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HTC One software update improves camera performance

26 March, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC One software update improves camera performance - read the full textBack when we reviewed the HTC One, we were quite pleased with the low-light performance of the camera. However, the daylight performance wasn't quite as good, thanks to the excessive noise in the images. The issue, of course, was not with the hardware but with the software on the phone....


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Some pictures taken with this incrdible phone. I think they are really good.

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  • 2013-03-29 13:22
  • mGD2

> In reply to Jack @ 2013-03-28 00:16 from uEBD - click to readyeah i'd really appreciate that too. I think it's only fair that we get to see how the camera performs with the new software as the majority of users will start with it...

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  • 2013-03-28 18:12
  • Mx@E

Would GSM Arena kindly run their standard photo shoot with a mobile with the new software. I am very interested to see if the daylight difference is significant. I have always liked the construction of HTC but why their camera performance typically comes in for a hammering is not clear to me with my non technical background.

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  • 2013-03-28 00:16
  • uEBD

There is one question for the author of this review.
I want to know if the photos of HTC One camera is taken before this update?

If so, please update the camera detail comparison page.
Thank you.

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  • 2013-03-27 15:20
  • vL55

> In reply to [deleted post]It appears to hold its own in actual usage, but falls far behind in standby

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  • 2013-03-27 14:55
  • 4QSR

> In reply to Nitin @ 2013-03-26 19:57 from bCf$ - click to readHTC was almost always on bottom end camera. Sorry. Its been Samsung and Nokia back and forth for top along with some Sony ones.

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  • 2013-03-27 14:40
  • 4QSR

> In reply to RidwanAW @ 2013-03-27 06:33 from txjn - click to readCorrect. Except to follow your example sony using a 12mp last wouldve had to be the first which it by far wasnt even for them

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  • 2013-03-27 14:37
  • 4QSR

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-03-27 06:42 from kg3C - click to readYou must be new here

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  • 2013-03-27 14:35
  • 4QSR

> In reply to PhoneGuy @ 2013-03-27 12:51 from kcU0 - click to readThere is no need to hide a flaw by dissing others and making out that no phone should have that good a camera and the only option is to get a good actual camera

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  • 2013-03-27 14:34
  • 4QSR

This is a PHONE, not a camera. People, wake up. The camera is excellent for what 99 percent of people use it for. Buy a SLR if you need to shoot photos for your job. The entire package is very nice. None of the other phones you mentioned are as well put together.

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  • 2013-03-27 12:51
  • kcU0

Having owned an iPhone 4S, galaxy s3, and iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 definitely takes the best quality pictures. I am not sure why some believe the s3 has a great camera, but my own experience proved this not to be the case. Cnet's review concurs with my experience. I've learned not to put too much weight in reviews or hype and instead rely on experience when I can.

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  • 2013-03-27 12:24
  • sg9p

HTC one is the best smartphone up to date but has poor camera. I think they should buy cameras from Sony :)

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  • 2013-03-27 10:40
  • 0xMq

They need to do a camera comparison against the Lumia 920. HTC obviously drank Nokia's low-light ability kool-aid, but it would be nice to see a full review comparing latest-gen phone cameras.

To me, camera is probably the 2nd most important feature of a smartphone, right after the phone part!

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  • 2013-03-27 07:39
  • jCQr

camera phone? choose Nokia...

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  • 2013-03-27 07:36
  • v0Xf

Nokia has best cameras, Sony is next, then Apple, and HTC/Samsung are last

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  • 2013-03-27 06:42
  • kg3C

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-03-26 16:56 from IVTX - click to readIm Nikon user,
Its true D4 have bigger MP but not too much than D3, already use them both,.
What I want to tell here,.. Megapixel is not everything now, versatile camera will gain more traction..
What HTC use in their ONE, will make another direction for phone camera,..
Cant u see? Last year sony flagship use 12MP, but this year
Use only 13MP, no bigdifferent, but every OEM will continue to develop image quality, and thats good for us

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  • 2013-03-27 06:33
  • txjn

The HTC mobile phones have always been bad cameras. This is another.In photography it is not a competition for Nokia.

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  • 2013-03-27 01:44
  • psVR

> In reply to Nitin @ 2013-03-26 19:57 from bCf$ - click to readYou haven't used Nokia cameras have you? 808, N9, N95, N96...etc..

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  • 2013-03-27 00:50
  • PPgT

> In reply to Nitin @ 2013-03-26 19:57 from bCf$ - click to readAre kidding me? HTC has a better camera with any brand? HTC camera sucks except for ONE. I think I want to vomit with your comment. I'm not an HTC hater. Desire user here.

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  • 2013-03-27 00:49
  • ThiA

> In reply to . @ 2013-03-26 20:24 from 0rNI - click to readno, he is right. You don't even check out s4. s3 has a topnotch camera. Samsung just doesn't emphasize that. and lots of people don't even know that. Instead, HTC always exaggerated their capability since long time ago.

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  • 2013-03-26 23:00
  • ubL{

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