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Amazon unveils the Fire Phone with eye-tracking tech

18 June, 2014 | Read the news | Post your comment
Amazon unveils the Fire Phone with eye-tracking tech - read the full textBuilding upon its wide expertise in the tablet space, Amazon has unveiled its first smartphone today. So yes, all those rumors were true after all. It's called the Amazon Fire Phone and its main selling points are bound to be Amazon's reach in terms of content services, as well as the unique 3D...


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> In reply to Loveforever @ 2014-06-19 18:09 from Hkqn - click to readIt's clear that you havent heard about the Apple brand and the story of how it evolved. Its clear that you have just been introduced to the Smart phones. Or still worse to the phone family itself...Or else you would think 10 times before commenting about Apple users being jokers. The people who actually are jokers are those who use an operating system that hangs, faults, causes different issues, has lots of bloatwear and the list continues. The major Break through in technology and touchscreen was and will always remain and will always be held by Apple and its chain of smart phones and i guess you guys cannot handle that...go ahead comment on this...i would love to continue the chase.......

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  • 2014-06-26 21:13
  • 9L9V

Long long before , a very long back while there was a company Who invented thing about new computers, which were just to say not say big enough to fill your garage. The company was IBM come apple first Mac everything changed there off. World never learns from history. That's there the problem, inventors forget to teach. One such change has taken place amazons kindle was one of the best eBook readers , digital book reader if you will. As youth you are rash but you will come around. Congratulations to amazon you HV pulled out a fine phone. The one who comes last on start line is first on finish line.

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  • 2014-06-21 10:15
  • uwKm

> In reply to Kopi-O-Siew-Dai @ 2014-06-19 03:56 from QXPx - click to readHave some whisky mate!

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  • 2014-06-20 14:07
  • XNtq

> In reply to You Know Me @ 2014-06-19 14:51 from I0qf - click to readApple will sue you too!

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  • 2014-06-19 19:31
  • RXgS

"exclusive to AT&T..." - FAIL

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  • 2014-06-19 19:23
  • j8nx

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-06-19 08:06 from M4xx - click to readAgreed, its for the consumer who wants to shop directly from Amazon. This guy didn't become a billionaire because of being stupid. He knows exactly what niche market to go after and they will be the ones to purchase this phone. Techies will not even give this phone a second look.

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  • 2014-06-19 19:15
  • 018d

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-06-19 08:06 from M4xx - click to readActually apple fans are joker they only used there phone for status symbol &how any joker know to use a smartphones

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  • 2014-06-19 18:09
  • Hkqn

> In reply to You Know Me @ 2014-06-19 14:51 from I0qf - click to readHe's right.

On every article, some hater post tired "Apple will sue" jokes, or claim that Apple say they invented this or that.

Android fanboy trolls are the worst. Tech obsessed snobs who fail to realize that normal people choose Apple because of user experience.

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  • 2014-06-19 15:07
  • nG}B

> In reply to django @ 2014-06-18 22:44 from XNad - click to readOk your analysis is IMO is wrong the Amazon Fire phone is NOT aimed at samsung but at Apple, but before that...

In the UK Apple have just started a TV campaign called "Strength" for the iPhone5S with the mantra "you're more powerful than you think" and a series of apps for fitness this must be to counter the Heart rate monitor and S health app on the S5.

So Apple are feeling the Samsung bite
Amazon with this phone is directly aiming at the iPhone, I thought was looking at an iPhone with a different home screen.

Now there are two other things Amazon being Amazon will NOT be beaten on price so when the Iphone6 4.7" does arrive on AT&T and the other markets, the Fire will be a direct competitor.

The IP5S has an 8Mp camera the 4.7" IP6 must come out with a 13Mp camera and Quad CORE just to stay with in the race with the Fire

Despite sapphire coating all we hear is that the IP6 will have an "improved" camera

LG have learned the lesson and tweaked the LG G2 into the LG G3
The LG G3 has memory expansion and removable battery those simple changes have resulted in sales its homeland Korea of 3 to 1 in the opening weekend

On price the fire is Apple competitor and IMO will not take sales away from LG G3 or S5 unless the price difference is too much to hold out for microSD and battery removal

So either a 4.7" 13Mp Quad Core now or wait for a sapphire coated iPhone6

Given what we already know of the IP5S price on AT&T, Amazon “the Fire starter” have pre-empted Apples 4.7” iPhone 6 and with 32Gb as base model

Also note there were NO leaks until the official launch nothing just a rumour of a phone...

The LG G3 is my preferred phone but that is NOT to say these specs are average they are premium

re fire Add expansion add removable battery……hello

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  • 2014-06-19 14:56
  • IaHC

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-06-19 11:02 from nC6d - click to read"Check every article and comment sections, most Apple fans don't just come in and make unnecessary statements."

Says the Apple fan posting an unnecessary (and false) statement.

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  • 2014-06-19 14:51
  • I0qf

Samsung this is how to design an awesome ui.

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  • 2014-06-19 14:10
  • ij2F

Do not feel apple is very good just because of it is very expensive phone. BOM ar actual hardware and manufacturing cost of iphone 5s is just $199. Even galaxy s5 costs Of production is much more than 5s and s5 has better specification and functions but price is cheaper. Similarly , this fire phone must be very good phone and selling in less profit and price is very cheap. Apple is selling their phones in very high profit (compare BOM and MRP ) and you will find the truth. Good luck Amazon!

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  • 2014-06-19 13:20
  • ttvy

Not a single pic shows back of the phone. Is is a 2D object only ??

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  • 2014-06-19 13:11
  • w4sa

not that good

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  • 2014-06-19 11:58
  • bERb

Wow does the phone support lte in Zambia

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  • 2014-06-19 11:50
  • fu%U

Tbh i just think its really unhealthy for anyone to be so much in to phones?
people running down one phone company is just as bad as someone backing them up.. pointless, I mean its a phone for god sake get a grip?

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  • 2014-06-19 11:49
  • MVg6

> In reply to james @ 2014-06-19 04:03 from t7Xr - click to readFirst thing that happened was that in this Amazon article, Apple was suddenly attacked by the usual trolls, only then did people come in to defend. Check every article and comment sections, most Apple fans don't just come in and make unnecessary statements.

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  • 2014-06-19 11:02
  • nC6d

> In reply to Dk @ 2014-06-19 02:36 from 86wD - click to readNo. Apple sell more units of one specific model than Samsung does in a quarter and in a year. The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone every quarter and every year. Samsung only beat them in total cumulative sales of all their smartphones but for one specific model, Apple always win.

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  • 2014-06-19 10:33
  • vj1k

> In reply to geek @ 2014-06-19 08:38 from vQ}g - click to read"break the bones of Android phones"? And why? Hardware wise, it's nothing special. The 3d interface is not interesting for users, I doubt it will be a selling point.
The truth is that this is just a hub to Amazon services... its intended purpose is to let you buy on Amazon, so Amazon should give it away for free or heavily subsidize it as Google is doing with the Nexus.
I bet it will remain a niche product.

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  • 2014-06-19 10:16
  • nN3f

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