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Samsung said to launch a device with wraparound screen next year

14 November, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung said to launch a device with wraparound screen next year  - read the full textAccording to a report released by Bloomberg, Samsung has plans to release a smartphone with wraparound display at some point next year. The new screen tech will allow users to look up messages or stocks from an angle. The upcoming device is said to use updated version of proprietary Samsung...


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What is it with these OEMs and phones with weird forms? Just because the screen bends does not mean the phone must bend also. How about just making a regular phone with this flexible screen for better durability? I can think of a good number of people who would want that, me included

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  • 2013-11-14 23:26
  • Nsq9

this notice is great

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  • 2013-11-14 23:12
  • PvET

In theory a wrap around screen is good. But is there a need for it? What's th epoint of looking up something from an angle? Probably jut another gimmick or marketing ploy by Sammy. Flexible screen. Now that would be good.

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  • 2013-11-14 23:09
  • MfxG

Go Samsung! They have the best in terms of innovation, and seeing this at next years show would be exciting

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  • 2013-11-14 23:06
  • Px@q

Wont buy any Samsung Phone til the release one cheaper than Lumia that has:

1gb ram
8mp cam
4.inch screen
3g or even 4g
lasting battery
scratch res. Glass
should be able to upgrade and downgrade to any android version

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  • 2013-11-14 23:00
  • fu{h

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