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Motorola MOTOJEWEL to set foot in UK this Christmas, ladies rejoice

Motorola MOTOJEWEL to set foot in UK this Christmas, ladies rejoice - read the full textMotorola MOTOJEWEL is the latest lower-midrange handset to add to the Motorola Christmas portfolio. Targeted at the ladies, it's got a 3D crystal inspired design in a clamshell form factor and "dazzling" purple keypad (sorry but we couldn't help but quote that last one from the press...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-10 02:43 from Er2M - click to readhow come American people don't consider them as English people why call American ??? think about it and the answer for the question about the Chinese & the Taiwanese will be the same.

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  • 2008-12-23 05:18
  • q2SY

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-11 02:07 from Er2M - click to read"Anything the almighty brand does is right, and everything Motorola does is wrong"

This quote is very true in today's society. Brand prestige is what's plaguing consumers nowadays, and it they do not stick to the famous brand, they are automatically outcasts to the material world. This is the sad truth people, and we should not let this go on for many years to come.

This "almighty brand" does some mistakes too; if not, then it is considered "perfect" and should now be called a "god".

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  • 2008-09-12 12:03
  • R5v$

> In reply to rondo @ 2008-09-11 09:27 from mtda - click to readI agree with you... as what I've said in previous post including removed post for unknown reasons, the best we can do is speculate. We know that there's trouble in the company and offers to sell, but that's only the official news that we got as of now. The rest posted on the net were just speculations and allegations. Just remember guys, out of a billion people living in this world, and out of a millions motorola users out there, not all are fund of busying themselves in making comments in blogs or forums bragging and hating their phones. ok? we don't represent the majority, we only speak for ourselves.

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  • 2008-09-11 19:28
  • vp1a

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-11 02:07 from Er2M - click to readgreat post, I study economics, actually I'm allready an economist, and me, and most of the people that understand a little about economics, understands that motorola is really in the best path to recover, people don't really care about functionality, they care about look or price, see the iphone, it sells better than any HTC... motorola was allways a trend setter, and they will do it again

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  • 2008-09-11 09:27
  • mtda

> In reply to Greg @ 2008-09-10 14:46 from M8Tu - click to readWhat difference does it make if I'm an Italian or CHINESE?

As though most who post comments here are likely hi-tech folks who think phones should be feature packed, so they can spend over USD$500 every 6 months.

However, I can tell you the fact the rest who do NOT post comments here easily outnumber ALL the users on this board. Chances are these people AREN't the ones who look for feature packed phones, most likely including your better half. These are the people Moto is targeting at right now, so to sustain its No.3 market share.

Companies like HTC will NEVER make it to No.1, or even top 5.

If having "good looks but low tech" is the worst thing that can happen to a company, why did the almighty brand even bother to release its "Supernova" series? Any comment on that?

Or just another "everything the almighty brand does is great, everything Moto does is wrong" guy out there?

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  • 2008-09-11 02:07
  • Er2M

> In reply to Greg @ 2008-09-10 14:46 from M8Tu - click to readBravo! now this is how you make a nice comment. Hey Fidelity if you still Have time, try to learn from this guy. I hope you're not the same person as "fidelity".

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  • 2008-09-10 18:15
  • vp1a

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-10 02:43 from Er2M - click to readwell, you are writing in italian character, does that make you Italian? or maybe you are a dutch or a scott? why not be a vietnamese when we are at it.

motorola made the first cellphone, so? is that an excuse for what they are doing today? does the german guy that invented tv make up excuses because Sony makes better tv's today? who cares about history in that context, just stick modern times and developement the last 5 years.

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  • 2008-09-10 14:46
  • M8Tu

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-09 14:18 from M8Tu - click to readI thought all Taiwanese WRITE in Chinese characters, if so, how come they aren't considered as Chinese?

Agree all the technology comes from the so with the mobile phone technology itself...Moto made it "affordable" to the public, when others were still making TV's.

