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LG celebrate 5 million Viewty phones sold around the world

LG celebrate 5 million Viewty phones sold around the world - read the full textToday LG announced that their successful 5 megapixel cameraphone Viewty has hit the 5 million units mark. Now, 14 months after its market release, the full touch-based Viewty has conquered some 350,000 pockets in its home country, while the rest 4,650,000 devices have spread over Europe and the...


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this phone is too many bugs.....
I think I'll change to use Omnia.
My frenz feedback n shown me his Omnia, it's so powerful n useful....
I love u Omnia

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  • 2009-01-14 05:59
  • wuq3

the viewty is the best phone ive had i ve left it out in so many storms droped it countless times and its always survied the hardeiest touchscreeen around suck on that blackberry haha

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  • 2009-01-09 00:29
  • vuAR

I've been using my Viewty about a year and I am happy I've made the right choice! Thank you, LG!

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  • 2009-01-08 09:48
  • mZuM

> In reply to LGE @ 2009-01-06 06:02 from i7ka - click to readI like LG, LG Viewty in special. Yo Soy Telcel

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  • 2009-01-07 07:03
  • LsHZ

5 million..!? The Viewty SUCKS..!! Touchscreen is useless, the phone freezes. The battery life is the worst i have ever come across. I will never buy any products from LG anymore after using the Viewty. Totally unreliable and absolutely hideous to use.

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  • 2009-01-07 05:12
  • 2IBK

Thx for LG , i'm one of fans for LG too.. i always using the new phone from LG . now i'm still using LG Viewty .. keep it up LG !

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  • 2009-01-07 03:26
  • wr6q

I think Viewty is better than Renoir.
Hope LG will release a new version of Renoir with stronger loudspeaker and better OS.
Bravo LG! Wish u all the best!

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  • 2009-01-06 17:16
  • u{EH

If they would only update their firmware...

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  • 2009-01-06 12:21
  • 0@RU

SAMSUNG AND LG Korean mobile phones are just great. i think NOKIA will fall behind in 5 years

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  • 2009-01-06 11:49
  • vCG3

I've been a happy Viewty owner since the day it came out, and I'm still on my first one, and have had no problems at all.

Sure the interface isn't [i]quite[/i] as slick as the iPhone's, but it's overall functionality is superior in my opinion.

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  • 2009-01-06 11:02
  • S35r

> In reply to 5mill?! @ 2009-01-06 10:23 from 0U4N - click to readA guarantee of quality with Nokia? Are you having a laugh? Nokia make disposable trash and have done for a number of years. Same with the Iphone - all style, no substance.

SE or Samsung all the way. Give it 3-4 years and LG will be up there with them, while Nokia will see its share getting smaller and smaller as people wise up to them selling rubbish.

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  • 2009-01-06 10:31
  • MSNt
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YES, LG VIEWTY is Excellent Camera and touch Screeen phone , which generally can be used though fingure tips and the Phone has excellent look with Wide Screen and Camera view.
So it is

FT Engineers
LG Electornics.

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  • 2009-01-06 10:29
  • vGeT

In some east European countries it is sold with 110euros for a contract or less. It's not that impossible to sell 5million copies. I have made the mistake to buy one of these phones! I'm not satisfied at all! 1. the screen doesn't react promptly to the given commands; 2. the battery life just suckxxx, and big time, it lasts only for 24hr with talking like 30 minutes, some gaming and some internet plus 5 to 10 SMS; 3. in some places has problem with the signal. Overall it has a lot of functions for less money, but it comes with a lot of nerves to and it doesn't give satisfaction! I would rate him as average (the lowest part of this section to)! I wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends (sorry to say that but that's it)! Go for iPhone or something else from Nokia or SonyEricsson! You won't regret it even if you won't get the same functions totally for the same money, but you will have the guaranty of the quality with Nokia, SonyEricsson! LG it's not quality in mobile phones!

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  • 2009-01-06 10:23
  • 0U4N

5 million units? I doubt it.

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  • 2009-01-06 10:03
  • 2AmU

Good congrats LG VIEWTY is the VGA@30fps or VGA@120FPS PLEAS clarify. this fone is wonderful one of te best from LG keep up.

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  • 2009-01-06 09:13
  • T4nM

I own this phone, but it is pure cra p

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  • 2009-01-06 08:43
  • p@$k

This Phone just suck, I can't understand why they sold so much of it.

Maybe because it was one the first touchscreen phones... Damn, there is not even wifi ! And the interface is poor :(

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  • 2009-01-06 08:39
  • GNbj

> In reply to Alejandro Urias @ 2009-01-06 04:55 from LsHZ - click to readdidn't you see? english only.

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  • 2009-01-06 06:02
  • i7ka

really a great phone!
especially the camara/video... editing, functions and all !

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  • 2009-01-06 05:56
  • Ui$d

Let go for another 5 millions,LOLZ

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  • 2009-01-06 05:28
  • tV1b

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