Nexus S to spread further, white one confirmed for Vodafone UK

08 February, 2011 | Comments (12) | Post your comment

The white Nexus S really does exist and it's about to join the ranks of Vodafone UK. The black one will make a move too, reaching to some new countries and carriers across Europe and Australia.

A "coming soon" banner on the Vodafone UK confirms the existence of the white Nexus S and claims that Vodafone will be the exclusive carrier to offer the white variety in the UK. There's no information about price and availability just yet, though.

We wrote about a white version of Google's latest Android phone going to Germany, and now it seems it will visit the UK as well.

Update 09 Feb: As one of our vigilant readers pointed out, Vodafone will be the operator to offer a white Nexus S, exclusively, in Australia as well.

Also Vodafone will be the exclusive operator to offer the regular black Nexus S in the Czech Republic and Ireland, while in France, we should see it by SFR, in Switzerland - by Swisscom, and in Austria - by A1. Finally, Russia should have it too, but it's not yet clear on which specific carrier.

Here's hoping the white version of the device hits all places.







Nexus S to spread further, white one confirmed for Vodafone UK - reader comments

  • TechMan

Vodafone is a useless provider. In India they force you to take special expensive plan for iPhone. Regular GPRS/EDGE is not available. Ridiculous. Stay away from such providers and their locked handsets. You will lose your freedom.

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  • 2011-02-09 09:55
  • i4d9
  • T

Vodafone Australia are also launching the white one as well as the black (there are pics of it on the site).

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  • 2011-02-08 22:50
  • HHHH
  • Anonymous

i like the white one better than the original, curved display is also impressive just hope that it would have had HD video recording then it would have been perfect hm

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  • 2011-02-08 18:18
  • mS2}