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Motorola AURA to sell on a burn-after-using basis

Motorola AURA to sell on a burn-after-using basis - read the full textSome leaked information suggests that the Motorola AURA will be sold along with a contract that forbids the second hand reselling of the highly expensive device. In an attempt to preserve the exclusiveness of the AURA throughout its entire product life, Motorola will be making future AURA...


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design #1

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  • 2008-11-10 11:19
  • 0UTK

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-11-06 20:14 from pc9Y - click to readSo why all other manufacturers, some with handsets costing more than US$700 (if not US$900 for Americans), be "generous" enough to put such chip in their handsets to improve the voice quality?

Instead, certain brand (especially its bar-shaped phones) is famous for capturing all the background noise so the person's voice can't be heard?

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  • 2008-11-10 01:05
  • Er2M

> In reply to arxodas @ 2008-11-07 01:20 from 3AmU - click to readso... "arxodas", lemme get this straight, ur 3 year old son, plays with toys that have 1)stainless steel housing with chemically etched textures? 2) carbon carbide coated gears? or somethin that just LOOKs like that? need i mention the other technology motorola incorporated into this device? i am a nokia fan, a sony ericsson fan, a samsung and HTC fan too.. hell.. i even like the iphone.. ppl like u love to bad mouth a company that isnt doing well dont u? did it ever occur to any of you that motorola doesnt even need a mobile phone division that does well in terms of sales? get a life man, maybe you should go play with your sons toys instead of running your mouth here..

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  • 2008-11-09 19:51
  • u7V3

to all aura funs!!!!!!!!!!1waste of time and money!try 8800series of nokia (arte,carbon)and you will see what is luxurius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it seems like the toys phones that my 3 years old son playing!!!!!!!!!!!!1i agree with you aria!!!!!!!is v70 without antenna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 2008-11-07 01:20
  • 3AmU

"best voice quality" haha - this is just a chip dude - just a freaking chip that costs 2-3 bucks, made in china, taiwan or indonesia. this phone is "please, richmen, give us your money fast cause we're sinking hard"

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  • 2008-11-06 20:14
  • pc9Y

> In reply to aramo @ 2008-11-05 22:29 from jBN6 - click to readThat means the device can provide the best voice quality being unmatched by any other phone manufacturer as of Oct 2008...if not years to come.

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  • 2008-11-06 10:47
  • Er2M

What happens if your phone gets stolen, lost or "stolen"?

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  • 2008-11-06 07:44
  • PrMj

its still just another motorola....

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  • 2008-11-05 22:29
  • jBN6

the circular lcd/oled displays will be cheap and mass-produced in a few months

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  • 2008-11-05 21:00
  • pc9Y

who is managing this company? he should be fired and kicked hard because he's making dumb decisions one after another - motorola is sinking because of one or some dumb people in business suits. this company is like an apotheosis of the global economy declination.

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  • 2008-11-05 20:57
  • pc9Y

it's so ugly phone i just can't understand how can motorola take this price and even attach conditions hohhohohohohho:))))))))))

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  • 2008-11-05 20:25
  • Swbs

This is the dumbest policy ever. The same thing applies if I buy a Bentley and I am free to dispose of it to whoever I deem fit. Moto's accelerating its EOL process.

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  • 2008-11-05 14:59
  • P%Ix

I know why...

1. use normal quality material for the phone -> low cost.
Can earn back the cost with just selling a few units.

2. How to make people buy?
Make an agreement like .. cannot sell the unit after purchase.
Those who hate the agreement will purposely buy the unit and sell off to prove to Motorola that their so call "agreement" is worthless.

This is a win win situation for them.
-earn money with low cost high return.
-promote the unit... cause Motorola is the first to implement such rules and everyone else are paying notice and so eagerly to comment on it and spreading the news for them.

hehe just kidding.. sorry.

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  • 2008-11-05 11:56
  • PGQP

this device is good but not the best!2000$ is so expensive for a device like this!so it's reasonable AURA can't compare with other luxurious brands like Nokia 8800 series or Vertu's worth is only about 600$

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  • 2008-11-05 11:47
  • SuAR

> In reply to ryna @ 2008-11-05 02:27 from ijqx - click to readhi this phone is not good in comparing with other new phones which launched now days

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  • 2008-11-05 11:47
  • PxXj

M0to wow stil love it n its going to be very rear n the 8800 is boring n comen compered to this phone i hope m0to makes a cheaper 1 in smiler style

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  • 2008-11-05 11:34
  • jLBr

I wonder what's running in mind of those people behind motorola aura.
im not so sure if they just wanted to waste profits of producing this phone.

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  • 2008-11-05 10:09
  • w0QN

> In reply to G0 @ 2008-11-04 23:47 from qiNH - click to readYou don't know the capabilities of the MotoMagx Linux software. Its music quality still surpasses the iPod thanks to its advanced codecs and audio chips.

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  • 2008-11-05 09:20
  • Rxcy

wow this phone looks insane but i think is to expensive and are they reselling it i had the old model only difference is i don't see the antenna on this one. o well my old ones all scratched up but so what there only selling this people who get contracts thats the dumbest thin i've ever heard i want to get tis phone but i need it to be unlocked.

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  • 2008-11-05 08:53
  • 4A%8

this silly design again...

v70 design = fail

had a v70... HATED IT. Was just bling and no functionality...

come orn moto... get your act together

get with it or get out...

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  • 2008-11-05 05:28
  • LKmx

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