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Alleged screenshot from HTC M8 appears on Twitter

07 February, 2014 | Read the news | Post your comment
Alleged screenshot from HTC M8 appears on Twitter - read the full text The latest bit which the rumor mill brought on the HTC M8 is a possible glimpse of its homescreen. Alleged screenshot captured from the upcoming device made the rounds on Twitter, courtesy of @evleaks. Alleged screenshot from HTC M8 (click to enlarge) The purported screen capture from the...


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best company makes best manufactures.yes,really a huge and monster is coming with hTC trademark. just hTC

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  • 2014-02-09 00:03
  • Liny

only htc
i,m exciting for m8

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  • 2014-02-08 12:52
  • g89c

ok lets get it straight here.
what does windows OS offers as a user interface? tiles. ok fine and? nothing else just tiles. what else do you need to bang your phone and break into pieces when you get bored with the user interface? its tiles.
ok now what HTC have? tiles and much more.... GOT IT? or you windows fan still acting ignorant?? let windows come up with more launchers like SPB 3D than we'll compare ok? right now windows is just like IOS. please compare it with the iphone's and not with any droid. s5 also coming up with tiles now plus the option is always there to get rid of tiles when we are done with it.
smart phone is like swiping home screens. how many swipe you can have with windows. two? are you serious? that means i'm stuck? no freedom? no room? and i'm still proud of my phone? cuz it do not lag? if you drive in a desert you always get a smooth ride but in city its a different story all together.

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  • 2014-02-08 06:46
  • L1q4

What's with all the green? I loved the look of the old HTC Sense home screen and clock/weather widget, but this one just looks cheap and tacky. Ugh.

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  • 2014-02-08 05:44
  • sfUI

> In reply to jacktackle @ 2014-02-07 08:21 from pVQ1 - click to readthat phone was HTC's most gimmicky phone ever... decent specs but complete gimmick...

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  • 2014-02-07 23:27
  • 47QD

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-02-07 14:15 from 4QSR - click to readThis one is DEFINITELY HTC's sense, you can look at previous versions of sense to confirm. Those icons are a dead give away to anyone who knows what they're looking at.

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  • 2014-02-07 23:25
  • 47QD

still same..

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  • 2014-02-07 22:17
  • nxk6

wooooow htc are best and super beauty
i love htc best phone best Design best quality
best interface only camera must be fixed
i have one and also will buy next htc flagship

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  • 2014-02-07 21:18
  • j0c1

> In reply to Markobarko @ 2014-02-07 09:16 from nxEK - click to readI use android and have used WP8 in the past as well, as i work with multiple mobiles..

Just to clarify you can quiet happily import google contacts to a WP8. That bit was for you Marko..

Now the rest :P

Just wish people would look up facts before posting them..

Just like the tiles which ohh is nothing like Blink feed on the HTC, wouldnt you think that if Microsoft had all ready though this they would have sued for the HTC One, which uses blink feed.

Get your facts straight people before you come on here slamming this product, that product and every other product and saying they are copying.

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  • 2014-02-07 17:34
  • Mfxf

something huge is coming

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  • 2014-02-07 14:56
  • fwxC

That looks extremely similar to the leaked picture that is supposedly Samsung's new touchwiz....
Are either of these real or just hype? Or is it just one or the others and it's being jerked around?

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  • 2014-02-07 14:15
  • 4QSR

> In reply to Serpent410 @ 2014-02-07 10:33 from XuyF - click to readWP is completly pointless because we already today have full Windows 8.1 on 7-8 inch tablets, so in 1-2 years WP will no longer exist on phones because it will be replaced by Windows 8.1! Microsoft did not invent tiles, just as Apple did not invent recrangles with rounded corners, and Microsofts version of tiles is to mostly use them to just replace app-icons, while the "live" tiles are bad copies of Androids widgets!

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  • 2014-02-07 12:34
  • MpUd

> In reply to Serpent410 @ 2014-02-07 10:33 from XuyF - click to read but with blink feed you are can only put it in one place, not all over the shop like WP8, Blink feed is information centre not shortcuts, apps or nothing

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  • 2014-02-07 12:06
  • ixum

> In reply to Raker @ 2014-02-07 11:14 from KAeI - click to readfrom this picture what have they copied?

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  • 2014-02-07 12:01
  • ixum

> In reply to Raker @ 2014-02-07 11:14 from KAeI - click to readso now microsoft invented tiles? interesting

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  • 2014-02-07 11:32
  • MiFy

So HTC- happy to copy. this is the reason all company nokia,samsung and other should sue htc to death

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  • 2014-02-07 11:14
  • KAeI

to all
I know this is called blinkfeed but this is just another name for tiles by htc. they have different kind of tiles but they still are tiles. I know that it can be turned off but htc wants you to embrace this tiled screen. I am no wp fanboy and I currently use android. I don't like wp much but I hate all WP haters who just bash the OS without any reason. and I also think that wp will challenge android around 2-3 years from now. wp is like android 1.6 at this stage. and its much better than android as far as smoothness is concerned. even a low cost lumia 520 runs buttery smooth.

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  • 2014-02-07 10:33
  • XuyF

looks nice, but i dont like the green color. maybe it will be switchable. in sense 5.5 it is black.

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  • 2014-02-07 10:28
  • MiFy

Looks like HTC looking for more troubles from Nokia and Microsoft

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  • 2014-02-07 10:27
  • X}gX

> In reply to tiyo @ 2014-02-07 09:24 from 6c5i - click to readWhats the diffrence?

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  • 2014-02-07 10:18
  • g8bw

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