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More Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa benchmarks surface

28 April, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
More Samsung Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa benchmarks surface - read the full textThe fourth generation Galaxy S smartphone was launched with two different processor variants, one with Snapdragon 600 chipset on board and the other with the company’s own Exynos 5 Octa platform. The folks at FoneArena have got their hands on the Exynos 5 variant of the device and put the...


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No huge different compare current quad core device.

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  • 2013-04-29 09:36
  • tZk9

I just received my S4 & it comes with the Octo chip. Looks like the S4 in South Africa will all get this version

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  • 2013-04-29 09:17
  • Nh3u

> In reply to Ay2Cyrus @ 2013-04-28 13:58 from 3sE3 - click to readNo it didn't come with wireless charging facility. The box included a headset, a charger and a data cable + the handset along with some manuals .... Thats it.

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  • 2013-04-29 08:41
  • vGh2

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-29 04:06 from PGXj - click to readLag in android has been a lie since ver 2.1

Show your proof for this.
Samsung has the best and fastest UI and these benchmarks have shown their 8 cores can crush the old and slow

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  • 2013-04-29 07:30
  • vmLp

> In reply to vlad @ 2013-04-28 21:41 from 3cHj - click to readBro, for the bragging rights I gained, get it?

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  • 2013-04-29 05:19
  • TC}q

> In reply to Nephylim @ 2013-04-28 22:49 from PqT$ - click to readHope so!!!!!

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  • 2013-04-29 04:28
  • H4r4

> In reply to Rahul9993 @ 2013-04-28 22:18 from vbMX - click to readSMART features are not working properly, my frnds were laughing at me when i tried to show them the SMART pause function.... Samsung please fix it!!!!!!!

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  • 2013-04-29 04:22
  • H4r4

> In reply to Andy14 @ 2013-04-29 00:08 from v0qJ - click to readBut it LAGS in chrome and the launcher for S4, as do so many applications.

So the ultimate question...... WHERE DID THAT BENCHMARKS rating goes?

Even S3, HTC one and Sony does not have the same lag as it does.. Its shameful.

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  • 2013-04-29 04:06
  • PGXj

GET the Exynos overclocker to equal the 1.9GHz of the Snapdragon then rerun tests.

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  • 2013-04-29 02:45
  • mXyQ

> In reply to Andy14 @ 2013-04-29 00:08 from v0qJ - click to readS600 is not Cortex-A9. It's Krait 300.

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  • 2013-04-29 01:36
  • sffj

> In reply to edson @ 2013-04-29 00:59 from NX{m - click to readwhy buy it then if it is boring old design, easier to go the store and sample it first, before buying???, i have it and i find it amazing, but i do agree with the storage , it is paltry, 8.9Gb is pathetic, not sure how to install apps to the sd card instead of device to help, the camera is not the best, it is very good, but actually in 16:9 it only shoots at 9.3MP, there are better camera modules out there to be honest, but for me, day time shots are VERY good, and i have a pro camera for shots that ANY camera phone will never produce, so no big deal

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  • 2013-04-29 01:31
  • 3xqh

Hi hi! Got the s4 I9500 tonight. For me
Pro: Good screen with high ppi, Good battery life, Light, The best camera on smartphone I've never used,Slim and Powerfull, Micro sd,
Cons: Boring design fed up of plastic,Screen is not big like Note 2, Limited internal storage only 8,8go?, No huge difference in day to day use with s3 , it does not make people saying ouaaaaa

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  • 2013-04-29 00:59
  • NX{m

oh by the way... this are the fast CPU to date.

Exynos 5 Octa - Quad-core [1.6Ghz A15/1.2Ghz A7]
Snapdragon 600 - Quad-core [1.9Ghz A9]
Tegra 4 - Quad-core + 1 core [1.9Ghz A15] with 72 core-GPU
Tegra 4i - Quad-core [2.3Ghz A9] 60 core GPU

*those above mention chipset can achieve 25,000+ scores in Antutu benchmark. (tegra 4 chipset are not yet tested,)

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  • 2013-04-29 00:08
  • v0qJ

Great job then! I see those A15 chip are powerful with the combined power of those A7 power saving chips-both quad-core (FYI: Octa-core on Samsung wont run all 8 cores in 1 time. The quad A15 cores are used for heavy task while the A7 cores are used for task that dont need extra processing. Pretty good scores by the way that Octa-cores punch in. But im kinda torn between the new chipset that NVIDIA released. The new Tegra 4 features a quad core clocked at 1.9Ghz, A15 SoC based cores, with additional 5th core for power-saving. PLUS a 72 GPU CORES!!! Im waiting for this chips to be deployed in several devices this year. Im telling you its gonna be fast!

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  • 2013-04-29 00:00
  • v0qJ

Be nice if you bothered to benchmark both S4's...

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  • 2013-04-28 22:50
  • LaS6

> In reply to tush1114 @ 2013-04-28 21:14 from H4r4 - click to readmaybe it needs a patch or firmware update from samsung
nothing serious ;)

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  • 2013-04-28 22:49
  • PqT$

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-04-28 17:01 from ttv6 - click to readMy PC doesn't lag when running windows 7, my fairly bad laptop doesn't even lag when running it. Maybe buy an SSD?

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  • 2013-04-28 22:28
  • H5CW

> In reply to tush1114 @ 2013-04-28 21:14 from H4r4 - click to readWhhaaat? It's got 2 quad core CPU's and will only use the power saving one when it can afford to so not during games unless the game isn't demanding.

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  • 2013-04-28 22:24
  • H5CW

> In reply to Nephylim @ 2013-04-28 19:59 from PqT$ - click to readyeah there were lags,also the ais gestures and smart pause features arnt much impressive, when set to fast,the smart scroll stops responding, had so much expectations from samsung, bt it let us all down....
Or may be the on which I laid my hands on may have some problem...

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  • 2013-04-28 22:18
  • vbMX

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