4, LG OptiGPro, HTC M7 or Sony XZ.

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  • 2013-02-19 15:37
  • JB1J

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-15 20:31 from QYn6 - click to readIronic. Mr./Ms. iPhanperson insinuates themselves into OUR Android/Samsung thread. Life must be boring. .nothing much going on in apple-land. Might the rest of us WITH Samsung or Android products respectfully show you to the door. Read that" Get back to your own thread!!!!!" You have nothing to add here in that you have no point of reference. Exit stage left.
For the rest of us Android fans/users, we HAD to know the outcome. Too many companies that are fierce competitors with too much to lose, are in Androids camp. At 2011 midyear I suggested to our group to bank on Android. We have not been disappointed. The intellectual firepower of the collective must not be dismissed. Out by far exceeds any ONE company no matter how gifted that one company is or perceives itself to be.
Barring any misstep, Android will dominate. Google,HTC,LG,HUAWEI,OPPO,PANASONIC,SONY,PANECH,­ZTE,yes the entire assemblage of companies basing their products on ANDROID, will see to it that Android succeeds. Apple will do what it did when I first started in the computer world, license its ROM to NO ONE.( the Apple II was copied Apple sued & won) IBM was late to the table by what almost 10 years, yet allowed access to its design. IBM anticipated 50,000 units per year. Ended up selling that per month. Google studied that lesson. Is profiting from mistakes others made. Apple, not. Ironic. Yet business-wise, poetic justice against Apple.. For me, having owned Apple's, Motorolas, Samsungs,a Huawei, and more a Pantech, me thinks I'm going with a More Original, or Note II..But Definitely not Apple anything!!!!

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  • 2013-02-19 08:15
  • FKy9

do we really need a bigger screen? is 4.7" not enough?

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  • 2013-02-19 06:25
  • sye1

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-18 04:54 from PGXj - click to readYour comment is nothing but gobbledygook. Just accept the fact that iphone has been lagging behind in innovation and that makes you envious being an iphone fan.

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  • 2013-02-18 23:10
  • Nxnb

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-18 06:56 from nY}% - click to readIf, you must reply to my message can we have a little less verbal tosh.

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  • 2013-02-18 13:10
  • SgvH

Most people I know are waiting for the Note III, not the S4.

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  • 2013-02-18 11:29
  • miZ0

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-18 04:54 from PGXj - click to readYour comment was more pathetic than apple maps scrolling can not cause android gingerbread or froyo to lagg u have never used android b4 bcoz if did u would have known that android dose real multitasking no wounder it requires a lot of cores unlike ios which dose not do multitasking and no amount of aluminum in world can stop iphone5 body from rusting

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  • 2013-02-18 10:26
  • HHHH

> In reply to shafy333 @ 2013-02-18 07:28 from fmD1 - click to read10 million, 40, now 100, next year 200, then 400 and so on...until when? they are on a rising wave-no denying in that but at some point...

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  • 2013-02-18 08:18
  • mjPY

Better watch out Apple! If only Samsung redesign their phone with quality body materials and classy design I absolutely buy S3 or S4 or S5....

I love Apple products but now Samsung make me peep on their phones.

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  • 2013-02-18 07:43
  • S1Ug

> In reply to [deleted post]It's obviously written by an iFanboy.

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  • 2013-02-18 07:43
  • sgnt

they need to slow down,

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  • 2013-02-18 07:28
  • fmD1

> In reply to Tiger @ 2013-02-17 21:48 from SgvH - click to readoh really?
well my I've been charging my iphone pretty much every day for the past year for about a few hours a day. (just because I can), and it still works perfectly.
same as did my iphone 4 for 2 years.
so you have no idea what your'e talking about, but I'm sure you understood that already.

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  • 2013-02-18 06:56
  • nY}%

Samsung is merely bluffing. They'll probably end up with over stocked warehouses since the competition has caught up, if not overtaken them in innovation, rather than gimmicky software twicks Sammy is so proud to publicize. Stiff competition Sammy.

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  • 2013-02-18 05:24
  • PPgT

> In reply to [deleted post]Scrolling still lags on android jelly bean update..

I predict S4 with its monster octa core cpu will still be the same anyway.

All the raw power in the world ... and all the gimmicks .. they just couldn't even handle scrolling.. sad

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  • 2013-02-18 04:54
  • PGXj

> In reply to [deleted post]Lol. There is always poor naive and endless reviews and claims iPhone this and Apple that and blah blah....meanwhile back to reality and the SAMSUNG thread we are in

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  • 2013-02-18 04:30
  • Q1pT

Non removable batteries don't ( HOLD ) a full charge after 6 months of continual charging. I should have though most of you would've known that already.

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  • 2013-02-17 21:48
  • SgvH

> In reply to Compare htc to samsg @ 2013-02-17 19:26 from 0xMq - click to readDo you have any more jokes about HTC lol

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  • 2013-02-17 21:40
  • SgvH

> In reply to box143 @ 2013-02-17 10:01 from gFxZ - click to readThere is also Motorola's flagship "The X Phone"

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  • 2013-02-17 20:20
  • p4Nb
  • Compare htc to samsg
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Lol my brother and I bought htc and Samsung top level smartphones and it is just ridiculous how HTC was better than Sammy, even while HTC was twice cheaper than Sammy. So my decision - Sammy will NOT sell this time more than 40millions of S4. The quality is too poor and people KNOW it!!!!

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  • 2013-02-17 19:26
  • 0xMq

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