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HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro get upgraded to ver. 2

HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro get upgraded to ver. 2 - read the full textHTC have just announced the upgrades of their Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro, dubbed as HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2, respectively. Some of the upgrades are more than welcome, while others are disputable. HTC Touch Pro2 The HTC Touch Pro 2 has a huge touchscreen measuring good 3.6...


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> In reply to Paul @ 2009-02-17 20:31 from pTRZ - click to readrealy...get over it

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  • 2009-05-25 00:21
  • 0hEX

without the flash for camera the touch pro 1 is superior in the camera department. i love the touch pro 1 and hate touch pro 2, no flash, no deal.

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  • 2009-03-06 20:43
  • jpb8

The 2 main things wrong with the pro is the thickness and small screen and lack of multi touch and beta-like software. The pro2 seams to solve those problems.

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  • 2009-02-20 21:14
  • Eedn

> In reply to HTCer @ 2009-02-17 21:30 from ni{d - click to readWell the guy has a point. Its surprising HTC devices and WM devices in general has problems with flash implementation. However, I think its a cost cutting measure. Notice how HTC is upgrading the camera MP count and making AF standard. But not flash. I think its to lower the price. Give them some time. Once they get the volume running, its a matter of time before HTC rolls out good camera + flash phones. Right now I think they're stuck with legacy design and stock. Remember the Diamond 2 and Pro 2 are based on Diamond 1 and Pro 1. I guess until they revamped the entire design (as in the circuit board design), we're stuck with poor camera and no flash versions because they were never designed to accomodate it.

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  • 2009-02-18 11:12
  • R57h

> In reply to great user of Pocket @ 2009-02-18 09:16 from Tm7B - click to readHmm... It seems you're asking for a quad core CPU running at 3 GHz with 4 GB RAM and dedicated video chip 256 MB video ram plus dedicated in-built memory of 320GB for storage. To round it off a nice high resolution 13.1" touchscreen displaying 16 million colours? Wow! That would be a great phone indeed............

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  • 2009-02-18 11:06
  • PIQN

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-02-17 09:52 from M3gi - click to readActually, if you've tried the S60 Touch, you will find its actually a very solid OS underneath. Yes in terms of implementation its short in many areas. Mostly taking for granted how touchscreen interface differs from traditional navi / directional pad / keypad navigation. But Nokia's first touch offering and you'll find a reliable, familiar and solid OS with a new interface. So if Nokia can fix the ergonomics, then S60 Touch would put Nokia back in the game. If they stick with the mindset and principles of keypad interface to their touchscreen phones, then despite the robust OS, the S60 touch would fail. I suggest Nokia pinch some big wigs from either Apple or Microsoft to spear head the interface. Even someone from HTC might be valuable.

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  • 2009-02-18 11:01
  • R57h
  • great user of Pocket
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> In reply to great user of Pocket @ 2009-02-18 09:16 from Tm7B - click to readMy bad
RAM nor ROM, more RAM - this is what i want to say

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  • 2009-02-18 09:26
  • Tm7B
  • great user of Pocket
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Let's see ..., what do we have here ...

Nothing, nothing important, just the bigger screen!

HTC, you should understand that we like bigger screens, but anyway you should pay some attention to your subcontractors for better processors, more ROM and ... higher frequency at all. At the same time keep the size of the PPC small !!!!!!!

I hope HTC will change something to the release of these PPCs and hopefully this announcement dose not respond to the final intentions of HTC.

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  • 2009-02-18 09:16
  • Tm7B

> In reply to HTCer @ 2009-02-17 21:30 from ni{d - click to readI have a Nokia N82 the photos in day light & night time are perfect just as good as my Fuji 6.3 mega pixel camera, I want a touchscreen phone with either symbian,android or win mobile, but without a flash (at least led flash) i will have to stick to my non touchscreen n82 :o(

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  • 2009-02-17 22:00
  • pTRZ

> In reply to Paul @ 2009-02-17 20:31 from pTRZ - click to read
Flash is not an excuse..
Stop taking photos in the dark..

FYI Nokia's best and last phone was the N95.

Regarding the upgrade here, Pro 2 is worth it..

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  • 2009-02-17 21:30
  • ni{d

flash flash, where is the flash, are htc "stupid" or just cheap????

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  • 2009-02-17 20:31
  • pTRZ

i have the old touch diamond, i think htc has overcomed its pitfalls in except for putting a flash for the camera. The screen size and resolution for diamond 2 are perfect, but i was amazed by touch pro2

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  • 2009-02-17 20:09
  • T0rt

new sexy phones to die for....

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  • 2009-02-17 11:19
  • utux

> In reply to Kyuubi @ 2009-02-17 00:46 from ji{R - click to readN97 has more competition than it could ever handle! The N97 is no mach for the high-end devices form Samsung, SE and LG!

Donít you know? Nokia is going down!

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  • 2009-02-17 09:52
  • M3gi

> In reply to Kyuubi @ 2009-02-17 00:46 from ji{R - click to readwat u mean finally??
n97 s nothing ,boring mobile..u should look at SE idou, samsung omnia hd,those r wat i call revolutionary break-thru ! ! n97 ? not a chance ..

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  • 2009-02-17 07:23
  • ibig

I don't see anything out of the ordinary here. I'm happy with my Diamond Thanks to "Dutty Throy's Rom"..
Not much of an upgrade here, Other than:
- Camera
- Battery Life
- Screen Size

I won't need the rest of the 1.8MP, Battery Life is fine 2 - 3 days.
I would like a bigger screen though.
Other than that i would rather wait for the new 6.5 rom for my diamond and we might as well get the "diamond 2" interface from the best cooks around.

P.S. Would go for the the "Pro 2" if necessary. =)

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  • 2009-02-17 05:09
  • ni{n

HTC,put in flash light for the camera, its stupid to market a PDA phone without a flash light nowadays. Hope to see improved specs when the actual unit comes out.:)

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  • 2009-02-17 05:07
  • ibeH

N97 finally has competition :D i hope they use WinMo 6.5 or this will fail

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  • 2009-02-17 00:46
  • ji{R

htc rising the bar... again and again

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  • 2009-02-17 00:30
  • LxEs

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