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Xolo Q1000S goes official with 5-inch display and quad-core CPU

24 August, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Xolo Q1000S goes official with 5-inch display and quad-core CPU - read the full textXolo has officially announced its Q1000S flagship smartphone in India. The newest addition comes with an elegant design and is only 6.98mm thick. Xolo Q1000S also offers impressive features and hardware specifications for the price tag it carries. The Xolo Q1000S comes with a 5-inch 720p IPS...


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I bought XOLO Q1000s recently. Sleek design like Google Nexus. The performance comparing with price and big branded mobiles, This is really good and worth one. the minus are no duel sim and no expandable memory. This will not be much difficult. I am facing a little heating problem in outdoor only. Let me wait for the mobile to set.

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  • 2014-08-08 17:14
  • uuTc

xolo is better than canvas and this phone chiper than other as phone

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  • 2014-01-21 05:52
  • KAex

> In reply to Terabaap @ 2013-10-09 05:14 from TS8V - click to readindian brand manufactured in r.o.c

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  • 2013-10-26 21:17
  • mIfJ

> In reply to nsanjn @ 2013-08-26 06:00 from PE2s - click to readDude xolo is a indian brand. its not a chineese phone. n its build quality isbetter than samsung chineese phone

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  • 2013-10-09 05:14
  • TS8V

should i buy this handset, please help with expert review?

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  • 2013-10-08 21:28
  • uurm

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-09-06 09:39 from KSu9 - click to readConfused Samsung, MMX, or XOLO Q1000s

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  • 2013-09-20 07:24
  • MfxE

M confused wat to buy mmx canvas 4 or xolo q1000s

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  • 2013-09-06 09:39
  • KSu9

camera s ok..nt that great.. i had samsung s3, which has a great switching made me miss my s3 phone... also its a full metal body design...which means in case it falls down, it ll have breakages....p.s. sound is low...other than these factors its awsum...snappy performance, good looks, stock android which is customisable, you are not restricted by skins which samsung offers... excellent display....overall its justified for its price. regarding the warranty, i did some research and found that they have entered into a contract with fed ex for picking and delivering under-warranty products, an arrangement similar to Dell like companies, and they give on site warranty. processor warranty comes from intel which is convincing enuf...i hope the review helps.

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  • 2013-09-03 20:34
  • vG6v

I purchased the device two days back Initially I was very nervous to buy this item as no review was available My initial impression is very encouraging the rear camera is really excellent (thanks to bsi 2 sensor) front camera excel well ahead of expectations Sound quality very nice I purchased the device for 16900 really a Value for Money camera samples are amazing low light performance is at par I can share some samples if you drop me a mail onecharudatta (at) gmail (dot) com

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  • 2013-09-03 16:58
  • U$4j

> In reply to mixromaxsux @ 2013-08-27 09:14 from KS7Y - click to readyour username says it all towards ur hatred for non Renowned companies.
This phone is a rebranded phone. Not a copy, not a fake, just rebranded. If YOUR (lol)fav band One Direction is rebranded to Two Direction, will you call it a fake??
Indian companies partner with foreign companies(mostly China) to sell those foreign products in India. The offer their own localized services and take the trouble of sales and services so they REBRAND it in their name.
The XOlO 1000s is a rebrand of a very good phone, so dont worry about quality, unlike the other Xolo phones.

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  • 2013-08-27 09:36
  • uuqx

Just re branded of Chinese pone green orange N1.we must feel ashamed for being cheated by these companies.they are looting our money.they get it hardly for 8k and selling it around 20k price.

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  • 2013-08-27 09:14
  • KS7Y

> In reply to nsanjn @ 2013-08-26 06:00 from PE2s - click to readThey have warranty, and support. In fact, Micromax has a service center in Mizoram while companies like HTC dont.
My brother's HTC Sensation SE got spoiled...he had to send it to Guwahati,Assam for repair. Took 1 month. Compare that to Micromax which fixes the phone for you on the spot,if possible..and if they cant, they give u a replacement phone and fix the phone whithin 2-3 days.
Lesson no.1- Dont be swayed by the charms of overpriced companies. They are fooling Android customers like how Apple fooled 'Muricans
Lesson no. 2- This is actually Green orange N1, a very well rated phone.
Both Green Orange N1 and HTC One is from Taiwan. So any argument against Taiwanese and Chinese companies is invalid the moment you call HTC "high quality"

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  • 2013-08-26 12:44
  • utug

All these are cheap Chinese phones and these wear out sooner than you expect. Never buy these products as they do not have warranty nor any support.

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  • 2013-08-26 06:00
  • PE2s

it doesn't come with protective scratch resistance screen and the graphics is not upgraded. price is comparatively high to xiaomi mi2s which houses snapdragon 600 and nexus 4 too.

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  • 2013-08-25 16:17
  • 7tyq

Xolo Mobiles do not have any support at all. Please don't ever buy any mobiles from Xolo/Lava, They are #1 Fraudsters...

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  • 2013-08-25 12:46
  • utiG
  • pankaj meravi bhopal
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I buy xolo play t1000 which is very hangful phone battery back up too low
prices 16000
plz be aware that no service centre so dont buy this phone .I want to change this and go for Samsung brand
plz use ur mind before

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  • 2013-08-25 09:38
  • fCyp

> In reply to Vino31 @ 2013-08-24 15:21 from vpHA - click to readno, even Cherry Mobile is a rebrand. it goes like this: Green Orange N1 (China) > Xolo Q1000S (India) > Cherry Mobile Cosmos S (Philippines)

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  • 2013-08-25 06:50
  • t7PW

In xolo q1000s no dual sim no expandable memory card slot

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  • 2013-08-25 05:47
  • bJ2D

XOLO is one of the best brands which came to the market very recently. Actually 'XOLO' is a brand name only. And LAVA is only importer. The correct name of the manufacturer nobody knows. I think ( after my all recent searches in the net ) the manufacturer of this xolo brand is ALPS international. This is a multi-international company which makes almost all parts of mobiles. So the build quality of this brand is actually superb only. I have XOLO Q1000 which I purchased recently. I am very much happy with the set.

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  • 2013-08-25 05:36
  • ij2x

Nobody here said that rebranding is wrong. But calling it as your flagship is definitely unacceptable. Flagship means is the best and the leading device so far for a particular company on which they have put all their efforts from internal to external design to make look unique and out of the box. What Xolo did was just changing the logo (from Green Orange N1) then calling it as their own and flagship. Everything on that phone from internal to external design and specifications is from Green Orange brand.

Say for example a company name "XXX" will just change the logo of a Samsung phone to their own, then they will call it as their own and label it as their flagship device. Will it be acceptable to you? For sure Samsung will sue XXX. And could happen to Xolo if Green Orange find it.

My suggestion to Xolo is to have originality. There's also nothing wrong if it is build or manufactured in China (which most devices are) as long as the origin and design comes from you.

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  • 2013-08-25 03:32
  • URH}

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