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Samsung M8920 to start selling in Q3, Omnia 2 will follow later

10 June, 2009 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung M8920 to start selling in Q3, Omnia 2 will follow later - read the full textMore info on one of the hottest cameraphones of all times, Samsung M8920 just came in. The 12 megapixel 3x optical zoom-equipped monster of a shooter will hit the shelves in the end of Q3 2009 so don't hold your breath just yet. Samsung M8920 Monaco As if that wasn't sad enough news to...


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If Samsung Louvre finally come out for Samsung, all the SAMSUNG and Windows mobile lovers, will have to choose between this and I8000.

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  • 2009-06-12 09:36
  • 3AdM

If Samsung want to do the I8000 the real successor of I900 Omnia must make this phone better than I900 in all its features. So, do not be scared for the RAM and for the memory. Im sure that SAMSUNG will manage finally to put to I8000 16GB ang a very good RAM.

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  • 2009-06-12 09:33
  • 3AdM

Im using omnia right now. I like WinMo. BUT I dun like resistive screen and 65k color. Its nothing samsung can do. Its something microsoft MUST DO. Let WinMo7 able to run on capacitive screen with no color restiction. And ofcourse make virtual buttons such as 'x' close button BIG. Then it will make me 100% happy and ppl will forget the existance of iph. lol.

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  • 2009-06-11 17:26
  • TIE7

I expect from the Omnia 2 to have at least more RAM than the current i900, faster processor while being more energy efficient, 32GB instead of the current max 16GB (with expandable slot), stereo sound, and of course an 8MP camera.
The rest is all about the OS, and some tweaking software.

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  • 2009-06-11 16:14
  • kM2p

I am using windows pocket PC since it was first launched. For many years I used HP Ipaq equipped with windows CE, then came Windows mobile 2003, 2005, 2006 and now windows 6.1 and 6.5 for mobile phones with its all capability of a pocket PC. Even I want to say that Omnia is among the best of ant smart phone, I expect an increase in RAM now 1GB if possible an WXGA screen display and 10 megapixel camera with a good battery life in Omnia 2.

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  • 2009-06-11 12:52
  • 2SWe

Windows Mobile: The best mobile OS ever
I8000: excellent mobile phone with excellent features
I8000 + Windows = The best gadget for 2009-2010

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  • 2009-06-11 08:35
  • 3AdM

Samsung Omnia was the best mobile phone with windows mobile when it came out. This will happen with Omnia2 too.

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  • 2009-06-11 08:31
  • 3AdM

Samsung Should Collaborate With Puma To Make Stylish Phones Like How They Collaborate With Adidas!... =)

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  • 2009-06-11 08:11
  • Ui$d

I re-read the news, and it says "one of the most popular phone ever." And yes, when the i900 came out, it was one of the most popular WM phone. In fact, it still is, until WM6.5 comes out.

Between the X2 and this Omnia2, I think it will be a hard call. Judging by its number (i.e. i8000 compared to i8910), I really don't expect much in return from Samsung.

I think I prefer the X2 with the keyboard. But then again, we will have to see the form factor of the Samsung phone, s&xy...

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  • 2009-06-11 03:06
  • kM2m

1. you cant use words like "one of the best camera phones ever" 2. Omnia was not the best WM phone ever but SE X1 was. anywat gsmarena should know that using superlative sucks

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  • 2009-06-11 00:06
  • TrI}

If the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 will run Win Mobile 6.5 then this phone HAS to other wise no one will buy one....

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  • 2009-06-10 23:29
  • pTR@

> In reply to Thom @ 2009-06-10 16:50 from MAET - click to readAre you stupid? Satio is slated for October. You're waiting for Omnia 2 which is WINMO. The Omnia HD already competes with the Satio. N97 and Satio are in effect LATE because Omnia HD is already out.

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  • 2009-06-10 19:56
  • QP$X

This Autumn is going to be a busy time loads of new phones will be released too much choice??

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  • 2009-06-10 17:09
  • MAET

Releasing the Omnia2 should be about right, just after vacation. :)
I still have to see the specs of the Omnia2. The Omnia HD was a "no no" to me (HD sound problem + OS).

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  • 2009-06-10 17:04
  • kM2m

If we have to wait till september for the Omnia 2 then this is 2 months to late by then the Sony ericsson Satio & at least 4 Android phone will be released, Samsung is turning into Nokia Anounce a new phone then release it 4 months later come on Samsung do an Iphone announce then release within 2 months.

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  • 2009-06-10 16:50
  • MAET

I bet you the Samsung M8920 12 mega pixel will not be a smartphone it will use stupid proprietary software, I say this because it has a Xenon Flash & no one will put a Xenon flash on a smartphone except Sony Ericsson with its Satio.

I do hope this will be a smartphone (win mobile, Symbian, Android???) Come on I want a Win Mobile with Xenon Flash or a Symbian Foundation with Xenon flash (not S60 v5)

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  • 2009-06-10 16:38
  • MAET

I don't think the samsung jet is the one that gonna be unpacked on June 15th...

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  • 2009-06-10 16:23
  • M{3K

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-06-10 15:23 from SsSi - click to readgot brain? Samsung unpacks a 12 mp not the Samsung Jet.

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  • 2009-06-10 16:08
  • uSVw
  • haiticallcenteragent
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Third nice and good features.

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  • 2009-06-10 15:25
  • 9HEd

JUNE 15 phone is Samsung S8000 Jet? meh its crapy phone
3.1 inch and 5MP camera, omnia HD/m8910 and pixon 12MP is way better

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  • 2009-06-10 15:23
  • SsSi

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