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HTC Touch HD gets video previewed, available for pre-order at 619 euro

HTC Touch HD gets video previewed, available for pre-order at 619 euro - read the full textThe uber-phone of them all, the HTC Touch HD has been caught in action by a French gadget website and it seems like the reviewer is really impressed even in this pre-release stage. The other HD news today is that the PocketPC is up for pre-order over at, which means we finally have a...


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1)will the screen (64 K) be poor compared to iPhone or Nokia?
2)does anybbody have (good) experience with handwriting recognition on HTC 2.8" models? can you write e-mails or calendar apointments with it, or only notes?
3)anything wise to say on camera and videoqualities of HTC (reference could be the 3.2 in Tytn 2 and Touch?)

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  • 2008-10-03 00:48
  • Sgr6

You can compare phone photos here: www flickr com/cameras/brands/ (i removed the dots from the link, not sure if I can post links here). Select the Apple and the N82 and check which of them has better landscapes, night shots, portraits, macro, etc. Personally I found some great landscapes made with N82 which look good enough to be used as desktop for my PC. Not to mention that entry level Canon cameras are not able to make 640x480x30 fps videos. In fact only a few Canons can do that (and some have 30 seconds limitations). And only S Series Canons (S1 IS, S2, S3, S5, SX) can zoom while video recording, so the zoom advantage becomes null in this case.

Ok, last time I used the modem function of my phone was last night when my cable internet connection stopped functioning for some reason so I connected my phone to my PC and navigated. Tested the connections speed, 1 Mbs download, 340 kbs upload. Not bad for a mobile connection. Also, while on internet the phone still works, can receive calls, etc (if it is on 3G). Of course I can buy a 3G modem for that, but I use that ocasionally, maybe 3 times a month. Now why would I want to buy a modem for that? Why spend money when Nokia provides that for free? It is the perfect backup internet for me and it costs nothing. And of course I do a lot of tasks which I can not do with an iPhone (or it would be tottaly not productive), like uploading/downloading files on FTP, administer my clients websites, etc. Even if you make an Excel on your laptop and you need to send it by email a modem is welcome. Of course you can send it to, but first you need to move the excel file to your iPhone which takes aditional time.

As of radio and MMS, you keep talking about internet radio and email ... but you just dont get it that internet is not always available in some places ... or it is to expensive for some. Receiving an MMS is no cost for a mobile owner, reading an email it is (and having a push email on your phone is even more expensive). And as someone said, an internet radio will empty your battery very fast, a standard radio will go at least 4-5 times more.

Applications ... simple. Developers make applications for Nokia phones since ... I dont know ... before 2000? Even S60 platform has a few years of developing already. Apple developers just started making them this year. Personally I like the applications from epocware, which have dictionaries in lots of languages, money managers, advanced taks managers, wheater, calendars, converters, world clocks, profile management, etc applications. I also have video applications which play PC avi files (I played a 700 MB movie on my mobile - worked great), the nokia maps (which in europe is much more useful than google maps), pdf readers, call recorders, excel, word, powerpoint readers, zip archiver, a programming language/script (python) with editor and interpretor and Quake2 :), with works with quake maps from PC. These are extra applications ... phone has also some other. Of course any applications from those can be run at the same time ... I dont have to stop one to enter in another one. Try doing that on your iPhone (not playing music, that is internal and is normal to work while doing some other task - just try to run two external applications at the same time).

I am glad your iPhone is good for you and I am sure there are a lot of users who feel the same, but there are also a few like me who want more from their phone. Dont get me wrong, I like some parts of iPhone (speed, browsing experience, music), but its not on my wishlist because all those things I need and the phone does not offer. If I buy an iPhone I will also need a second phone or other devices to compensate the lacks, and I dont wanna carry around too many devices. HTC Touch HD is on my wishlist, not sure it is top 3. But it is sure more interesting than the iPhone for me.

