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LG G Flex with curved OLED display goes official in Korea

27 October, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
LG G Flex with curved OLED display goes official in Korea - read the full textLG officially took the wraps off the G Flex smartphone with curved display in Korea. The Android handset will hit all three major carriers in its homeland next month, where it will square off against the Samsung Galaxy Round. Naturally, the main feature of the LG G Flex is its curved...


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> In reply to Aleeha @ 2013-10-28 19:26 from 6PFk - click to readYes it is. The first of its kind, developed by LG Chem. Galaxy Round on the other hand, employs a regular "stiff" battery, meaning loss of space (hence battery space) due to the empty areas around the curves.

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  • 2013-10-29 05:36
  • P}vn

i think a curved screen is great, virtially no risk of cracking the screen if dropped as it will never land on the acrual screen.

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  • 2013-10-28 21:12
  • Tr8a

> In reply to Curved!!! @ 2013-10-28 18:39 from KI6% - click to readIt should named "CURVE", fLEX IS MISLEADING until it broke into two parts hanging with wires lol.

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  • 2013-10-28 19:54
  • uC4V

self healing is good thing and fone is curved ok but what about battery is it flexable too?

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  • 2013-10-28 19:26
  • 6PFk

Card slot ? on reveiw says yes on information/spec says no - to which one may it be ?

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  • 2013-10-28 19:02
  • mpQ3

Lol if this fone was flexible then it would have been a huge success..but this!! curve!!! come on ppl someone posted that it will get leveled in pocket and they are right it will get leveled in pocket... lol otherwise keep it in the back pocket ;)!!!

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  • 2013-10-28 18:39
  • KI6%

Well leave the curve apart self scratch healing is innovative ..I just luv that feature

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  • 2013-10-28 16:19
  • XNts

Would like to see a curved I-phone 6, HTC One 2, Xperia Z2, Galaxy s5... next year. It will be interesting.

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  • 2013-10-28 16:01
  • ty@H

I like it. Think it looks great. Bit to big for me though.
Probably a bit of a gimmick but what isn't these days.

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  • 2013-10-28 15:37
  • nx}5

Bent, round, twist, etc... phone? Do you this is innovation? Haha think again.... Nonsence

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  • 2013-10-28 15:14
  • wHrS

most of people will fear it dosen't get leveled in pockets

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  • 2013-10-28 14:17
  • rJH{

LG G Flex with curved OLED good looking.......

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  • 2013-10-28 14:03
  • P}vn

> In reply to optional @ 2013-10-28 12:02 from 3q5Q - click to readLmao. It sits better on watermelon XD

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  • 2013-10-28 13:16
  • 4QSR

I HOPE THESE Phones never sell.

Else i fear for the future of phones..

Comparing specs i can take it.
Comparing battery capacity i can take it.
Comparing screen sizes.. i still can take it.

BUT .. "MY PHONE IS bent 90 degrees more then URS, ur phone suck!" THAT.. i cannot take it!

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  • 2013-10-28 12:35
  • tReM

> In reply to carcoon @ 2013-10-28 11:39 from XMcd - click to readKim Kardashian will love this one ... untill she'll sit down too with it in the pants back pocket and break it in small pieces. But hey this is a whole other weight story.

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  • 2013-10-28 12:21
  • 0C1Z

- More comfortable in pants pocket if put sideways or in the back pocket
- Might be slightly more ergonomic in hand
- Sits better on top of a watermellon
- looks weird
- bye bye flip cover
- will brake more easily if sat on or pressed in the bag
- takes more space in most places, especially in jacket pocket where this size device is likely to be kept

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  • 2013-10-28 12:02
  • 3q5Q

in as much as its kinda cool to hear about screens that are virtually unbreakable until d rest of d phone can flex like d screen I don't really see the whole curved screen thing as much more than I did it first gimmick

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  • 2013-10-28 11:56
  • N9@T

It's neither pocket friendly nor Bag.

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  • 2013-10-28 11:54
  • NCDm

Great for those who want to keep their phone in their back pocket, especially those with nice round butt. For those flat butts, forget it.

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  • 2013-10-28 11:39
  • XMcd

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