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Nokia announces Nokia 6260 slide feature phone, writes S40 history

Nokia announces Nokia 6260 slide feature phone, writes S40 history - read the full textThe spanking new Nokia 6260 slide easily steals the spotlight with Wi-Fi, GPS, 320 x 480 pixels display, and a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. We bet that reading those specs the words "dumb phone" or "S40" would never cross you mind. But the new Nokia 6260 slide is exactly that - a...


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i am not able to use internet browsing to net cause link is not supporting what is link service i dnot know please guied me

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  • 2010-07-24 17:53
  • 2SQv

1800 LE

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  • 2009-08-17 00:35
  • fvEL

whats the cost of this phone

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  • 2009-04-23 10:25
  • 2TaT

does it have a secondary camera for taking pictures??like wat nokia 6220 classic has???pls reply asap..coz im confused on choosing which of those has a dual cam

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  • 2008-12-23 08:37
  • v0qa

> In reply to DeJust @ 2008-12-03 20:48 from p$Kx - click to readYou're welcome :)

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  • 2008-12-09 17:03
  • i2Gv

> In reply to Bill @ 2008-12-02 04:16 from i2Gv - click to readThanx 4 de enlightment about de multitasking thing, we need ppl lyk u in phone forums. Well thanx 1ce again 4 ur appreciation and BTW Billy is my middle name. What a coincidence. Keep posting bro!

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  • 2008-12-03 20:48
  • p$Kx

> In reply to DeJust @ 2008-12-01 12:02 from M@T2 - click to readSupposedly, multitasking of Java apps is coming to Nokia S40 phones sometime this year. Maybe we'll see it on this phone.

However, there is a way to do it now, if one wants to combine their Java apps using a program called Multime. Please Google for it if you're interested.

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  • 2008-12-02 04:16
  • i2Gv

> In reply to Erny Soicsson @ 2008-11-27 10:03 from RKp{ - click to readFinally the answer to my ideal mid-end "smartphone"! I might argue with you bro, that as soon as a phone is announced the programmers are already starting to write applications for it(considering screen resolution and OS). It's no exception to this phone. It's a long time I've been longing for an S40 Nokia to have a document veiwer, push e-mail, WiFi, GPS, big camera, 3.5mm, audio/video jack, large screen, etc., and this seems to be a huge step in the right direction. About the S60 candybar you want I think there's plenty of those like N82 and N79 which in my opinion should be upgraded with this screen resolution (320*480 pixels) to suit your needs. I just wish Nokia works on multitasking on S40 like Sony Ericssons that run more than one Java applications at once and old low end Motorolas(eg. V360, L6, L7, etc) that can automatically minimise an application when receiving a call or sms and lets go back to resume it (where you left) if you like. BTW well done Nokia.

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  • 2008-12-01 12:02
  • M@T2

if can, i hope nokia new s40 5mp camera have a good speed since 6500s take a photo quite sec :C

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  • 2008-12-01 10:19
  • ibX@

> In reply to Pinoy_Apple_Hater @ 2008-11-28 05:49 from RKp{ - click to readwell obouislly N series have better build quality than the S40's, and the power of Symbain is something vary spacial .

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  • 2008-12-01 09:40
  • w9JC

wow 5 megapixel from nokia s40!!!.it shock screen ONLY 2.4 inch???it must be joke..i more prefer buy n95..have 2.6 inch screen..also 5mp carl zeis optic, n support recording vdeo s40 n s60..i prefer s60 coz it open source phone. Also can install any software which compatible with it. But s40 is proprietary phone.,which mean it can't install software sis..its response very slow i bet

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  • 2008-11-30 15:14
  • PSPr

why did they have to put a S40 on it...why,would have been a great phone

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  • 2008-11-30 09:33
  • nmh8

If I am not mistaken, this phone will cost as much as an n95 or an n82...may even cost a bit more...

wonder what can this phone do to prevent collision to known legends?

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  • 2008-11-29 12:10
  • wu4Z

But what about multi-tasking? can it multi-task?

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  • 2008-11-29 08:43
  • RK09

> In reply to ars @ 2008-11-28 12:21 from M35R - click to readYUCKS the c905 not 6260S standard

screen resolution 6260S larger

screen color 6260S better

Video code support 6260S much more

Video record quality 6260S SLIGHTLY better than 8MP C905 even it just 5MP , not even 5MP nokia better, 3MP also better than C905 8M-E-G-A-P-I-X-E-L-S

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  • 2008-11-28 19:17
  • ibqx

> In reply to C @ 2008-11-27 23:36 from iDmI - click to readI don't understand why the GPS is not allowed in egypt?? the mobiles having GPS are present in every hand here in egypt.

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  • 2008-11-28 13:38
  • fvAK

it'll be about 450eur but i can get se905 with 8mp for 400 now so goodbye noki

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  • 2008-11-28 12:21
  • M35R

> In reply to Nee @ 2008-11-27 19:21 from w9Jx - click to read[quote]Well u might forget the Killer Cam + 30fps Video Recording , HSPDA , WI-FI , Navigation , Decated HI-SCREEN , Accelerometer, and lot more .[/quote]

Well, the 6220C has all that except for the aforementioned Wi-Fi, and the accelorometer, although regarding the latter feature, many of the apps have the option of being displayed in landscape or portrait orientation, obviously it just won't be automatic. I doubt the S40 UI is as slick, responsive and usable as the S60 UI, which Nokia has concentrated on refining for many years now....

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  • 2008-11-28 05:49
  • RKp{

Nice. But I've 3 comments:
1. Being in Egypt, this phone won't be available because of having GPS
2. Which brings me to suggesting producing another model to be a simpler version of '6260 slide' like 'E63' is to 'E71', i.e. remove GPS, plastic body, reduce camera resolution to 3.2 (or even 2) but keep autofocus and flash, HSPDA to UMTS
3. Increase contacts limit from 1000 (according to to 2000
4. A bar form is nicer (similar in design to that of 'E51' or 'E71'
5. (Just a thought) Won't reducing the color depth from 16M to 256K will save power and increase talk/standby times?

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  • 2008-11-27 23:36
  • iDmI

> In reply to Pinoy_Apple_Hater @ 2008-11-27 04:44 from RKp{ - click to readWell u might forget the Killer Cam + 30fps Video Recording , HSPDA , WI-FI , Navigation , Decated HI-SCREEN , Accelerometer, and lot more .

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  • 2008-11-27 19:21
  • w9Jx

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