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  • 2008-09-24 15:09
  • 0CYJ

> In reply to nick @ 2008-09-23 21:32 from nxwQ - click to readI think you have a different issue. You have an issue of human's uncontented nature. What next? Complain that it does not have AM radio? LOL. I've had the iphone 3g for two months now, and I never experienced it freeze when you press the home key. So you can go ahead and deduct that finding.

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  • 2008-09-24 01:53
  • abF8

> In reply to DanT @ 2008-09-23 12:27 from 0CYJ - click to readIphone has apps that are dedicated to realtime news and sports, so there you go. Pandora radio and other radio apps on the iphone play all types of songs just like FM radio does, minus the ads. Now what? Are you going to tell me that some people loves to listen to ads? LOL. Well if you do not intend to get the data plan, do not get the iphone because you would be defeating the purporse of the iphone. Get a regular cell phone and use the extra cash to buy a transistor FM/AM radio, LOL.

Ummmm, you don't need two hands with the iphone if you only want to listen to radio or ipod. You can actually put it in your pocket =)

And you're the type of guy who would turn on your AC when it's already zero degrees just because you have AC.

I never pretended that the iphone is a perfect phone. It's just the better phone.

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  • 2008-09-24 01:45
  • jJee

> In reply to DanT @ 2008-09-23 12:11 from 0CYJ - click to readTo DanT. I have no problem understanding basic facts at all, but you on the other hand have a problem with facing reality. Last time I compared photos taken from an N95 and the iphone, I didn't see much difference. I can even say that the photo taken by the iphone looked better because of its bigger screen and better resolution. But that's beside the point. Currently, no camera phone, even with 8mp, can produce excellent photos like digital cameras do. Only a silly person would argue with that. Now I am not saying that it's wrong to get an 8mp camera phone because that is your choice and consequences to face. But what's wrong is, to say that it is a MUST on phones like the iphone to have at least 5mp and that it is a loser because it only has 2mp. Camera features on phones is nothing to really brag about because it does not level up to digital cameras. I don't need to check out photos taken from N82 because I have better quality pictures taken from my Canon. So save it.

On tethering. Now this is where you are not being realistic. Now why would I need to tether my phone to a laptop just to access, Pandora, itunes and youtube? I can do all that with my iphone alone. I do that now every day. It does have 3g, remember. As for work, you do not need to go online to use Excel, Word, or Powerpoint which are the most commonly used softwares for professionals, and if I need to email those files, I can use Air Share application on my iphone to drag and drop those files and then email it through my iphone. So there you go. And realistically, if you are that important at work, I'm sure your company can afford to give you those internet cards for your laptop instead of having you use your personal phone for tethering =) Hey, if you're happy viewing Youtube in your Nokia, I'm cool with that, lol.

As I've said, what is standard to some phonemakers may not be Apple's standards. MMS is not as reliable as email. Some phones have compatibility issues, add to that the extra charges. Email is much more consistent and reliable, so why would I even bother with MMS? LOL. Every person that I know has an email address and has access to the internet, even my grandmother in the Philippines. So again, you are being unrealistic. As for those people who hates wired headsets, they don't have to buy the iphone. I really don't know anyone who carries extra batteries for their phones. I do know a lot of people though who takes with them their phone chargers. I personally never bought extra batteries for any of my phones. I have bought car chargers for them though. Don't you think that's more realistic? Wall outlets are pretty much everywhere. For fifteen minutes the iphone would already be half charged.

Nokia has that many apps? Where do you get those apps? Are they from reliable sources? Do they send you regular updates to improve those apps? Are they screened by Nokia to make sure that it will not corrupt your phone? Can you give me example those wonderful Nokia apps and maybe we can compare.

Iphone does support multi-tasking. I'm typing this comment with my iphone and listening to its ipod while a couple of applications are getting installed in the background. Why? What applications do you want implemented on a phone? I'm just curious.

As for you, I don't care if you find those missing iphone features critical, but don't tell us iphone owners that we're missing out because we're not. We can obviously function just fine without those said features.

