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Nokia teases WP announcement, is it the Lumia 929 Icon?

08 February, 2014 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nokia teases WP announcement, is it the Lumia 929 Icon? - read the full textNokia US has posted an interesting teaser video on its YouTube account, asking if we’ve heard what’s coming. The short clip ends with the Windows Phone logo, giving away the nature of the upcoming announcement, but we didn’t get a specific date for it. Given the number of times the Nokia Lumia...


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Nokia Lumia Icon the best part about its perfact addition to Lumia Family

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  • 2014-02-10 14:43
  • rA6R

shhhhh.......Normandy is on its way .....

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  • 2014-02-10 12:26
  • bCct

may be the treasure tag

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  • 2014-02-09 12:10
  • uvrn

Nokia managed a new low in the smartphone world, to dissapoint with a flagship device before they have announced it. It wasn't the specs, it was the wait after the leaked info on 929. They should have anounce it earlier even if it wasn't as planned. If they announced it December it had been a smash, now? is anyone still enthusiastic about this announcement? I dont think so.
I bought an Android few weeks ago instead of waiting indefinitely and I think next one will be the next Galaxy S with the fingerprint sensor. Nokia had a chance to announce the best smartphone in the world, they wasted it and now others already came with new hot stuff, I doubt they will ever be this close ...and I bet MS had its part in this. well, shame.

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  • 2014-02-09 11:06
  • pkit

How can something begger then other. With pure motion desplay and Now Lots of games its Now Nokia Moments

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  • 2014-02-09 08:25
  • rA2C

A super dooper HD recording microphone with stereo record I think....

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  • 2014-02-09 07:32
  • XpNi

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-02-08 15:00 from Kg$L - click to readyou don't know because u r not a user!

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  • 2014-02-09 05:55
  • w0Pt

what will be the future of windows phone?

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  • 2014-02-09 05:38
  • utVb

I am confused not by small amount by the Nokia naming system; the 1820 and 929 seem to occupy almost the same sector, they're almost the same phone and yet the naming is so different (given the 1820 is confirmed).

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  • 2014-02-09 01:24
  • 3bM0

> In reply to bubu @ 2014-02-08 15:18 from nFji - click to readYeah I also thinking about buying Lumias for my uncle.

I love Android but it's too techie for elderly.
iPhone is too pricey, risky for them. You know elderly tend to forget putting things everywhere lol.
Blackberry, nope, my uncle prefers to talk directly than texting.

So yeah, I think Lumia might be suitable for him.

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  • 2014-02-08 18:09
  • sEDE

I think this phone is good for my grandfather because he has large tiles can easily see and press.

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  • 2014-02-08 15:18
  • nFji

> In reply to [deleted post]Its hard to find what purpose wp tiles serve but that odor thing may not be too far off =)

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  • 2014-02-08 15:00
  • Kg$L

> In reply to -Viky- @ 2014-02-08 14:20 from uts6 - click to readbathroom.......!!!! If you dont like it dont buy it.. Dont post useless comments,

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  • 2014-02-08 14:54
  • n1H$

This title is funny, TEASES, i dont know about you guys but to tease me it must actually be something desirable, a man in stockings waving his trumpet in front of my face is one other example of "not teasing". A 1440p Jolla with 128GB storage, now that would be a teaser.

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  • 2014-02-08 14:51
  • Kg$L

I have high hopes for this. Verizon really need a new nokia flagship now.

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  • 2014-02-08 14:37
  • HKFH

If windows tiles are like bathroom, what about iphone square. If all nokia lumia are alike, what about iphone since 2009 ? Sometimes samsung copies iphone. So it is all business. And why to compare ? Keep the gadgets which fulfills your need. I have nokia 808, apple macbook air and desktop with window 7 professional. I don't surf much on mobile. I use mobile for call, taking pictures, whatsapp, opera mini for facebook and joiku spot for wifi hotspot. Macbook air for rest net related activities with help of joikuspot, when i am out of my office and home. Desktop for all more functional activities related to office and downloading or watching movies with unlimited broad band plan at home. Nothing is good or bad. It is all personal choice.

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  • 2014-02-08 14:20
  • uts6

you and your bathroom tiles look good together...

  • Reply
  • 2014-02-08 12:58
  • FMYK

> In reply to Abaddon-ISJ5 @ 2014-02-08 09:46 from UNAe - click to readif you dont like your bathroom tile then just dont go to bathroom. do things outside your home in the field

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  • 2014-02-08 12:56
  • KAeI

> In reply to Gee @ 2014-02-08 10:23 from nIIR - click to readbro,,,, Dont Tlak unwanted News Ya ,,,

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  • 2014-02-08 12:40
  • Mf5j

> In reply to Gee @ 2014-02-08 10:23 from nIIR - click to readcome on man how can you compare those ui tiles with bathroom tiles? atleast bathroom tiles are cool and has life

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  • 2014-02-08 12:27
  • utMU

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