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LG Optimus G Pro value pack update unveiled, shown on video

11 April, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
LG Optimus G Pro value pack update unveiled, shown on video - read the full textLG will be issuing an update to its flagship Optimus G Pro, which will bring some new features along with improvements to old ones. The update will be arriving to Korean users on April 12. LG released a video showing off the new features on the phablet. Smart Video tracks the eyes of the user...


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  • 2013-04-12 05:06
  • v0qG

> In reply to Shafin BD @ 2013-04-11 17:53 from K2Ev - click to readso you're saying, it's ok to just patent it than to implemented it first?

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  • 2013-04-12 02:58
  • PA}g

how illiterate is sammy fans... check the videos of l optimus pro when it was released one month back before s4... they bring the dual shot first..... they have patent for smart pause and have filed a case against sammy... nd not features was already on lg optimus vu the vey first one so... plz read properly then comment

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  • 2013-04-12 02:53
  • PGk6

> In reply to Android Man @ 2013-04-11 20:22 from mqMt - click to readsorry man, WP have this function before S4 announcement

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  • 2013-04-12 02:17
  • IVWD

Guys, LG didn't copy Samsung. But still, Samsung released it early, because they're the masters in mobile. Besides, even if LG announced it earlier than Samsung, then unless it's like, 2-3 months before they announced S4, it doesn't really matter. In the end, all that matters is that S4 released it first, therefore giving the illusion that Samsung did it first. And stop comparing this to Note II, that's a unfair to Note II (to be compared to a device released like, nearly a year after it) and also disgracing for G Pro (to be compared to a device nearly a year older) Compare it instead to the S4 and the coming Note 3 and other recent competitions

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  • 2013-04-12 01:54
  • P%uZ

After owning one of these and having a note 2. I can honestly say this destroys the note 2 in more ways then one. I use to not like lg phones but after trying this it looks like lg are really starting to make better phones

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  • 2013-04-12 00:54
  • TSyb

I have just purchased one of these phones and a friend has the galaxy s4 and the 2 compared the lg one blows the s4 out the water for a few reasons. My friend is now selling his brand new s4 to get one of these.

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  • 2013-04-12 00:49
  • TSyb

Someone tell LG to release this software for Optimus G.

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  • 2013-04-12 00:07
  • iien

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-11 22:49 from 6CNa - click to readdon't be stupid fanboy LG have announces this new feature even before S4 is annouced
just check this if you don't belive me­ack-update-with-smart-video-eye-recognition-feat­ure/

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  • 2013-04-11 23:35
  • thuH

again lg copied dual video shot front and back from sasmsung galaxy s4

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  • 2013-04-11 23:31
  • 3Chg

> In reply to RaReSh @ 2013-04-11 20:58 from nxuk - click to readLG have showed these feature even before samsung announced galaxy S4, samsung fanboy are cluless

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  • 2013-04-11 23:23
  • thuH

LG the super copycat

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  • 2013-04-11 22:49
  • 6CNa

Oh come on guys. You can't blame LG that they have allegedly copied a few things from samsung. By the way,the company "samsung" has a very famous slogan for years. this slogan is, how samsung calls it, "the three-star discipline. those disciplines are : " COPY,learn and improve" ;)Samsung copied many things from different companies and they even admits it ;) the word "Samsung" means also " three stars"

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  • 2013-04-11 22:46
  • 3tH}

> In reply to Android Man @ 2013-04-11 20:22 from mqMt - click to readlol!
samsung copied lg!

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  • 2013-04-11 22:27
  • t78y

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-11 16:48 from 2Cde - click to readSamsung Fanboys

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  • 2013-04-11 22:01
  • L90V

u know everybody copies everybody that is no news for us people.. now it doesnt matter anymore..

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  • 2013-04-11 22:00
  • mpmX

So, lastly, LG has copied Samsung alot. First, QSlide, it is another view of Multi Window feature in Galaxy Note II. Quick memo-the same problem, a feature copied from SMemo app on Galaxy Note I. Live Zooming-copied from SIII. Dual Recording(video)-yes it is original, but Dual Camera (also photos) is Samsung idea! LG Quick Voice-first was SVoice, then, almost immediately, LG made this. Smart screen-this is so obvious, first was Smart Stay, then they appeared with this ugly copy. Smart Video-do NOT talk if you do not know. First was Smart Pause, introduced for SIII. It was not officially launched but we could get this from a leaked ROM months ago, before the idea of an LG Optimus G Pro. Yes, now I have an SIII but before I had an LG Optimus One. It was a very good phone for that price and I loved and keep my hands for LG but now they are just another copycat, with no inspiration, no innovation!!! Lets not talk about copying the marketing: So, shut up haters!

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  • 2013-04-11 20:58
  • nxuk


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  • 2013-04-11 20:48
  • 4@9Y

sounds familar oh yes S4 functions. why cant LG make there own ideas. instead of copying Samsung.

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  • 2013-04-11 20:22
  • mqMt

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-11 17:04 from 3CeW - click to readLol
note2 perfom better in overall?

Ah yeah in your dream...


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  • 2013-04-11 19:14
  • YTZ%

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