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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 coming in only three weeks time

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 coming in only three weeks time - read the full textToday Sony Ericsson announced the official launch date of their most eagerly expected handset – the XPERIA X1. One of the hottest names of the season will start shipping as early as 30th September in the UK, Germany and Sweden. Wider market availability in Europe, Asia and Latin America will follow...


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> In reply to vijay @ 2008-09-15 10:48 from jM{U - click to readSaatwaaddekap..i like.

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  • 2011-01-16 21:59
  • qEe9

its sounds great, as it has almost all the latest technology feature. but no were it meention about flash light, day light sensor, and also the camera is 3.5 mp not 5mp which is now latest mobile have. anyway awaiting to see in india

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  • 2008-10-28 07:23
  • vGk4

I have to pre-order my X1, and it cost $950.00 USD

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  • 2008-10-28 03:59
  • 0a}s

> In reply to Le Medj @ 2008-10-13 20:09 from ANF3 - click to readMate, its one of the first mentioned if you read it closely.

However it does not mention the great land poor Aussies have to wait or import them from OS yet again :o(


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  • 2008-10-16 13:16
  • vCy2

Anyone came across it price range...???

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  • 2008-10-15 16:58
  • w0WS

well I dont know what to think, but the above article doesnt mention the USA as one of the recipients of this jewel. So, will it really come to North America ? I only see Latin America up there !

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  • 2008-10-13 20:09
  • ANF3

it took too long we got bored of it without even tying it

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  • 2008-10-11 20:43
  • 0kGf

> In reply to The Guy @ 2008-09-22 22:32 from Mhef - click to readThe only difference between X1a and X1i is that one supports UMTS850 while the other one UMTS900 (then both support the rest of the bands just as well). If you want to get any resonable 3G access in North America the UMTS850 is a must since the majority of the coverage is through the 850MHz band.

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  • 2008-10-01 10:45
  • 4q5T

> In reply to francis @ 2008-09-20 02:31 from 01ek - click to readX1,X1i,X1c - These are the 3 models that are to be distributed world wide.
X1a - America's

This is the two phones you wanted me to compare? First off I am sorry I was unaware the x1a would be release due the current american economy. But I would like to say according to the information provided there still is no difference between the X1i and X1a. Second when the X1a is release it will be lock to t-mobile and at&t currently there is no risk free way to unlock 3g. I still recommend the X1i because that is the model ment to be distributed unlocked. In conclusion sorry for my ignorance but I don't see a reason to get the X1a. Finally there has been a memory upgrade rumor for the x1. But all we can do is wait and see.

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  • 2008-09-22 22:32
  • Mhef

> In reply to The Guy @ 2008-09-15 21:41 from Mhef - click to read

you can check check this site if you wish:

then check: Detailed Technical Specifications of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1a (Venus)

you think you are the X-X1 expert? only Sony Ericsson is...
for us, our comments and opinions only, not expert advise on X-X1

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  • 2008-09-20 02:31
  • 01ek

> In reply to The Guy @ 2008-09-15 21:41 from Mhef - click to read

thank you.
hope you are more reliable.

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  • 2008-09-20 02:18
  • 01ek

The official global launch of the Xperia™ X1 will take place at Tent London as part of London Design Week between September 18 – 21st.

Journalists have been invited to attend the official Tent London opening party on Friday evening 19 September 2008 to see the Xperia™ X1 and meet with Sony Ericsson spokespeople.


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  • 2008-09-16 12:05
  • 2G8G

Johnny X is about a young man with amnesia desperately piecing together his identity. The webisodic thriller comprises of nine episodes, created to demonstrate the rich, immersive and experiential elements of the Xperia™ X1.

The storyline follows Johnny X on his mission to rediscover his identity. As he finds out more about his lost life in a race against time, he updates his Xperia™ X1 with new content to piece together his personality and identity, reflecting how the phone can be personalized to suit users’ individual lifestyle and needs.

Over a three week period, one new episode of Johnny X will be posted online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on Monday, September 22.


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  • 2008-09-16 12:03
  • 2G8G

i live in banga, alrady have dis phone my cuzin work for SE and he gave me t prototype phone, and i must say, dis very very good phone, but the cam-era not very good and also very slow but better ythan iphone.

after using for 3 days battery still vary good and i enjoy the keyboard, buttons respond good.

Please email me if you want more informataon on this phone.

Thank u!

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  • 2008-09-16 09:29
  • v0gj

will this phone be available in australia?

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  • 2008-09-16 07:07
  • inyU

> In reply to francis @ 2008-09-14 01:51 from 01ek - click to readWhat source are you reading off that say it will be released in North America? SE never announced that it will be release in NA. Plus Canadian and American distributor are not going to work through eBay. Cell phone distributor will advertise through eBay. The X1 is also Quad band and runs through a 3G network North America only requires two of these frequencies GSM-850 and GSM-1900 are used in the United States & Canada. So the X1 supports all of the HSDPA and all the GSM frequencies. So therefore stop lying to people about your although rather small knowledge on this phone. You are not a reliable source please /yourself.

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  • 2008-09-15 21:41
  • Mhef

I am SE user for several years. Used P900 and moved onto 990. I am eagerly waiting to upgrade to Windows based one of Sony so that my PDA function will get integrated fully. Hope they relase this soon

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  • 2008-09-15 15:54
  • uZ9a

how i wish the X1 could come with the same features without windows OS. It would be great if it could support ANDROID but i don't think SE has thought about that. Keeping the fingers crossed let's see how it turns out to be. We wish GSM ARENA do a detail review and test of the X1 as soon as possible.

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  • 2008-09-15 10:48
  • jM{U

Many people was waiting for new M$ product but when it came out many peoples was realy disapointed. I hope X1 will not disapoint i'm big fan of SE. Looks like realy seriouse player in market who can beat not only phones but also pocket pc too. Maybe some one knew aprohimatley price for this wonder.

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  • 2008-09-15 08:56
  • p$Kx

Why all these phones have a mere 65K color screen??? I mean they dont look like that....

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  • 2008-09-15 06:18
  • 2SUn

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