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  • 2008-09-10 02:43
  • Er2M

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-09 01:58 from Er2M - click to readHTC is not Chinese, it's Taiwanese, and they do not have the same social issues and problems in their coporate world, like the ones mentioned by a speaker before.
Do you even know how bad the software in HTC phones were before Microsoft started developing the Windows Mobile platform in them, and no, Microsoft is not from China.
Before Microsoft entered into the HTC developement they were a very mediocre company, after that it sky rocketed, but today, HTC is seen as a western product due to the stable software from Microsoft.

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  • 2008-09-09 14:18
  • M8Tu

> In reply to Fidelity @ 2008-09-08 00:03 from M8Tu - click to readFYI, many Chinese manufacturers are able to offer many touchscreen phones which the almighty brand has taken years to develop....still without any success.

And don't forget where the "hi-tech" HTC really came from...(and yes, HTC makes many touch screen phones which the almighty brand isn't capable of!)

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  • 2008-09-09 01:58
  • Er2M

u9 looks cool phone

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  • 2008-09-08 07:29
  • vGYf

i saw it on youtube and it doesnt really look nice on the video. it actually looks chunkier on the video. but hey, who knows havent actually seen it personally.

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  • 2008-09-08 05:49
  • nF6x

> In reply to BOang @ 2008-09-06 05:04 from vp1a - click to readYou wrote "Have you gone to china? Have you seen how they made cars, watches, phones, and tvs? have you seen them almost ripped off every famous brand? In just a small span of time China has evolved its technology to compete with the outside world and they are brilliant in doing this... They fully understand how the western technology works, allowed it to be invested in their doorstep"
The own Chinese brand rip off phones may look like the big guns aestheticly, but software wise they pack a ridiculous low amount soft BB bullets, compared to the the big brands that shoot some serious shotgun bullet software under the hood.
It's like saying Thailand counterfeit watch makers pack the same quality as the original Breitling and Rolex watches they rip oss, or that Philippino rip off Levis jeans is the same thing, well it's not, yet again, aestheticly, these rip off products look alike, but that's where alla the similarities end, that goes for the Chinese phones you say are on par with big boy brands.
The time when we bought mobiles for their looks, died like 5 years ago, when it was simply a phone, and you had to bring an additional small bag with a seperate mp3/mp4 player, digital camera, a laptop to access timetables, info and news and more stuff etc.
We are trying to make life as comfortable as possible as technology evolves and reveals itself with time,as we do with phones as well as what we call the multimedia home, where everything is connected.
This is where Motorola has lost the thread like 5 years ago, anyone saying anything different probably works for Motorola or just has an unatural undying love for their first V3 Razr.
Technologically, China is not even close to what you are proposing, if you don't count the readymade blueprints and developed products they only "assemble" for the big guns.

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  • 2008-09-08 00:03
  • M8Tu

> In reply to Sid @ 2008-09-07 05:41 from q{Bv - click to readYou remind me of sid the sloth.. hehehe remember that character in the movie Ice Age? My dear friend sid... if you dont like the motorola concept then why bother saying "garbage"? it only reflects how full of garbage you are just like the fat joe behind the current R&D of motorola.

I agree that phones are used to make and receive calls. If it can do this basic necessity then its a good phone. Having those high caliber cameras, high speed skirt blowing data connectivity speed, flat screen tv like LCDs, and 500 horsepower of processing power are "just merely" add-ons on a mobile phone. No matter what you say about Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, iphone as being crap only reflects how crap your mind is... Ok sid?

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  • 2008-09-07 15:39
  • vp1a

last time i check,phone is something we make and recieve call with....any phone that can do it well is a good phone for me....

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  • 2008-09-07 15:07
  • uC0T

> In reply to Sid @ 2008-09-07 05:41 from q{Bv - click to readAll hail the ignorant person. Have you even heard of the 5 megapixel Kodak-Motorola ZINE Zn5? That phone sports a powerful 5 mp camera with autofocus, xenon flash, Kodak EasyShare and Perfect Touch technology. It beat the N82, once the best 5 mp camera phone, in terms of color saturation and picture sharpness.

8 megapixel Motorola phones will launch soon, codenamed Alexander and Attila. These are reported to use Windows Mobile 6 or 7 and can compete with even the iPhone.

This is why many bashers fail. They say something and they do not back them up with facts whatsoever.

