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Samsung suspends the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III

18 November, 2013 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung suspends the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III - read the full textJust two weeks ago Samsung started seeding the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean firmware to its Galaxy S III ex-flagship. It brought variety of new features and support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but was plagued by lots of issues. Early adopters reported their Galaxy S III's becoming unresponsive on...


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When will update be ready?

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  • 2014-01-08 16:57
  • UF8q

Please help... Do you guys have any idea to reinstall back previous version after updated to version 4.3 for galaxy note 2?
This updated really make my phone lack and a lot of program cant be used till the camera too. REALLY NEEDED HELP!!!!

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  • 2013-12-29 04:48
  • IVVj

How do we resolve this issue as the firmware is making my phone malfunction?

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  • 2013-12-01 23:24
  • amuS

i recommend all samsung s3 owners to stay with 4.1.2. its better than 4.3 but if you like to try 4.3 please please do full titanium backup before updating.

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  • 2013-11-30 12:51
  • JbRU

anyone tell me about the solved 4.3 update in galaxy s3 uk phone after suspenson

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  • 2013-11-28 14:34
  • ITk8

> In reply to ola @ 2013-11-24 08:56 from amuS - click to readIs it your s3 malfunctioning as a result of the update?

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  • 2013-11-24 12:19
  • LaTA

How do we resolve this issue as the firmware is making my phone malfunction?

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  • 2013-11-24 08:56
  • amuS

Just got updated to Android 4.3 on my AT&T Galaxy S3. It took some pushing to AT&T's tech support but I finally got the update! :)

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  • 2013-11-21 20:12
  • jxQU

please help,
my phone purchased from dubai(uae). but now am in india, i can't update to 4.3. i tried over both kise(2.6) and ota. there shows the latest software in installed. any one please help

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  • 2013-11-21 09:25
  • ij2G

The volume of the music players are generally 70% lower after the update.

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  • 2013-11-20 21:15
  • xKYu

> In reply to phone nerd @ 2013-11-18 17:34 from LaTB - click to readPlease put fake comments like this

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  • 2013-11-20 08:41
  • uv8Y

> In reply to txemizo @ 2013-11-18 23:58 from nEa} - click to readWhat Crap. What are we up to now with Apple. 4 updates since the release of IOS 7.

All manufacturers have software issues. At least Samsung is giving the S3 version 4.3 so soon when other manufacturers 2013 flagships are still waiting and their 2012 phones are not even giving a whisper of an update yet.

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  • 2013-11-20 03:00
  • wcUU

hey guys 4.3 update rolled in today in INDIA its a huge 701 MB update for my NOTE 2

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  • 2013-11-19 16:17
  • GxUJ

> In reply to Tornado Red R32 @ 2013-11-19 00:49 from 0pae - click to readWell, early adopters almost always get screwed.

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  • 2013-11-19 16:13
  • 9xe8

It clearly shows that Samsung R&D and upgrade team spent only very less time to update S3 to 4.3, that's why all those problems after nearly an year wait for an update. If they are concentrating only on new phone means they will sure loss their reputation and customers. I wont buy a Samsung product anymore for providing lazy lazy update and problematic update.

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  • 2013-11-19 15:58
  • X0}g

To all people who is new to a update software, please be careful!!!!!!!!! an update software may cause lots of issues which is known by the manufacturer.Battery darining, apps stop, freezes. slow internet connection etc. once update my note 2 to jelly bean from 4.1 to 4.2 and become ireversible as samsung does not have 4.1 to turn it back. the internet becomes slow. this applies to all os ios and android especially

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  • 2013-11-19 15:24
  • tA$t

LOL- how funny is this?? Maybe Samsung should write an email to the CM team asking them for a little help. What a shame - my friend has been using the stable version of CM for weeks now on his SGS3 and he has zero issues.

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  • 2013-11-19 14:52
  • pqks

That's it I am rooting my phone and installing CM on my S3. I know Samsung is not going to pay attention to these "OLD" devices, no matter if the customers have paid a lot of amount for that product only to help samsung build their way to the top. Very disappointed with samsung.

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  • 2013-11-19 14:04
  • bERI

> In reply to Faster @ 2013-11-18 21:07 from fwMx - click to readBut thats the problem though when you get a phone you expect it to work straight out of the box right and don't get me wrong my nexus 5 runs awesome but the look of pure android now has seriously read 90% of the IOS book and that sucks android is suppose to be different from all that thats why I like touchwiz I even like my htc sense at time but not my favorite but her better than pure android now on nexus 5

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  • 2013-11-19 12:38
  • 3xsL

> In reply to rama_10 @ 2013-11-19 04:46 from sUUi - click to readYou are very right ;)

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  • 2013-11-19 12:38
  • ajZY

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