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Press shot of Apple iPhone 5C leaks

22 August, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Press shot of Apple iPhone 5C leaks  - read the full textThanks to a Romanian retailer, which sent a couple of photos to the Romanian publication, we get our first glimpse of what seems to be a press photo of one of Rumorland's prime citizens, the Apple iPhone 5C. The photo shows the white plastic device with Apple's iOS 7 running up...


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Apple iphone 5c will be an affordable one to purchase for middle-range persons like me. So no matter how the body was built up, only its perfomance will speak up.

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  • 2013-09-09 06:04
  • Mfx1

> In reply to Pork Chop @ 2013-09-01 10:03 from 39xW - click to readI guess Iphone5S is still made from quality material. So we will buy 5S and not low budget devices.

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  • 2013-09-05 09:34
  • mjQx

> In reply to Pork Chop @ 2013-09-01 10:03 from 39xW - click to readits not a flagship like plastic s4, dummy.. who cares from what mid range models are from..jesus, grow up!

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  • 2013-09-04 22:19
  • 0Ung

Pork Chop, not really. Apple may be making plastic phones but they will still always be prestigious for their beautiful metal design on the higher end iPhone models. The 5C can be great for younger crowds or those who don't do so well with handling their phones and drop them all the time. Android will never have the fluid software and beautiful design of an iPhone. Ever.

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  • 2013-09-04 03:17
  • QKcD

I'd like to see what all you iPhone fanboys who criticise other phones for being made of plastic say now that Apple are doing exactly the same now meaning you've lost the right to brag about premium quality anymore.

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  • 2013-09-01 10:03
  • 39xW

> In reply to Mree @ 2013-08-23 03:46 from 9xB@ - click to readWell, it's supposed to be a more affordale version of an iphone, so it's not exactly going to have an aluminium back

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  • 2013-08-30 10:47
  • H5Ck

how is it that these leaked photos of an unreleased iPhone have cases on them already... fishy

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  • 2013-08-25 04:04
  • sgqC

I think that the device that you are talking about in that period new Apple phone What I Phone i Pod, but it is a new issue can add a slice data networks to communicate with the Internet and is not as direct-dial phone
(Up to work the i Pod as I Pad)

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  • 2013-08-24 12:55
  • fv$M

> In reply to FAKE @ 2013-08-24 01:22 from v$y5 - click to readOMGZZZZ YEH!!! You must be right, that totally gives it away! Oh well done, you've cracked the case, clever boy!

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  • 2013-08-24 10:41
  • MVg6


Theye would use black writing on the back!!!

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  • 2013-08-24 01:22
  • v$y5

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-08-22 21:59 from v0Xt - click to readbasically it is...a itouch

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  • 2013-08-23 18:59
  • nvy@

> In reply to Not Fake @ 2013-08-23 16:10 from K4SS - click to readbear phone 5c

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  • 2013-08-23 18:57
  • nvy@

Only Apple can make plastic phones look this good.

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  • 2013-08-23 18:55
  • vG6k

The right price for this unlocked in U.S. and Canada is $399. Then it would make sense. If it's more expensive than $399 for base model it's not worth it.

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  • 2013-08-23 16:02
  • SY5x

Why so "shame" posts in here ? I like Apple products but in my country it is sooo overcost and can´t have one..I´m looking forward for this "solution" Everyone do not have 18K+ to buy Iphone 5.

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  • 2013-08-23 12:49
  • ps1p

tell me some specification

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  • 2013-08-23 11:25
  • ut}u

Still think its fake.

Look at the bottom charging port. Does not look like lightning connector.. It looks like micro usb port. Like goodphone i5.

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  • 2013-08-23 10:55
  • PGXj

i bet it would cost 15 - 25k here in the philippines..

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  • 2013-08-23 08:27
  • RxnW

> In reply to Vino31 @ 2013-08-23 02:22 from vpHA - click to readMatch My fake boob job!

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  • 2013-08-23 07:43
  • vMfZ

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