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  • 2008-09-24 01:30
  • abF8

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-23 00:06 from 4TAw - click to readi accept some of your points however no application which streams over the itnernet is going to replace a simple reciver picking up shortwave radio frequencies.

no iphone application is going to let me tune into BBC radio 94.9 and listen to charlton commentrey. its a basic feature, seriously. also a live stream is going to kill the battery far quicker.

can i also add the iphone does have a habit of freezing when you hit the home button. during ipod/safari use it is very stable but i often find when you hit the home button, it doesnt do anything, then 10 seconds later is returns, then is slow to open anything up. of course this might not be the case with yours, i dont know.

but otherwise your comments are appreciated :) i guess we'll have to agree to disagree

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  • 2008-09-23 21:32
  • nxwQ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-23 00:06 from 4TAw - click to readOk, lets talk about radio support. Maybe you dont realize but some people in this world are listening to news, live sports, etc. Not everybody want to hear music. Or maybe they are bored of the music they already have and want to hear some new stuff they dont know about yet. So they like listening to the radio. Maybe some of them dont want to pay $70/month for a voice+data plan just to browse on internet and find out the score of the game. Or they are walking towards work/home/etc and cant browse internet while walking (especially on iPhone who requires two hands available for that). So they listen to their phone radios. All clear now?

You seem to be the type of guy who if Apple would make cars and wont put A/C on them whould say: "Hey, who needs A/C when I can open the windows from a touchscreen button?". There are no perfect phones, I too have complains about my Nokia as I have for any phone available. But at least I'm not pretending I own a perfect phone.

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  • 2008-09-23 12:27
  • 0CYJ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 23:53 from 4TAw - click to readDear iPhone fan, I see you have problems understanding basic stuff. There is a huge difference between having a one star camera on your phone (like iPhone does) or a three star one (like Nokia N82 does), that if we say that four and five stars are for dedicated photo cameras. Check some N82 photos on flickr before saying anything. Of course if you want real photos you get a dedicated camera, but I happend to own a semi-pro camera, big enough to not be pocketable. And if I have to take a photo of my daughter playing with some other kid at kindergarden a Nokia N82 will do great. Even recorded videos will still look good enough for that (and more).

Second problem: connecting to internet. Maybe you dont go anywhere else but starbucks and the mall, but some people travel a lot further, to places where wi-fi have never gone before :) So you dont have Pandora, iTunes, Youtube through your wi-fi. You have to connect with 3G/HSDPA or EDGE. And while traveling some people have to ocasionally work on their projects on their laptop, because as you said, you cant work on your phone. Now how do you connect to the internet if you dont have wi-fi or an internet network available? Through a 3G/EDGE modem. There is no other easy way. But wait, iPhone does not support that ... so I guess you just cant if you're using iPhone. Just to inform you, when the connection is good I have real 1.5-2 Mbs on my 3G Nokia modem supporting phone. I can watch Youtube videos live or listen to online music easily through my phone's modem while browsing and chating. Even on EDGE I can still do my work with 200 kbs connection.

Why bother with MMS when you can email? Another stupid question. MMS is a standard for 90% of the world phones and works even if the receiver does not have an internet plan. Email is much less supported by the phones and works only if you have an internet plan. I also prefer wired headphones, but some hate them so ... Why removing the battery?. Users who travel a lot and need the phone for different tasks (internet, email) will remain powerless very fast. So maybe they will want to have a backup battery. At least 99% of the non Apple phone users have this option.

And about the iPhone apps. Multiply that with 100 and you will get the number of applications for Nokia phones. Not to mention that Nokia smartphone support multi tasking applications, which iPhone does not. So some applications just cant be implemented on the iPhone.

I'm sure your iPhone is great for you as it would be for many people. But please dont say that other dont need the features missing from the iPhone just because you dont.

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  • 2008-09-23 12:11
  • 0CYJ

> In reply to nick @ 2008-09-22 23:46 from nxwQ - click to readOf course the N95 is a fantastic device, but I really wouldn't say that it's camera is as good as a digital camera both in photos and videos. So for you to say that it's perfect in that aspect, makes you a questionable judge =) But yes, for a person like you who does not own a digital camera, I guess the N95 is your best choice.

