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Apple iPhone 5s to cost more than its predecessor in Europe

11 September, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Apple iPhone 5s to cost more than its predecessor in Europe - read the full textApple finally announced its next-generation iPhone along with the iPhone 5c at yesterday's event. Back at the event, the Cupertino guys announced the subsidized pricing of its newest smartphones in the United States, but didn't say anything about unlocked pricing for other regions. Well, the...


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> In reply to Tommy Hank @ 2013-09-11 12:49 from wHTp - click to readYou fail!

The iPhone is now a 64bit OS on a 64bit chip! All Android phones are based on ancient and outdated 32 bit technology!! Apple has just taken a HUGE leap ahead in terms of performance compared to the ancient 32bit chips!

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  • 2013-09-11 14:06
  • 3dv5

This is the first time I see any company introduced its flagship with a case on.
It doesn't make sense.does apple coming to say put on a case to keep it safe?

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  • 2013-09-11 13:57
  • YQLJ

First thing i am not arguing with anyone its all personal choice. But i have few questions for apple
1 if they are worried about the security then why they did not added fingerprint feature to 5c whichbis said to b cheaper as it is just 51 dollers cheap than iphone 5. With same features and and less sturdy body. So people will pay only 130 for not having fps and 8mp ois camera is it really worth.
2. Os7 is best of any other os no doubt but what about the hardware screen.
Even nokia lastly followed smartphone category has 4.5" puremostion hd plus scrren which way better than any i phone with responsiveness and size.
3.If they wanted to reduce the price why didnt they reduced price of i phone 5 and keep in market. With adding screen in 5s.
4. I like ios but screen is too small 4 " with tipical resolution.i am using s4 its quiet comfortable in hands. So why dont they consider to increase screen size. As many like me will like more than 4.5" screen with ios7 .
Lastly if using fingerprint only best upgrade of the phone will stop internet hackers or that sort of stuff. Or it is only for phone thief security.
Also i am not samsung fan i like apple but most of the time i do brousing so i need comfortable i got samsung s4. Otherwise u have two ipone for my dad and wife. Which they normally use for calling.
And camera.
These are my review there is no arguement withanybody.

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  • 2013-09-11 13:43
  • sG{f

Apple stock takes a hammering in the aftermath of iPhone 5s/5c event ,20 billion!

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  • 2013-09-11 13:41
  • LhVD

> In reply to x @ 2013-09-11 12:21 from SXx8 - click to readyou're right mate but its gonna sell well. the apple people are real businessman.dirty business tricks.

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  • 2013-09-11 13:28
  • PAXY

As usual, an overpriced-32gb iTrash!

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  • 2013-09-11 13:27
  • Kg%F

come on people. if you have ever used a apple phone in your life you would have never say such a joke. i have used my apple 4S since a 1 year and it never ever got stuck what ever i do with it. but lately i gifted with an android tab which has a 2Gb ram and a processor of 1.5 ghz but in that it never works steadily when few apps runing together. in that if u keep playing any game which has better graphics while listening to a song it definitely get stuck man. but in apple even in iphone4 it doesnt happen so. apple is still the best man. people who use it know what it is. if u have never used it please dont comment saying this is bad and that is bad just by looking at it on some other means. it will just be a joke for people who actually use it.

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  • 2013-09-11 13:23
  • v{uH

> In reply to popye @ 2013-09-11 12:29 from Iw3u - click to readlet me answer your question about those people who buy Vertu and Gresso phones, well the difference between Vertu & Gresso from Apple is that, Vertu and Gresso targets the really rich people who consists the top .0001% of any society who have no problem spending a thousand dollars for a roll of toilet paper in case of an emergency, while Apple targets those people who want to feel 'included' in the 1%, not those actually in the 1% . . creating false thoughts about iphones being the rolls royce of phones . .

the reason for their ridiculous price is that they're both covered in very precious and very expensive materials such as titanium, diamonds, rubies, ceramic, etc. . . . well . . unless iphones have diamonds embedded in their chips, i'm not buying a much more expensive phone for exactly the same technology i could find on other phones for half the price

