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12 megapixel Samsung M8920 with 3x optical zoom on the way

04 June, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
12 megapixel Samsung M8920 with 3x optical zoom on the way - read the full textYet another proof has come that Samsung are going to stop at nothing until they achieve market domination. Only a couple of days after they announced the 12 megapixel Samsung Pixon12 an image of a better equipped cameraphone surfaced. An anonymous tipster just sent us this photos of what he says is...


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hey i am purchasing this ph hope it satisfy me though it dont hav that much function re built it again with more function

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  • 2011-07-04 05:01
  • w9D0

what is os of this phone?

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  • 2010-06-22 07:44
  • 0ywS

look at the f numbers, couldn´t be the m8920, since the w880 have f=3,0-5,6, it´s obviously a fakie..

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  • 2010-05-27 00:06
  • 0Vxh

Samsung hold your breath!!! Indian company Spice has released 12.1 MP 3X optical zoom camera phone for less than US$340... AND it is not a touchscreen. makes sense is in't it, touchscreen crazy Samsung???? many buttons - many options for a dedicated camera phone?????

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  • 2010-05-11 07:02
  • w4eY

looks like genuine phone. y dint u guys look at the google images.

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  • 2009-10-26 22:36
  • utAC

> In reply to [deleted post]Its cool

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  • 2009-07-24 13:59
  • ji{R

You thin this is fake!! Wait and see. Its not!

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  • 2009-07-22 16:02
  • MEmk

i think omnia hd is very good phone .

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  • 2009-06-11 16:43
  • 2AYX

forget having a 12 meg pix camera. y hav such high mega pixels when samsungs batteries die so quick, when u eventually want to use the camera then the battery is low

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  • 2009-06-09 10:26
  • C{V1

June 15th we will see a real specs monster!

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  • 2009-06-08 02:03
  • 4BbB

> In reply to zugzug @ 2009-06-06 17:25 from 4AJX - click to readbecause nokia,mine was scrap as well,try samy next time,pixon is good

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  • 2009-06-07 19:25
  • SXwX

Adobe should sue that Photoshopper for performing such a lousy job.
Mr. Ohad M Pocket: Who did you try to fool?

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  • 2009-06-07 16:42
  • qHC9

might b whatever the issue with size....but the 12 M P is really a nice concept in only requirement is to b come with reasonable price.

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  • 2009-06-07 14:44
  • wdRv

The phone it self dose not look like that exactly. Samsung sung has already released the true pictures.

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  • 2009-06-07 13:50
  • YgmI

It seems like the photoshopper didnt notice the translucent blue border around the lens protruded the flash... hmmm... fake?

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  • 2009-06-07 13:14
  • RNZR

well if its real. great idea with the optical. but hopefully it wont be big brick like. samsung G800.

we will have to wait and see for a real review.

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  • 2009-06-06 22:00
  • pL9e

use simple logic will you guys.. despite all our hope and dream and restless search for perfect phone.. get the reality checked. samsung would've been gone mad if they announce a new phone only weeks after the premiere of their flagship omnia hd announcement! do you think they are that stupid just to make you happy? stop daydreaming and get little use from those rusty brain.

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  • 2009-06-06 19:58
  • wr1$

total PS faker people!
look at the ring around the lens, its not only a weird color but totally does not fit in with the background. plus, the lens is extremely close to the flash.

good effort but no go in fooling us :)

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  • 2009-06-06 19:36
  • 39Hi

yeah megapixel does not mean anything. I used to own a nokia n82 capable of taking 5mp pictures. The pictures were not sharp at all and can't even compete against a dingy canon 3 megapixel point and shoot. It's all about the lens and sensor. It's cheaper and better to get a separate camera.

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  • 2009-06-06 17:25
  • 4AJX

ِMany megapixels + small cameraphone sensor = noisy image.
That's why a modded K800 takes better photos than a K850.

A 6MP Nikon D40 DSLR camera takes ecellent pictures that blow any cameraphone or even regular P&S camera out of the water.

Megapixels = Marketing bull

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  • 2009-06-06 16:27
  • fvGW

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