The N95's mp3 playes is actually very good. It's 2nd to the iphone. Web browsing though is quite a pain. First of all, its screen is only 2.8. Second, it only has qvga resolution. Third, it's not as fast as the iphone. Fourth, scrolling, panning and zooming is not effective with the N95.

Having the iphone is awesome. There is an application that gives you realtime sports news w/ video. That's better than fm radio. I think people are just brainwashed by other phonemakers to believe that those features thrown in by those phonemakers make are useful, when in reality, they're really not. Glad iphone came along and made a difference.

Also, the iphone does not freeze. It is when users do things that they're not supposed to that it would freeze, like unlocking it. If you do not like the iphone, just say so, but please do not make up stories.

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  • 2008-09-23 00:06
  • 4TAw

> In reply to DanT @ 2008-09-22 22:58 from 0CYJ - click to readGosh, some people just do not get it. Camera phones, even the ones with 8mp, will not render excellent results like a digital camera does. That's why the iphone are for people who prefers quality. Because even if I have an 8mp camera phone, I would still take with me my digital camera. But hey, it's your choice, but don't say that the iphone is a loser just because it preferred a 2mp camera. No camera phone can match the features or results of a digital camera. So if you're a person who's really particular with photo quality, you will still prefer a digital camera. Obviously you're the kind who would only settle for a so-so results of camera phones.

The iphone focused more of its energy on the integration of ipod, web browser, and 3rd party apps into a phone. It does not care about what other phonemakers focus on, or what other phonemakers consider to be standard features. Iphone does not care about fm radio, because it has Pandora and other radio applications available that are way better than fm radio. It is silly to use a phone as a modem because it would be frustratingly slow. Most, if not all, iphone users own a pc and laptop, why would we even deal with using our iphone as a modem when if can browse the web already? Why would we bother with MMS when we can email with no extra cost and is more guaranteed to reach the recipient? Why would we bother with BT stereo headset when we get better audio quality with a wired headset? Why would we need to remove the battery when there is not need for it? Why would we bother with SD cards when we do not intend to use our iphones as external hard drives? 90% of smartphones out there also does not have the unique qualities and features that the iphone has, but obviously they've been trying hard to copy the iphone, that's why you see this sudden trend and popularity of touchscreen smartphones.

As for techies and complex users. I'm sorry, but they use pc's and laptops to perform their highly technical and complex system projects, not a smartphone =)

As for your modem issue, doesn't your laptop have wifi? LOL. And with the slow internet browser of the N95, I'd rather wait till I get home and use my pc, lol. With the thousands of songs saved in my iphone, add to that Pandora radio, I don't think I have time for FM radio, lol. You do not need SD so you can transfer files from your laptop or pc to your iphone. The iphone has an application called Air Share where you can simply drag and drop files into your iphone. See, that's ever better than BT or USB. The iphone has tons of games and other apps. They don't need to follow Nokia's standards. But Nokia though needs to learn from iphone on using better quality materials on their phones. I'm sure HD Touch is a wonderful option as well, as long as you don't mind its sluggish UI and erratic behavior that I would say all HTC handsets share. Good luck =)

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  • 2008-09-22 23:53
  • 4TAw

i own a nokia n95 which you all happily slate here. i think its a fantastic device. on youtube, the video quality is absolutely perfect! i havent got a clue what you're talking about!!

i use my n95 as my mp3 player and it does it admirably without fail and no the battery NEVER runs out. i use it for web browsing and it does the job as advertised. i dont own a personal digi camera so having my n95 is also very useful as i think during daylight, the pictures are really quite good.

my point is, having the iphone is nice for about 1 month, then you realise you cant listen to the football on the radio as you walk home, you cant video things which catch your eye and nor can you send quick texts. i think the touch HD is looking like a great device and anyone who thinks the iphone is better is just being brainwashed.

i really dislike the iphone for its price and lack of features, it is just the principle.

