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Analysts estimate Sony sold 4.6 million Xperia Z phones in 40 days

16 April, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Analysts estimate Sony sold 4.6 million Xperia Z phones in 40 days - read the full textThe Sony Xperia Z got the jump on other 1080p flagships and its paying off handsomely. The water-resistant phone was announced and went on sale before its chief competition and analysts are estimating Sony has sold 4.6 million units sold in 40 days. The HTC One experienced delays and its...


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> In reply to Prkx @ 2013-04-17 11:47 from rAP1 - click to readOf course.

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  • 2013-04-17 12:11
  • pF7r

I work in the mobile industry and I spend my time in stores checking sales. Store in the UK said the Xperia Z started off ok, but the HTC One is in very high demand. I was in one store and a customer was buying 8 handsets.

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  • 2013-04-17 11:47
  • 39x%

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-17 11:31 from pF7r - click to readOk...lets see...

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  • 2013-04-17 11:47
  • rAP1

> In reply to Prkx @ 2013-04-17 10:11 from rAP1 - click to readNot really.

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  • 2013-04-17 11:31
  • pF7r

XZ is great..

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  • 2013-04-17 10:26
  • thaD

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-17 10:02 from pF7r - click to readAnd after the release of s4...people cancel thr orders nd wants thr money back...and thn they decide sony is far better...but at that time sony zzz definitely out of stock.......
Its not funny. ...thats truth

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  • 2013-04-17 10:11
  • rAP1

Hai this is Yo Yo Q1 sales are good for Sony I hope.....

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  • 2013-04-17 10:04
  • utaZ

> In reply to Limited @ 2013-04-17 09:30 from vj1N - click to readLooks like your HTC is sinking. LOL

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  • 2013-04-17 09:50
  • YT@x

Most of the people doesnt know what is Sony handsets are capable of.

1. Poor screen display? kinda. In order to have a scratch proof and water proof phone, display is sacrificed due to the screen that protects the phone. Just search for the review of this phone okay?

2. Camera? nah. Ever since Sony was still Sony Ericsson (the keypad era), it's camera is good like 3MP and you can't believe that its just a 3MP camera.

3. Crappy sounds? nah. Walkman is still the best and if i will compare it to beats audio, i'll stick with walkman.

4. Build quality? yes! Need to say more?

You people are asking too much. Just because a phone has a bigger and latest specs doesnt mean it's better. It's a phone people.. camera, music, games, internet is just a previlege. Be happy that Sony can give you a build quality which is already proven, a nice camera and a good music player in one. Well this is just based on my experience and not being a fanboy. ciao!

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  • 2013-04-17 09:30
  • vj1N

without using sony don't say sony is bed...just use it and thn feel the change.. I used all big brands phones...belive me not only sony xz but all sony smartphones r gd....if u think xz camera is not so good...other brands r better. ...thn u r wrong...just copy the pics capture by any other big brands mobile in ur pc and compare it with sony mobile pics....u will definitely surprise with the picture quality of sony...almost like of sony mobile is as usual always gr8...looks, material etc. As usual go for is rocking and will rock

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  • 2013-04-17 08:56
  • 7jZp

let us htc one and s4 become internatinally..
z will drop down like blob from up to down.

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  • 2013-04-17 08:48
  • dQK$

> In reply to d-code @ 2013-04-16 15:06 from dQK$ - click to readLol, whatever man

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  • 2013-04-17 08:29
  • 39x{

best phone!

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  • 2013-04-17 08:08
  • u{L%

> In reply to mansoor @ 2013-04-17 07:35 from U3xT - click to readwe all know that LOL
up until now, there still no update about the S4 pre order, and the biggest question is still
will S4 break S3 record. plus XZ will never be wipe out the competition, and never in your dreams bcoz S4 sucks in build quality.

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  • 2013-04-17 08:00
  • vaN{

> In reply to rj23 @ 2013-04-17 07:13 from t7R$ - click to readi LOLED at this since it's TRUE :)

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  • 2013-04-17 07:59
  • vj1N

> In reply to mansoor @ 2013-04-17 07:35 from U3xT - click to readAnd after release of s4...people want thr money back...

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  • 2013-04-17 07:37
  • rAP7

hey guyz just wait for the sammy s4,,, u people will se what happens then... xperia z is only sold 4.6 million in 40 days but gs3 have 9 million pre orders and so on..

now sgs4's pre orders are five times greater than s3 and when it releases htc one and xperia z will get demolished...... just wait for sammmmmmmyyy

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  • 2013-04-17 07:35
  • U3xT

> In reply to SunOnYee @ 2013-04-17 03:29 from QXPR - click to readYeah, are you a fanboy of any OEMs??? Samsung maybe??? Do you even see that Samsung has so many line up for their Galaxy series but still the look of the phones are VERY IDENTICAL? Galaxy Y and Galaxy S3 look so similar even the Note 2? So do not tell Sony that they only make identical phones all the time because all OEMs are guilty of that. Even Apple! All their iPhones look similar since the first gen.

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  • 2013-04-17 07:13
  • t7R$

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