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Live shots of upcoming Acer DX650 and Acer X960 show up

Live shots of upcoming Acer DX650 and Acer X960 show up - read the full textToday we came across two yet unannounced Acer phones - the DX650 and X960. Both devices run on WinMo 6.1, but the real highlight is the bizarre dual-sided form factor of DX650. Even though both devices see rather chubby and ugly as they could possibly be, the Acer DX650 and X960 are both well...


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looks cool with dual face...

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  • 2009-07-31 07:28
  • vGwL

around 50% slimming and a little more upgrade of specs may do. but with what i currently see at the market right now from the pros... hmmm, maybe next time, Acer, sorry.

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  • 2009-02-17 08:21
  • PxAL

Abort mission! Abort mission! Dear God, what were they thinking?

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  • 2009-02-16 01:14
  • 32CS

Extremely ugly!!! Acer shouldd stick to laptops. Leave the mobile phones for the pros.

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  • 2009-02-15 08:11
  • 2GaM

very old fashioned and out-dated looking! somewhat unattractive... i don't think i would purchase... unless threatened by death... i had higher hopes for Acer, but i guess i will have to wait~


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  • 2009-02-15 06:41
  • k2Gx

my eyes! ahhhhhhhh!

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  • 2009-02-14 18:41
  • mxIi

I'll be embarrassed carrying that thing

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  • 2009-02-14 17:02
  • uExv

this phone looks preaty anchient come on ppl at acer

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  • 2009-02-14 17:00
  • PvWd

vey ugly,potentialy floop in the market

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  • 2009-02-14 15:26
  • uED9

what the....looks like my old calculator

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  • 2009-02-14 15:11
  • tDEb

even a Nokia 7650 has a more modern design lol

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  • 2009-02-14 11:47
  • PV2d

These phones resemble bricks. may be we can built a home with these.

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  • 2009-02-14 09:04
  • vwsy

I think they ruined their unique idea of a 2-sided phone. It is really ugly. I will wait for other manufacturers to make 2-sided phones!
The idea is great!

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  • 2009-02-14 05:46
  • S6Gq

I really am surprise to see Acer putting out these two phones. These have got to be the two ugliest phones of recent times. Ill be surprise if they sell even 100 units. Word of advise Acer, "Do Not" put these phones on the market. You have a good name out there and this will only bring you down.

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  • 2009-02-13 22:47
  • 0VR4

Quite shocking how ugly they are... unbelievable actually.

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  • 2009-02-13 16:22
  • SkVD

damn ugly!!! It looks like the phone is 5years old late! lol whats on their minds??? They actually think they gonna sell it with all the competition that is out there? NO WAY! lol

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  • 2009-02-13 16:19
  • nqEK

It's okay enough for me. I don't mind the design. It's still okay. Maybe i'll get it but I wouldn't dare take it out when I go clubbing or to a Fashion District of course. I might be laughed at or get caught by the fashion police (Not the type that charges people at airports,etc. for having fake designer handbags,shoes or clothes. More of the extreme makeover kind.)

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  • 2009-02-13 15:15
  • whBU

only if it costs 100dollars max it will sell :P

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  • 2009-02-13 13:51
  • 3drA

Fu**ing Ugly.

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  • 2009-02-13 11:25
  • GNbj

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-12 23:40 from ibhJ - click to readis the design at Acer from pre-historic times?
does anyone want to put half a kg brick in their pocket

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  • 2009-02-13 09:25
  • NGA7

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