CAN I ALSO ADD. the iphone always freezes up! it is terrible at not lagging!!! everytime i use one it freezes.

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  • 2008-09-22 23:46
  • nxwQ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 14:18 from tAMQ - click to readOh please. I am for technology. And if there's really a multi-media phone out there that is good enough that I would throw away my pc and laptop I would. BUT THERE IS NONE. You are giving smartphones too much expectations that you are being unrealistic. As for using my phone as an external hard drive, I think it would be impractical and unsafe even if it proves to be mechanically capable. Phones are on-the-go mobile devices. They are prone to getting lost, stolen and dropped. I don't think it's smart to use it as an external hard drive anyway. That's why I said it is not ideal for that purpose. But it's your choice at your own risk =)

Honestly, those features that are thrown in on phones are mainly used for amusement, not for serious projects. So please. Although the iphone really offers very helpful apps for serious research (epocrates, wikipanion, stocks, converters, air sharing, etc).

As I've said, the iphone manages its memory pretty well that it barely lags even if you've already used a lot of its memory. I've had the Viewty, N95 and the Diamond, and there is a dramatic decrease in processing speed when you've used over half of its memory. Pulling and going through photos would take longer than usual. I can't speak for the omnia for I haven't tried that phone. But I believe that the omnia does not even come with a large internal memory, and have also heard that it has memory issues when you save pictures taken.

As for using digital displays or projectors to show images. I really doubt if those images taken from your 5mp camera phone would look sweet when projected on a bigger screen, but the images that I transferred to my iphone that was taken from my Canon would surely look great =) Or, if I already have my Canon camera in my pocket, I don't even need to pull out my iphone, but it is in my iphone if I need it.

As for potential, I do see that. And I cannot wait until that time comes that I can get rid of my bulky laptop and my digital camera and use my phone instead. But so far, the only device that I can totally get rid off was my ipod, only because the iphone totally matched its performance and quality. And the iphone did eliminate considerable time on laptop use as far as web browsing is concerned. As a matter of fact, my laptop stays home most of the time now and I only take it with me on long trips or when I go out of town. With my N95 and Diamond, I still brought my laptop with me. That's how frustrating those two phones ware.

I am not against the idea of all-in-one devices. But for now, I just don't see that the quality and efficiency is there yet. All I see are devices who tries to impress on paper but does not deliver. I'd rather have an honest and conservative device like the iphone that does not try to do everything, yet is very capable in delivering great performance on features that it boasts about (ipod, UI, apps & web browsing), than a phone that wants consumers to believe that it can do everything, but cannot even deliver the real basic qualities of a helpful device (poor UI, poor sunlight legibility, plastic display that scratches easily, cheap plastic materials, etc)

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  • 2008-09-22 23:23
  • 4TAw

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-20 22:39 from 4TL6 - click to readNot sure if you realise that people dont carry around their cameras all the time, so a good camera on a phone is always a good feature for those who like taking pictures. And the iPhone camera is too weak for taking decent photos. It's not about the megapixels, but the lack of autofocus, blitz, picture quality, etc. A Canon A60, with 2 megapixels, was still capable to make great pictures. At the price it has, an iPhone could have a camera comparable with the one on Nokia N82, with autofocus, xenon blitz, quality lens, VGA video recording at 30 fps. That one can be called a decent camera. But Apple chose not to put one just to make costs smaller. For same strange reason they decided also not to support radio, modem, MMS, real bluetooth, removable battery, SD card, etc, which are supported by 90% of the smartphones these days. They were also too lazy to support flash in the browser (another strange thing). I agree some people dont need these ... maybe even most of the people. But smartphones are not for most of the people. They are usually for techies or more complex users, and that kind of market usually wants those features present. The most annoying for me is the lack of a modem, which i use on my cheap nokia phone to connect the laptop on internet. I never use MMS or bluetooth, but radio is useful sometimes. I also lost some interesting pictures/videos because the camera on my phone is as weak as the one on the iPhone. Some also prefer having a backup battery. Lets say that SD card is not needed because iPhone has enough memory (but if you have a SD card you can put it in the laptop card reader and transfer data, without a USB cable). Flash support is not maybe an important feature on a phone, but it can be fun for those who like playing on the internet. The question is why not support features other phones have in a expensive phone? Why my cheap 6120 Nokia, the cheapest smartphone on the market, has at least 10 features (4-5 useful for me) which iPhone does not have? Why block the phone on a certain network? Why sell the phone only with $70-100/month plans? If Apple will ever address these problems I might consider one of their phones, because they sure have a few strong points. Until then, this HTC Touch HD seems to be a very-very interesting option.