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  • 2008-09-07 10:49
  • Rxc5

MOTOROLA is SIMPLY 'wasting' our time by churning this garbage they call 'phones'. Samsung, LG are coming out with sleek handsets with up to 8MP cameras & Motorola are still stuck at 2MP!

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  • 2008-09-07 05:41
  • q{Bv

I own a motorola and i know i own the best .

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  • 2008-09-07 04:22
  • uttb

> In reply to Fidelity @ 2008-09-05 23:00 from M8Tu - click to readso you are a economics major? you guys are soo one sided in every aspect of the moto madness issue. Have you gone to china? Have you seen how they made cars, watches, phones, and tvs? have you seen them almost ripped off every famous brand? In just a small span of time China has evolved its technology to compete with the outside world and they are brilliant in doing this... They fully understand how the western technology works, allowed it to be invested in their doorstep, but there is a catch... not one of them will fully own the company the state will own almost half of every investment a fat joe would bring. So imagine how china has been adopting and innovating their technology... Now lets go back to your favorite Moto madness issue. You said that Moto phones can't be compared with delorean masterpiece. Delorean are blunt and chunky cars with no "time machine" on it.ut now in the "advent" of modern technology it has panasonic headunit, a fiberglass body, and aluminum chassi, and they fixed the leaks coming from those cool doors... That's why DeLorean died prematurely... b Moto? They can communicate through our atmosphere to another fat joe. I have to disagree that moto was never that innovative infact they were once a force to reckon with when "Hi-tech" things where as big as a refrigerator. If you look at those RAZR phones? yeah ugly for you but its a beauty for others. Thats why there is a saying that exist among artists "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I know that moto is a dinosaur in the mobile technology and they are behind in every "cool" technology thats been flooding the market, but the sales were strong with its RAZR phones up until now. And a simple reorganizing the R&D of motorola phone division would definitely turn things around. I think we can agree that the fat joe sitting on one of those desks inside the R&D of Motorola are slackers, fat bast@rds, and eats alot of Big Mac.

ANyway in relating the China thingy to motorola. If Motorola die a brave death, there's plenty of investor that were not mention by those stupid publication on the internet. They never mentioned aything about Chinese investors or european perhaps... They mentioned LG, Samsung, Sony ericsson... These companies are too chicken to take the challenge cuz they themselves has issues to resolve in terms of pump priming their sales. Samsung is too busy chasing Nokia, they release phone like they release carbon dioxide every minute. Thats why these companies will never consider teaming up with Motorola, they will focus on their own.

Therefor, after this lengthy reaction from a lengthy reaction of my not so lengthy reaction... it is still premature to be speculating things. Its easy to say one thing but backed with just allegations and speculations. The fact is Moto will still be there and the company might just fade but killing it would be as hard as beating the gates of Troy.

Incase you're wondering what phone i owned... Im a proud owner of Motorola V8, Moto Q8, Nokia N90, N73, N70, 9500, Samsung u700, c130, Sony K750, K800, K610, P900i, HTC Smartphone, Eten PocketPC Phone and many more... I love all of these phones and currently im stuck with moto Q8 cuz its thin and its a smartphone and Sony K800 cuz its a cybershot-phone. The rest are in my closet waiting to be use again.

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  • 2008-09-06 05:04
  • vp1a

You guys are so insensitive. Yes, Motorola had some tough times and made mistakes, but that doesn't prevent the company from producing profitable and high-quality product. Most Motorola phones may be unattractive for most of you, but these still sell in other parts of the world. You guys are not the only people here in this planet, you know.

When you bash Motorola, please prove it with the latest data. When you do so however, make sure you do not badmouth the company and the owners. If you do, you are intentionally demoralizing and hurting the feelings of Motorola users everywhere, branding themselves as inferior and stupid consumers.

I am a Motorola fan, but I do respect rival companies. Maybe you should the same. If you're a Nokia or SE fan, please respect the other brands. It really really hurts to the consumers if their favorite brands are bashed on, and thus prompting them to fight back and starting a flame war.

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  • 2008-09-06 02:19
  • Rxc5

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