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Blackberry Curve 8900 available through T-Mobile DE, seems nice

Blackberry Curve 8900 available through T-Mobile DE, seems nice - read the full textThe new Blackberry 8900 Curve packs both Wi-Fi and GPS, which is rather unusual for the manufacturer. The new Curve also has a 3 megapixel auto focus camera to make corporate users extra happy. But wait, as there is more. We reported the new Blackberry 8900 when it leaked earlier last month on...


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If you're getting the 8900 through T-Mobile, you get UMA (WiFi calls) while you can't with the E71 or unlocked Bold.

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  • 2009-01-05 20:13
  • Y9L6

I don't like the Bold (too big, I can't believe someone is carrying that in the pocket) and I don't like the e71 (looks cold, feels cold, cluttered ui).

The new Curve is just what I want in terms of looks and usability.

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  • 2008-12-10 14:47
  • 0TpP

I was thinking of getting the e71 or the bold, was planning to get both but i wasn't quite sure about the bold, it felt a bit huge and it wasn't quite for me eventhough it has 3G but when I heard that they just released the curve 8900.. I can't wait to get it=)

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  • 2008-12-09 00:44
  • kxPk

sounds good, now when is it coming to the US?

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  • 2008-11-21 06:47
  • RbXv

just one world. BLackberry much better than e71. i have e71 and hate it but then i bought bold. is verry good. much better phone the nokia e71. trust me guys.

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  • 2008-11-16 14:54
  • qKfy

will it be able to use TOM TOM maps and GPS with it?

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  • 2008-11-16 00:07
  • m7D1

> In reply to Ken @ 2008-11-14 17:50 from N75d - click to readThis device is not 3G ken so your Bold is still the best BlackBerry around.

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  • 2008-11-15 03:38
  • 46tU

No fair!! just got the blackberry bold 2 weeks ago and RIM releases a new curve? one that is thinner, with GPS, 3G and WiFi(like the Bold) and even better resolution: 480x360(Bold has 480x320).
My question is this- if the Bold is meant to be a higher end phone why is this new curve better?

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  • 2008-11-14 17:50
  • N75d

coulda sworn the javelin is the 8900 curve. check out boygeniusreport

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  • 2008-11-14 17:08
  • Gyix

> In reply to fluidny @ 2008-11-12 22:09 from TiZg - click to readif it didn't how come the really close looking phone
Blackberry Javelin (9300) does.
whats the darn point????????????????

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  • 2008-11-14 04:50
  • kWWi

it's too small screen for that resolution so it's quite useless and still too thick phone from blackberry. Nokia has set standards for qwerty phones with e71 =)

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  • 2008-11-13 10:18
  • mr}F

The nokia e71 is 10mm with full qwerty.....

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  • 2008-11-13 09:10
  • ns$8


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  • 2008-11-13 04:17
  • 0F3t

> In reply to [deleted post]can you kindly inform the world what you won for saying you are first to post?. what's so difficult in just stating your comment without geting trivial?

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  • 2008-11-13 02:59
  • Bw@H

I wonder if this one will record video as well......

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  • 2008-11-13 02:10
  • YaPt

the bad thing about blackberry is none of them has forward facing video conference camera.

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  • 2008-11-13 01:59
  • tDB6

nice phone...i was about to purchase E71 but now i'm thinking twice, just because of the metal surface at the back of E71 leather feels just as good i guess...any comments? when is it going to be officially out in Toronto?....i wonder if the price of E71 is gonna go down when this things comes out?

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  • 2008-11-13 00:24
  • 4xfU

looks great... kind of like a bold and a curve had sexual relations lol... but one MAJOR thing is missing and people seem to be missing this.... where is the 3G?!?!

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  • 2008-11-12 22:09
  • TiZg

Price seems a bit uneven; without contract it must be reconsidered.

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  • 2008-11-12 20:24
  • PSdx

Close... but not quite as good as a E71 and nowhere as affordable as the E63. Love the display though.

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  • 2008-11-12 19:36
  • EuZx

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