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  • 2008-09-22 22:58
  • 0CYJ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 13:20 from tAMQ - click to readI did say that 2mp is enough for a camera phone. And the rationale behind that is, photo processing technology on camera phones could not match the ones in standalone cameras. NOW, if camera phones can be able to match the quality of photo processing that digital cameras render, then by all means, throw in those high megapixel numbers. I'd even join you in complaining as to why the iphone only has 2mp.

I'm not into photography at all. I just like good quality photos and videos. I posted some videos on youtube using my N95 before, and it was not good, especially the audio. I regretted not taking my digital camera with me because I thought the N95 could do it. I ended up deleting it because the audio was so distorted and the video quality not so clear. Picture taken from my N95 only looked good on its 2.8 screen, but when emailed, it's not crisp either. So yes, camera phones are only good for photos that stays in your phone. And you do not need 5mp for that.

The iphone never lied on what it offers. Other touchscreen phones promise smooth and responsive UI, but you get the opposite. Other phones promise a great web browser, yet you get a frustrating one. Other phones promise awesome mp3 players, yet it doesn't have it. Other phones promise a camera that would replace your digital camera because of its high megapixels, YEAH RIGHT. Iphone promised a smooth, fluid and responsive UI and it has it. Iphone promised great mp3 features, and the ipod delivered just that. Iphone promised a faster than most web browser on a phone, and it does have one of the fastest, if not the fastest web browser on a phone.

As for the term "jesus-phone", I'm a Christian, and I never liked that term anyway. As for phone issues. All of them have issues. But I find my issues with the iphone, tolerable. Other phones have issues that are not tolerable, but rather frustrating and disappointing. Like browsing the web on a 2.8 screen of my N95 and the challenge of scrolling and panning through pages. That was a pain. Or the unresponsive touchscreen of the Diamond when you browse the web on it's small 2.8 screen. Flash support did not help at all. I'd rather have the smoothness, speed and the screen size of the iphone. I can tolerate it not having flash support. On BT stereo, yes, no wires, but I had to deal with the choppy sound quality that can be quite annoying. I may have to deal with the wired headset for my iphone, but it delivers great sound quality. I can tolerate the wires, but I cannot tolerate the choppy sound quality of BT stereo headsets.

As for connection issues, I'd only think that your issue with the iphone is valid if you can swear with your life that other phones do not have connection issues as well =)

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  • 2008-09-22 22:30
  • 4TAw

> In reply to Apple B/S Marketing @ 2008-09-22 13:06 from SbkG - click to readHere's my take on what you've said about the iphone.

- not having flash support (we don't need that, we already have a TOUCH SCREEN) - it's true that we do not need it. I've been browsing the web using my iphone and it's been wonderful. I get the information I need, and that's what matters the most.

- not having stereo wireless headset support (who needs that when we got a TOUCH SCREEN) - you're words are irrelevant. What has touchscreen got to do with wireless headset support. And the iphone does support BT headsets for communication.

- or anything that bluetooth offers (useless junk like PC-CONNECTIVITY, MOBILE-CONNECTIVITY, SYNCING, tethering, keyboard - NO THANKS these are for lamerz) - BT features aren't junk at all, but realistically, you don't need all of them. BT connection to a headset is a must, and the iphone does have that. For the rest, iphone has work-arounds for it that would even give better results.

