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Some Sony Xperia Z handsets reportedly suffering sudden death

20 March, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Some Sony Xperia Z handsets reportedly suffering sudden death - read the full textA number of Sony Xperia Z users have reported their devices suffering from sudden death. Apparently, Sony's flagship has been shutting down for no apparent reason with subsequent efforts to bring it back to life proving unsuccessful, save for a hard reset in a few cases. There is no...


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my z3c died after 2 weeks and now its already 1 week in the service center. pretty disappointing i must say

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  • 2014-11-21 11:01
  • TSMt


My Xperia z went sudden death last night and I was not able to switch it on. I have bought this mobile when I was in US. I have tried doing a hard reboot by pressing the volume up key and power button. But this didn't turn on my mobile.

I have also tried with PC companion which haven't detected my device.

I have called the xperia care and the response was so pathetic and they said that my phone cannot be repaired as it has been bought from US.

Any suggestions Please!!!!!

I am totally pissed off with this situation... I haven't expected that a great brand like sony will have such problems. BTW, my phone is just 5 months old.

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  • 2014-11-18 11:20
  • utxf

My Sony Xperia Z3 Compact just died and wouldn't power up too! I just got it for 20 days. Was only surfing the facebook app when it auto shut off. It could power up for 10-15 secs before dying again, and after the 4-5 try, it just wouldn't power up at all.

Tried charging it but the charging light wouldn't turn on. Tried plugging it to my computer but the computer doesn't even detect it.
Tried holding the On + Volume Up button to do a soft reboot but it doesn't power back up...GGWP. Off to the repair shop it goes. :(

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  • 2014-11-14 05:51
  • fxNa

My phone was replaced. I did go to a Sony Service Center and
ask for a Technical Report Assessment and then go to the Store where I bought my Phone.

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  • 2014-11-11 01:36
  • v0qZ

> In reply to Markybean @ 2014-11-03 00:21 from PT}x - click to readjust happened to me, Z3 Compact after only 11 days use out of it , it is back in the store now !

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  • 2014-11-07 06:41
  • 9x1a

> In reply to meimey @ 2014-08-01 06:24 from wHR4 - click to readtakeaway the screen protector

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  • 2014-11-03 10:27
  • ftRp

Hi I'm with Xperia Z3 , 3 days ago.. Last night it turns completley blank black screen while in the process of updating an app. Have tried to hit the reset button and the volume up and powerbutton trick but it doesnt work.I cant see any logo or splash screen. Now, I'm deciding to visit the store bought it and see what they can do. Can they possibly replace my phone or will just fix the issue?.. I'm afraid my important pictures can't be recovered :(
Really bad experience for my first android phone from a long time windows phone user

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  • 2014-11-03 00:21
  • PT}x

I am in switzerland... and i just had the same problem, where the screen just went off.. and yes the notification LED is working and screen is functional but blank black.. phone is functional, cause the camera button seems to work, when i connect to pc, phone is still recognized.

i went to my carrier and they will send it to sony. and it will take 2-3 weeks... not very satisfied but these problems with sony and the carrier (not able to just exchange the phone).. will contact sony...myself

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  • 2014-10-23 11:11
  • xt65

My Sony Experia Z stopped working in mid use, have tried every thing suggested on tinternet to see if I can get it to work, but alas no hope. Apart from hitting it with a hammer, does any one have any other ideas?

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  • 2014-10-21 18:12
  • nFtr

Xperia Z3 just released in Australia, had it for 5 days and it just went blank on me when just browsing the web. Wouldn't turn back on when pressed the power button. Did a hard reboot, the sony logo splash screen does not even appear but it does load the OS as I can see my LED notification of my emails. Camera button does work as I can hear the sound of the camera load when pressed. Anyhow, took it back and now waiting for a replacement. Am thinking twice about sony phones, my last phone was a sony xperia Z and it has worked fine.

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  • 2014-10-19 12:18
  • XrZN

i bought a xperia 2 months it became dead suddenly.i can't turn on it.vol button+power button pressing doesn't work for me.plz,suggest me what can i do?????

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  • 2014-10-17 15:52
  • vQ1G

> In reply to Pabs @ 2014-10-01 21:12 from myu1 - click to readNeeds a full reset take it to phone shop as them to take the battery out for 10 minutes then replace back

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  • 2014-10-14 02:13
  • LaTC

दे dear yestarday I use my z2 in water...and after I see the mobile they alredy dead no working no charging its come fully plz reply me how to solve this

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  • 2014-10-05 11:58
  • Hxif

Had my z3 less than 24hrs and its crashed, 68% charge,crashed using AR feature on camera, only hard reboot worked. Have to say I deliberated over z3 or iphone 6 plus for weeks and now almost immediately regret this choice. I love Sony products and they've always had a brilliant reputation for quality even if you do pay a little more but if this is what Sony think is acceptable then it's no surprise their mobile division is suffering. I only hope this poor product and experience is rectified before Sonys reputation for all their products is tainted by this issue. I for one will think twice about buying a sony product again in the future.

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  • 2014-10-01 21:12
  • myu1

xperia z behaving worst after 4.4.2 update
i dont even touch my phone and it still drains!
really upset for whats happening to such a high end phone!

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  • 2014-09-18 23:34
  • HsGT

My Xperia died too after working for half of a year. Lost all the data. They should call back.

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  • 2014-09-18 03:53
  • 5MHF

My Sony Xperia Z2 automatically dies at random times. It revives itself back however it's been shutting down every now and then. How can I resolve this? Please respond.

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  • 2014-09-09 17:04
  • v0qJ

I bought Z2 10 days back and it is dead while it was charged more than 80pc. I played a normal game for 10-15 minutes and watched a video before locking the screen. After some time when I wanted to use the phone , the screen just wont turn on. I tried everything and now I need to get this exchanged. I am so much frustrated.

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  • 2014-08-08 14:45
  • Dnh%

After update the lates version of xperia z it always death after i finish the call

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  • 2014-08-01 06:24
  • wHR4

does any body know how to hard reset sony xperia z
after updating to 4.4.2 the performance has become worst
Plz Help

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  • 2014-07-24 15:57
  • 6QaV

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