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Sony Ericsson announce C903 and C901 Cyber-shots along with W395

Sony Ericsson announce C903 and C901 Cyber-shots along with W395 - read the full textThe Sony Ericsson C903 and C901 were both outed today (though the C901 went online secretly), while the W395 is an entry Walkman slider. It seems like that the week that competing marketing teams collide has barely started. Sony Ericsson obviously decided to follow LG and Samsung by announcing a...


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guys can u pls tell me the cost of c903 and c901 now??

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  • 2009-10-11 11:32
  • TR9U

Its cost in India is 16000, but guys i don't like that der is no tourch means video light or photo light option, and also its video quality is not up to the mark. And at last NO Wi-Fi sad :(

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  • 2009-09-27 19:45
  • 2@15

i want to know the price of c903

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  • 2009-07-19 14:23
  • 2SQV
  • Yet Again To Upgrade
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Anyone know how much will the c903 cost? I know it is meant to be released on the 13/7 instead of the 29/6. I want to get this phone in either red or white, I dont like the black one as much but I dont mind if anyone knows the price on any one. Please reply asap. Thanks in advance

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  • 2009-07-08 15:06
  • 0T1A

how much is it?

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  • 2009-02-25 09:54
  • nXE4

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-14 06:56 from ji{R - click to readHTC didn't do jack with WinMo.

Listen, HTC is a contract manufacturer for a lot of companies. These companies give a set of specifications to HTC who then makes a device according to those specs. This is a very common practice in many industries and not just cellphones. For example, Hyundai used to assemble cars for Mercedes Benz a little while ago.

Why do you think the X1 has better build quality and materials than the HTC phones? Because SE handed them those specifications. Not because HTC thought it'd be nice if the phone had them.

Grow up and understand how the world works. Please.
Please, grow up and

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  • 2009-02-14 15:44
  • PGMK

> In reply to Moderator @ 2009-02-13 04:51 from vxj0 - click to readI mean winmo rom licensed from microsoft by htc...and htc redesign this rom to fit with se request and hardware..
Not only se,accient xda smartfone like xda mini,t-mobile g1 etc also made by htc..

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  • 2009-02-14 06:56
  • ji{R

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-13 04:11 from ji{R - click to readEr.. WinMo ROM comes from Microsoft, chief.

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  • 2009-02-13 09:11
  • PGMK

It seems your becoming to be off topic it's not about the X1... It's all about the C903 and C901...

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  • 2009-02-13 04:51
  • vxj0

> In reply to C903 @ 2009-02-12 08:57 from vxjq - click to readNope Sony Ericsson AB just branded Xperia with X-panel..but hardware and winmo 6.1 ROM came from htc..
Small screen better than larger screen? U are lie to ur self!
Small screen just fits to monochrome screen!
Like.No.Other = always behind nokia,samsung,lg,moto..coz like no other with their obselete,old technology with new cover
It's 2009 but se only can make 2006's feature phone with expensive price
I've tried c905 gps which useless in java coz their gps app very2 limited,and wifi signal too weak!
And qvga 30fps just like 2005's phone
So se tech very2 late and poor!
Build quality also terible! That's fact but se fans won't agree coz like no other!

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  • 2009-02-13 04:11
  • ji{R

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-11 16:22 from 016$ - click to readi am a beliver.i jst visited d site.simply magnifico

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  • 2009-02-12 23:51
  • M@T2

But Sony Ericsson's UI is more user friendly than SAMSUNG and LG

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  • 2009-02-12 09:05
  • vxjq

> In reply to chorvita @ 2009-02-11 15:17 from UD}w - click to readI agree with you... Larger screens are not good... it totally suck...

Sony Ericsson
Like. No. Other

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  • 2009-02-12 09:02
  • vxjq

> In reply to NightBlade @ 2009-02-11 23:28 from 0T4C - click to readYup! I agree. People do forget that these are for the mid-range level.

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  • 2009-02-12 08:59
  • vxjq

Sony Ericsson Communications AB is the one who built X1... Think Again

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  • 2009-02-12 08:57
  • vxjq

if your going to choose a camera fone, it should have a big screen,good flash,good battery..
-for music fone, clear sound,best loudspeaker, clear bass,battery of course.

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  • 2009-02-12 06:49
  • nCbx

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-11 18:10 from ji{R - click to readHTC makes phones for a lot of manufacturers on contract. Doesn't mean that they designed every one of them. X1 looks like X1 and has all the features of the X1 because SE wanted it to be that way.

I know that ignorance is something most posters here are blessed with, but please, atleast make an attempt.

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  • 2009-02-12 03:34
  • PGMK

People still seem to be forgetting that the C903 and C901 are mid-range phones. Not high-end ones. Those will be announced in a couple of days.

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  • 2009-02-11 23:28
  • 0T4C

> In reply to Abdullah Rasool @ 2009-02-11 16:39 from pjpK - click to readX1 made by htc but branded by se!

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  • 2009-02-11 18:10
  • ji{R

anonoymous u said far behind? u forgot SE XPERIA it was one of the samart and smartest
u can expect what SE IS doing but cannot consider?
plz don't mind i'm one the lover of SE I never bought a new set otherthan SE.


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  • 2009-02-11 16:39
  • pjpK

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