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  • 2008-09-22 21:56
  • 4TAw

1st can compare the camera from the phone screen 2nd U REALY cant compare iphone camera with this 5 mpx "monster"...(no flash):(

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  • 2008-09-22 16:52
  • nmAm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 14:22 from Px0K - click to readyeah you're right.there's nothing so informative/helpful being discussed by these guys here.just two guys arguing and trying to pacify each other w/ thier opinions. come on guys! give it a break!

BTW this HTC TOUCH HD is quite cheap for only 619euro! knowing all the things it can do! its realy promising

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  • 2008-09-22 15:07
  • PDPb

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 14:18 from tAMQ - click to readomg. get a room you two. your posts are too damn long. go argue over email or something!

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  • 2008-09-22 14:22
  • Px0K

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 05:53 from 4TLu - click to readi think there's a divergence here. you keep referring to these things as 'phones' as if it's a fixed specialised functionality. when really we've been moving into mobile computing devices for several years now.

clearly you won't achieve the same processing tasks that a pc performs. it's obvisouly different hardware underneath. there's no way you'd perform video conversion or image manipulation on these things.

but its undeniable that there is quite a lot of functionality available on mobile devices. image capture, music playback, etc. all of which is available in a handy little device, and doesn't required much processing power (as compared to a pc).

i find the 'more memory used = slower the device gets' a little strange. i've filled a 16gb iphone 3g. didn't notice much performance drop (if any). i've also filled an omnia as well. it was slowish, but it was a slowish when it was practically empty.

i'll give you the web browsing thing though. i use it a lot more when i'm out and about than my colleagues do. it works well enough to do most of the things i'd do on a laptop (without having to lug my laptop around). and it's usally when ive got time to kill (like now). speech to text isn't making too many mistakes (toss up between that or lugging a laptop around) so i generally don't mind it.

in terms of storing digital data, i'll put this to you: if the device came with a 1tb storage capcity and consumed the same power current devices do (oh and didn't suffer the apparent slowdowns you experience when when more data is stored), would you use it as an external storage device?

for me, over half a decade ago i'd carry a usb-key and hook into an accessible pc. that changed after getting a laptop. i'd also be hauling it's power brick, pointer device, my phone, camera, etc. fast forward the laptop doesn't see the outside world as much. 90% of what's wanted is all in a single compact mobile device. but i guess that's just how i'm using it.

i highly recommend using digital displays or projectors to show off images when you can. it's works very well for eye-candy.

the perception of arrogance i believe is your view (but i'm obviously not looking at it from your perspective). pretty sure i didn't target people here either (given how linear these replies seems to be getting). again, i'm just warning against people's perception of history glossing over certain things that have come before (like apple's newton for example)

and for a person that has multiple devices i'd recommend exploring the potential of your mobile device. it's amazing how much less complicated life gets when certain things are consolidated into something the size of a remote control that puts (almost) everything electronic/digital (almost) one button press away.

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  • 2008-09-22 14:18
  • tAMQ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-09-22 05:21 from 4TLu - click to readyou yourself had indicated the apparent 'target market' doesn't need any type of high-end camera on a phone as they'd already have a digital camera. for video functinality for conference calls you generally need only 0.3mp (aka 640x480). 0.07mp would suffice as that's the low-end youtube quality (320x240).

and the reason you get a separate digital camera is for the specialised hardware. but people intersted in that (such as yourself apparently) are into photography.

and of course i've owned the iphone. not sure about other people, but i'm not going to comment on the phone if hadn't lived with it for while. that would just be silly. i mean the phone sounded very promising when it came out (and a modest little tax deduction at the intro price).

don't get me wrong here. the phone is quite decent. it's just not the jesus-phone the fanboys seem to be preaching about. i had issues (which i've mentioned) with the phone when it came out but let it slide given it's their first attempt. after 4 months without much improvement for what i was using it for i move on.

and again, i'm glad you're in a region where there are no connection issues. stick around there. you'll be a lot happier.

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  • 2008-09-22 13:20
  • tAMQ

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