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Samsung i7110 pops up - Symbian S60 plus 5 megapixel camera on-board

Samsung i7110 pops up - Symbian S60 plus 5 megapixel camera on-board - read the full textA new Samsung handset appeared online before its official announcement. As it seems, we will be seeing a new Symbian OS-based smartphone with a 5 megapixel camera - the Samsung i7110. Update 20 Oct: The Samsung i7110 is finally released. Check out our scoop and preview along with exclusive live...


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it look likes the n82 with the keys in the same place and same shape keys almost. micro card slot on the left, 5MP camera candy bar. what else ummm

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  • 2008-08-06 18:14
  • m5%f

here are the samsung haters and they are nokia fan boys. samsung is now strengthening its position as the number 2 mobile phone manufacturer in the world. gone are the days when there used to be a nokia-sony ericsson rivalry. today, se is slowly deteriorating. they are at number 4. nokia's main rival now is samsung and the gap between them is getting smaller each time. infact, samsung is number 1 in france.

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  • 2008-08-06 18:02
  • kH@$

cant say that... samsung doesnt have the need to copy nokia... samsung has the best designs while all nokias are bricks with buttons...

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  • 2008-08-06 17:54
  • LEv1

very very nice

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  • 2008-08-06 17:51
  • 0mSa

its a simple design... every phone doesnt have to be a revolutionary model... stop giving bad critics just cuz u have lousy phones

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  • 2008-08-06 17:50
  • LEv1

> In reply to i dont care who you @ 2008-08-06 16:08 from nEvv - click to readAgreed, mostly about 6300 and C702. It's such a shame though, it has all the feature I want. The only thing it lacks is... originality.

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  • 2008-08-06 17:47
  • wraU

. . . .0nce again, good job SAMSUNG!!
. . . . We all see that SAMSUNG really tryin to c0py every features of n0kia...
. . . .and it seems, n0w samsung tryin to c0py n0t only the features, but also the design...
. . . . This f0ne "for me" it is really L00KS LIKE a N0KIA N82!
. . . . (^^,)y

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  • 2008-08-06 17:19
  • T2$P

lol. Reminds me of an SE, but everything done the right way. Damn, way to go Samsung.

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  • 2008-08-06 17:17
  • 0HGs

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-08-06 17:06 from 4B7b - click to readwho cares.. it makes them look like phones from the two dollar shop.

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  • 2008-08-06 17:14
  • PGcX

whoever doesn't think this phone looks like a sony ericsson and nokia is blind!

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  • 2008-08-06 17:06
  • 4B7b

Did Samsung buy the mold of the N82 from Nokia?

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  • 2008-08-06 17:04
  • 4B7b

I like it, this phone is the way to go, if you want your product to sell you gotta make resemble the most as possible as Nokia's top selling phones. Now on the other hand, if only the i900 was powered by Symbian, be worth the buy!

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  • 2008-08-06 16:56
  • 4B7b

yep it seems that samsung FINALLY came to sences.symbian powered phones with samsung design-great.they r makin the best phones now.i hope its got xenon,wi-fi n a good battery life lol

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  • 2008-08-06 16:49
  • 0uV1
  • i dont care who you
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The design on this mobile has no ORIGINALITY. Its a copydesign from other manufacturers.

Overall design looks like nokia 6300

Bottom keypad look like from C702

the upper buttons resembles of k770i

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  • 2008-08-06 16:08
  • nEvv

Because that doesn't look like a SE rip-off at all.

ooooh no.

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  • 2008-08-06 16:04
  • Mx@E

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-08-06 15:34 from ib4D - click to readyeh of course but why cnt dey mke own design not copy frm other fone branddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd it crazy

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  • 2008-08-06 15:43
  • mxGZ

who cares about who copy who.. we get more phones with designs that we like.

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  • 2008-08-06 15:34
  • ib4D

look like n82 done samsung stop copyin nokia ur anit the best samsung lol

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  • 2008-08-06 15:17
  • mxGZ

it does look like the n82,....only classy. niceee!

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  • 2008-08-06 15:03
  • PGcX

Nice Phone, Samsung once again Nice Designs

and no there not copying SE or Nokia, whoever thinks that is a Fanboy

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  • 2008-08-06 14:57
  • nERX

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