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Galaxy S4 mini appears on official website, LTE version confimed

24 March, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Galaxy S4 mini appears on official website, LTE version confimed - read the full textThe Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will have four different versions, according to info spotted by Twitter user st7761. He found the I9190 model number on Samsung’s support page, along with three other I919X devices. One is the I9192, the dual-SIM version that was promised by the initial leak. The other...


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why is sumsung leaving android? Anyone with a clue...

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  • 2013-03-24 15:25
  • rvsb

Xperia sp will best this one.

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  • 2013-03-24 15:16
  • v0qJ

It must have dual core cortex A15 processor. Otherwise it will be a fail like galaxy s3 mini

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  • 2013-03-24 15:07
  • K2FI

Only 4 models ha, Samsung is getting too shy now lol.

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  • 2013-03-24 15:07
  • vaNH

galaxy s4
galaxy s4 mini
galaxy s4 micro...
bla bla bla....
i am waiting for galaxy s4 nano

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  • 2013-03-24 15:02
  • PxkK

please show the official site, if is true

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  • 2013-03-24 14:41
  • 0Us6

We already have similar specd phone that is HTC one s with beautiful design and superb build....

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  • 2013-03-24 14:28
  • t1$I

That's perfect. I have 4 children, I'll buy the 4 different versions :-)

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  • 2013-03-24 14:06
  • KgtR

it will be galaxy ace 3.

not mini.

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  • 2013-03-24 14:04
  • p2Lh

Dear Samsung, you should design in other way your phones, because it's not a good idea to use the SAME design in all of your phones because it will be hard to differentiate them.

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  • 2013-03-24 13:56
  • 0UuI

Is samsung trying to monopolise the market or what??

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  • 2013-03-24 13:54
  • 3sEj

there is no lte on octa core version cause the octa core will consume large amount of battery..if there is lte,the battery will drain so fast...

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  • 2013-03-24 13:50
  • IVJy

How can a 4.3" be a 'mini'? It greatly dwarfs my iphone screen

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  • 2013-03-24 13:48
  • KZ8G

so the galaxy s4 mini will have lte while the galaxy s4 octa-core will not; great...

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  • 2013-03-24 13:30
  • gCXj

> In reply to grumpy @ 2013-03-24 12:39 from swXc - click to readwell there's always prepaid phones and we know those turds aren't gettin any bigger

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  • 2013-03-24 13:23
  • jBue

Great, Samsung again flooding the market to cater to all segments of the mobile phone industry, looking to cement their number one phone manufacturer leadership position once again! Darn you Samsung! When will you give other manufacturers a chance!??

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  • 2013-03-24 12:58
  • t7Re

I wish people would stop calling this thing "mini", i seem to be in the minority that wish we could go back to phones that didn't look like you have a book in your pocket!

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  • 2013-03-24 12:39
  • swXc

perfect phone s4 mini
4.3 display

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  • 2013-03-24 12:37
  • LaIG

The down sides of this phone are CPU/GPU they should go with dual Exynos A15 and Mali 604T the ones in Nexus 10 and the screen resolution i think 720P is better.

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  • 2013-03-24 12:35
  • fqeA

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