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  • 2013-09-11 13:13
  • t7{E

> In reply to Tommy Hank @ 2013-09-11 12:49 from wHTp - click to readlol @ 13mp... yea sure .. in 2050 Apple will launch 13mp~

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  • 2013-09-11 13:12
  • 6P}e


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  • 2013-09-11 13:04
  • Y}K4

lawl :d

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  • 2013-09-11 12:59
  • 6mRT

> In reply to popye @ 2013-09-11 12:37 from Iw3u - click to readit does not matter who makes the parts, but you missed the whole point in that this phone has already been in production for 12 months, so parts like the screen which were lets say for example $50 last year are not the same price this year, tech companies drive down costs all the time, and most of the stuff in the phone has been used for YEARS already and so it is not as expensive as it was back then, the screen is not bad, but it is nowhere near comparable to MOST other screens out there now, and thats a fact on almost EVERY comparison website going, it was great a year ago and it stood up well, but most other screens are way beyond the iphones in size, colour reproduction, PPI and so much more, the screen is good on a feature phone, and thats what the iphone is, and the camera...we need to see real life tests on the new module but i will agree that the iphone 5 had a great camera for sure slightly better then my galaxy s4, and increasing low light is almost a requirement for companies now so the pics can only get better in the iphone 5s, the only bit of real advancement in there is the A7 chip.

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  • 2013-09-11 12:57
  • B{sP

> In reply to x @ 2013-09-11 12:21 from SXx8 - click to readTrue I agree with you

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  • 2013-09-11 12:54
  • iwpJ

> In reply to popye @ 2013-09-11 12:37 from Iw3u - click to readbest screen? have you tried using other phones? i surely am more impressed by the full HD screens and 18mp cameras of high-end local brand phones in my country, and they're less than a quarter of the price of the iphone 5 when it launched . .

i wasn't impressed by the iphone 5's screen when i got the chance to try it, i saw nothing special, it felt outdated using the iphone5(which it was), not like before which i was amazed when i had the chance to try my cousin's iphone 4 . .

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  • 2013-09-11 12:52
  • t7{E

Actually there is only a minor improvement from 5 to 5S.

In fact Apple can make more money from 5S and also 5c with cheap plastic casing!

I would say, Apple will make a big change in the next iPhone 6 (2014) which will have 4.5" display with 13MP camera.

Basically Apple makes a big change in every 2 years!

Yet the Apple fanboys are willing to wait and pay premium price for iPhone which is lacking behind the Android flagship Smartphone for 1 generation.

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  • 2013-09-11 12:49
  • wHTp

iphone 5s and 5c...FAIL!

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  • 2013-09-11 12:43
  • n7}x

Tisk…tisk…tisk Apple. When are you going to figure out the glory days,are behind you. The iPhone is no longer the phone it was 4yrs ago. If you're going to try & screw over people. At least do it with,some dignity. Significantly lower the price of the 5S to around £329 for the 32GB model. Except the fact that the iPhone 5S is nothing more than a glorified mid-ranged phone compared to the powerhouse phones of now. That way Apple becomes the uncontested pound 4 pound King of mid-range. Winning the hearts & wallets of people once again! You welcome Apple. Although you'll likely remain the greedy leech like vampires you already are. Sucking until there's no more to be had. Smh.

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  • 2013-09-11 12:40
  • jAG}

> In reply to geordie81 @ 2013-09-11 12:29 from B{sP - click to readWho cares who manufactures iPhone's spare parts? The thing is the iPhone 5 still has the best screen even today in terms of quality, and the 5S's camera is going to be one of the best mobile cameras for sure.

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  • 2013-09-11 12:37
  • Iw3u

> In reply to popye @ 2013-09-11 12:29 from Iw3u - click to readPeople that buy Vertu have enough money. The majority of people that do buy a £700 IPhone use a credit card or worse a 24 month contract! Not quite the same thing is it?

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  • 2013-09-11 12:36
  • SXx8

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